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  1. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    May have taken a slight deflection off of Bates.
  2. Another nice mock up

    Any Rangers shirt with Morelos on the back next season and I'll be happy.
  3. The Establishment returning?

    Great post.
  4. Good sign

    I started supporting Rangers when they were half way through NIAR. They were paranoid then.
  5. Surely when/if Holloway gets sacked any new manager is going to want to take a look at Goss? I doubt his dismissal will help much.
  6. He's not your player as you claimeddickhe But he will be taking Goss with him as he's 'his player'. <rolls eyes>
  7. Terry Butcher

    I think he has changed a bit recently. It used to seem as if he was trolling Rangers fans with stupid comments like Butcher made regarding the penalt last night but I get the impression he's now going out of his way to appear more balanced. He's still an absolute cock though, just not as much of one as Butcher.
  8. Rangers too Loyalist/Protestant for some?

    The West of Scotland was affected by it. I never said Rangers were 'big bad bigots'; the club is not at fault. As I said, the situation was generated by historical events. Stop projecting your ideas onto my posts...cheers.
  9. Yes sorry Siwel. That crap was posted by someone else. My mistake.
  10. Rangers too Loyalist/Protestant for some?

    Yes; the social situation was imported from Ulster around that time and the club became embroiled in it.
  11. You said "Have yet to see him win an aerial challenge against anyone & he can't head the ball properly when he gets a free header." That is plainly bullshit. We all know his heading can improve but to say he has never won an aerial challenge is ludicrous; he won several in the last game alone and he has scored goals from free headers.
  12. Well our manager seems quite willing to sub the threat of Morelos out to accommodate Cummings. He's even dropped the top scorer for him.
  13. I know he needs to improve his heading but your analysis was plainly wrong.
  14. You do know he has at least three headed goals (that I can think of) to his name?
  15. Greg Docherty

    Ah right. I said at the time he was the best signing we made in January.