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  1. highlander05

    Sean Dyche on Scott Arfield

    Same I'm from over his way and though I don't know Scott personally and he seems to keep his allegiances quiet, his brother is a raging celtic fan. Though what is a good sign is his brother has nigh on wiped his Facebook of all comments slating Rangers from what I can see.
  2. highlander05

    Substitutions Again

    haha yeah pretty much looked like that
  3. highlander05

    Substitutions Again

    I think Cummings asked to come off, after he missed that breakaway and as the corner went in he waved over to Murty for the switch might be wrong. Agree about Halliday though, no idea why he was brought on instead of Docherty or Goss.
  4. highlander05


    Fans wanting young players dropped constantly after every subpar team is why we will never compete. They all want to be Dortmund and Ajax and rightfully chastised the management when we didn't blood more youths in the lower leagues but at the same time they are not willing to take the negatives that go in to it. Morelos came from Helsinki after a season and a half with them. That means he's been playing constantly since February last year (beginning of their season). Stop ripping in to younger players and try actually supporting them, might bring some better results now and certainly in the long run.
  5. highlander05

    ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Just met god himself in the Albion. The fever is on!
  6. highlander05

    What a performance

    Cracker of a performance. Though we can moan about the chances missed, we consistently opened up a team in Hearts which has one of the better defences in the league, outside of the old firm they have conceded the least, under possibly the most defensively tactical manager the SPL has seen.
  7. highlander05

    Greg Docherty

    Docherty reminds me of guys like Steven Davis and Kevin Thomson, though he has a bit to go before he is pushing their level, in that he can do the dirty work but when drives forward he keeps his head up and plays incisive passes. This is why I see him as more of a player than Holt. Holt can do all the dirty work but so many times when he got forward with a ball he was lost and couldn't consistently open teams up with those split passes and ended up just shifting it off to the player next to him.
  8. highlander05

    **Official Rangers v Fraserburgh Match Thread**

    Don't think you will see Morelos starting this with Hibs to come at the weekend. Same could possibly apply to Murphy/Candeias.
  9. highlander05

    *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    After watching Bruno Alves for what must be well over a decade I would love to see from him one of those champions league, international cup performances where he punts Griffiths in to the stands early and often. I could see a man of his experience, praying he is fit, knowing exactly how to deal with a rabid like him.
  10. highlander05

    ***** Transfer Thread *****

  11. highlander05

    ***the Official N F L 11/12 Season Thread***

    Think Fisher could improve them next season? I'm curious to see what they do in the draft, they may be better to trade down.
  12. highlander05

    ***the Official N F L 11/12 Season Thread***

    I guess its more relevant here than in the betting thread. I bet £80 on Willis McGahee to have over 17.5 carries at 10/11 so a nice earner, was fair shitting myself after he fumbled if he would get anymore touches,
  13. highlander05

    ***the Official N F L 11/12 Season Thread***

    Tim Tebow = NFL version of Marvin Andrews. I believe! Being a fan of the Seahawks I need something to believe in :lol:
  14. highlander05

    ***the Official N F L 11/12 Season Thread***

    I'm a Seattle fan and look what we done to N.O. last seasons post season. Its the play off's just look at Denver, anything can happen.
  15. highlander05

    ***the Official N F L 11/12 Season Thread***

    any team that doesnt have an elite QB and ends up first pick would be quite stupid to pass up on Luck. But we will wait and see.