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  1. Reminds me of Justin Fahsanu. Scored a Goal of the Season on MotD and Clough payed £1,000,000 for him (a fortune at the time). I always thought it obvious he was never a premier division player.
  2. Short answer; no. Long answer; fuck no.
  3. Don't give a fuck if other players want to cheat in this pathetic way. I do care if Rangers players do it.
  4. I wasn't referring to anyone in particular. I don't like the way assist stats are compiled; they are often meaningless/misleading.
  5. 'Stats' do lie when it comes to assists.
  6. The Timification of our support continues more like. Stop whining.
  7. I'm embarrassed to say I took that disgusting rag for nearly three decades. Scum.
  8. I don't know but it wouldn't surprise me.
  9. I Their titles are counted (by all) during WWI because they were official. There were no Scottish championships during WWII so there's nothing to count . We are not Tims, although you wouldn't know it going by the constant whining on these forums.
  10. It was difficult to say, with the poor replays, when WF first touched the ball as he had his hands around to ball (without touching) for a second or so before hand. Can't see how anyone can say it was a definite free-kick, let alone red card.
  11. Feeling better about changing my £10 on 4-0 to +3.5 goals now. :)
  12. Please not Captain Ned.
  13. I hate this whine.
  14. I agree; Wilkins is the perfect example of a player who shouldn't be close to such an honour.