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  1. Davy


    That's how we feel about you!
  2. Davy


    GCL, TWB, bluepeter9, radlord and all the other Yahoos on here. Rangers men my arse.
  3. Gutted I won't be there, some of us have to work! Do us proud Bears! No surrender!
  4. Some great videos in the thread. It's certainly outed the unwashed anyway.
  5. Got a wee treble up. Everton, Chelsea and Bolton at 10/1.
  6. Brighton, Reading, Sheff Wed, Torquay, Hearts. Fiver returns £180 at VC.
  7. Can we afford to take the chance though? If we lose that case we're up shit creak. And if we win that case, they'll appeal, so we're not quite out of shit creak!
  8. Surely we wouldn't just release 'assets'? Sold, fair enough, but I can see us just tearing up contracts of players who we could sell.
  9. McGregor Bartley Goian Boca Wallace Davis Edu Mervan Aluko Wylde Healy
  10. Hopefully he's just been brought in for the 'tougher' away games.
  11. I had an anytime goalscorers treble on... Suarez, Darren Bent and Dzeko. Dzeko didn't start which was cool cause I'd still get the double if he never came on. Mancini brings him on with a minute to go, coupon fucked. Cunt.
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