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  1. Briton

    Sir Alex

    What a piece of shit you are.
  2. Briton


    What you say is fair enough but you could say the same for Herrera. Cummings doesn't look good enough to change a system for and one up top is the preference for most managers in the modern game. Morelos looks, or at least he looked, perfectly suited to that position and could also play in a front two. They are both lacking where it matters most though; and that's between the ears.
  3. Briton


    Morelos has been poor since Cummings was brought in but at least you can see potential there. Not so sure about Cummings; it's not just here he has been unimpressive, he couldn't cut it at a middling second tier outfit in England.
  4. Briton

    "Fuck Scott Brown"....

    The Timification continues.
  5. Briton

    glasgow cup final

    It's a typical Scottish attitude to home in on the physical. Darren Anderton was once told in Scotland he was too small to play professional football. Messi would have stood no chance.
  6. Briton

    Willie Henderson

    Great player; imagine how good he would have been if he could see his team mates. ;)
  7. You must be joking? Scottish referees are waaay to lenient with the hammer throwers and the game is far more physical in Scotland than any league I've watched.
  8. Briton

    Cummings is atrocious

    Cummings is nowhere near good enough to warrant a formation change because that's what suits him. Hope we don't sign him.
  9. Briton

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    I was down the pub last night and asked someone what they thought of Steve Gerrard being the next Rangers manager. They said you have to go in the lounge bar to talk about that. Not really...that would be fucking stupid.
  10. Briton

    Craig Thomson Referee For Sunday.

    That's what people are saying, (some) Bears are acting like Tims.
  11. Briton

    Morelos warm up today.

    If that does happen they need to told a goal for the team is what counts. They are both greedy bastards to a fault. Morelos did seem to be improving on that front but he has reverted to type since the arrival of Cummings.
  12. Briton

    Morelos warm up today.

    Is there any real point to do anything other than keep loose with these half-time 'warm ups'? I doubt there's any advantage to getting fully warmed up; unless you know you're coming straight on I guess.
  13. Briton

    Morelos warm up today.

    Not really. From the moment he got here I thought he was harshly judged for every miss/perceived poor performance. People say he has changed since he signed a new contract but I wonder if Cummings arrival has had an affect. One things for sure, his form lately has been poor and he needed to be dropped. Does anyone know how many games he's played this season? Going by Wiki it's 56; although there could have been a break in Finland and he's had the winter break here.
  14. Briton

    Glenn Hoddle

    Those free kick taking abilities are a myth for the most part. He was decent enough but not even close to what the English media made him out to be.
  15. Briton

    Glenn Hoddle

    Just what this club needs...a religious nut job.