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  1. Whatever the allocation of tickets we get for 50% of hampden is what the cccs should be capped at (minus rsc and players etc) I've got a ticket and have done for all previous semis and finals but I've also ticked every box on my season ticket since I've had one 13 years ago. I think Rangers do tickets pretty fairly but I would have a waiting list for cccs instead of ballots. It would give more incentive to not give up ur season ticket rather than give people a reason not to renew because they are pissed off.
  2. At the end of the day these people on facebook are so different from anybody I know in real life. I'll admit one of my best mates is a tim and we both agree that the things that get sung on supporters busses etc would get us all the jail ! If people were to be on my supporters bus or in my group chat id be going down for a long time ? we won't see the likes of Houston or Mr louden in Berlin next weekend I bet, it'll be just the normal plebs who live n breathe Rangers for nothing other than obsession. Fuck them all
  3. Catching on to what ? That Craig Houston is a wank and the Louden should be avoided ??
  4. It's the most obvious route mate but flights have jumped alot. We are staying in Berlin Saturday night train down on the Sunday morning and back again Monday. All in its costing us 105 hotel train flight but just the flight is now about 200? Rip off bastards .
  5. Flights we booked up to £170 ?
  6. That's with easy jet btw ? with they times if the game is on Saturday we could still make it and if there is no game at all its a weekend In Berlin!
  7. 14 of us so far have booked Saturday Monday leave Glasgow at 7.30 return from Berlin 16.35 £55 for flights and the more people book the train at the same time the cheaper it is so we are just waiting as I'm sure a few more from the bus will book. If we get 20 the train is only £14 return and if ur booking one person it's 30£ so still not to bad
  8. Thought Tav was gonna have one of those days when the killie player skinned him easily but he recovered well and had a good game. MOH was deservedly motm and Windass was really good also however I was impressed with Garner. Think he will be a great signing hopefully he keeps the run of goals going.
  9. Think that's slightly cheating to be honest.
  10. Shambles. We are a joke of a club right now on and off the park. Now we gave three more weeks of distraction and no word of what actually happened so it just let's people make speculation. He should of apologised today , everyone kiss n make up and get on with the actual important thing which is to fucking win games, or been sacked today. Letting it drag on is unbelievable.
  11. "They play roughly 30 miles from the Gaza Strip The city of Be'er Sheva is located rather ominously close to the Gaza Strip on the west coast of Israel." ? wonder how many Palestine flags they'll take.
  12. I'm no boxing expert but I had it 6-6. 99% of boxing I watch is boring as fuck but what a fight that was. Amazed at how big a margin 1 of the judges had it but delighted for Frampton. Would love to watch a rematch. Something I've never said before. What a fight !
  13. Skysports news read out the statement and have it on the yellow bar as breaking news
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