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  1. Butcher

    The man has always been a useless pundit and a complete cunt towards Rangers. Even his fellow commentators are seeming embarrassed by the absolute shite he talks during the game; there's invariably an awkward three second silence after one of his bilious comments before the other two (neither a friend of Rangers) ignore his crap and move on to something else.
  2. You could just as easily be a devout Roman Catholic as any other flavour of Christianity (or Muslim) but for the fickle twists of history. You'd still feel your tribe had the right god though.
  3. None of us has any choice which of these cults becomes dominant in the society we live in. As the late great Christopher Hitchens used to say, we happened to be a protestant country based on the family values of Henry XIII.
  4. Imagine having a mad Middle Eastern religion foisted upon you...no wait!
  5. Andy Goram Loyal FB page

    Not at all. *If* that was a real piece from that shite Goram; it would not be at all funny.
  6. Andy Goram Loyal FB page

    Yeah because abusing the club by using it as a vehicle for moronic bigotry is hilarious.
  7. Butcher

    Did anyone notice how you could hear him get excited in the background when Hamilton got the penalty? An absolute wanker.
  8. Pedro the man.

    Good post. It always amazes me when people come in and say 'I'm to stupid to read that'; or words to that effect.
  9. Kyle Lafferty

    Reminds me of Justin Fahsanu. Scored a Goal of the Season on MotD and Clough payed £1,000,000 for him (a fortune at the time). I always thought it obvious he was never a premier division player.
  10. Kyle Lafferty

    Short answer; no. Long answer; fuck no.
  11. Partick thistle keeper

    Don't give a fuck if other players want to cheat in this pathetic way. I do care if Rangers players do it.
  12. I wasn't referring to anyone in particular. I don't like the way assist stats are compiled; they are often meaningless/misleading.
  13. 'Stats' do lie when it comes to assists.
  14. And so the media witch hunt begins

    The Timification of our support continues more like. Stop whining.