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  1. What a random friendship but brilliant to read! Credit to both of them.
  2. You's not book together mate? Me and 1 other are on 6 am flight and bus 2 also. Can't wait!
  3. Their 3 match package was 72 quid so guessing between 24-30. No confirmation yet though mate
  4. Hoping all the rights go to bt. Means every Rangers game with the exception of Scottish cup ties will be on the same channel. Could end up with the pain in the arse of.. Sky having Scottish Cup Bt having league cup and europe Eleven having league games
  5. Naismith has never played for us before. According to him anyway.
  6. Don't understand why they can't just play one semi final on one Sunday and the other on the following weekend. We need to cancel a league fixture any way so don't see why it would be difficult. Probably far to sensible for Scottish fa
  7. Big fan of illegal streams normally but not when it's avalible from our own media team for a reasonable fee.
  8. The amount of fucking ridiculous pointless questions our manager and players get asked in press conferences yet nobody bothers to question why one of our main players isn't avalible for a big game ??
  9. Pretty sure Liam Kelly is no longer a Rangers player.
  10. Always thought about this and if I would pull a sickie etc, but I think I would just be honest and say there's no way I'm missing it. If they can't understand after going to watch all the games through the divisions they can ram their job ?
  11. Ryan Jack was outstanding. Anything less than a 9 you need put down. Not seen it on tv right enough but at the game.. immense ???
  12. When in the second division I used that finance for the only time.. No money ever cane out my bank so I phoned up Rangers and they said it's all paid for and if they were me they wouldn't phone the finance company as Rangers have received the money Never heard back.. free season ticket that year ? Probably get a 10 grand bill in a few years though ?
  13. Whatever the allocation of tickets we get for 50% of hampden is what the cccs should be capped at (minus rsc and players etc) I've got a ticket and have done for all previous semis and finals but I've also ticked every box on my season ticket since I've had one 13 years ago. I think Rangers do tickets pretty fairly but I would have a waiting list for cccs instead of ballots. It would give more incentive to not give up ur season ticket rather than give people a reason not to renew because they are pissed off.
  14. At the end of the day these people on facebook are so different from anybody I know in real life. I'll admit one of my best mates is a tim and we both agree that the things that get sung on supporters busses etc would get us all the jail ! If people were to be on my supporters bus or in my group chat id be going down for a long time ? we won't see the likes of Houston or Mr louden in Berlin next weekend I bet, it'll be just the normal plebs who live n breathe Rangers for nothing other than obsession. Fuck them all
  15. Catching on to what ? That Craig Houston is a wank and the Louden should be avoided ??
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