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    Other commitments mean I don't get to many games
  1. Baileyseye

    Matt Mckay

    Off topic - Did Motherwell not win 1 = 0. As seen in the record
  2. Could anyone get the goals posted, I did not see them . Thanks in advance.
  3. Nope, Celtic play in the early kick off. Yes we can. They have to beat Hamilton first. :pierre:
  4. Baileyseye

    'Rangerspedia.org' Website Now Online

    Just signed up.
  5. Baileyseye

    Kenny Miller Total Discussion Thread

    He'll do what he has done at all the clubs he has been at and score a bagfull at the beginning then taper off after that.
  6. -------------Alexander----------- Whittaker---Weir---Cuellar---Papac -------Dailly------Hemdani-------- ----Davis------Buffel-----Smith--- --------------Darcheville---------- That does look better...
  7. -------------Alexander----------- Whittaker---Weir---Cuellar---Smith -------Dailly------Hemdani-------- ----Davis------Buffel-----Papac--- --------------Darcheville---------- What about this formation, it is defensive but with a hint of attack...
  8. Baileyseye


    Baileyseye's 50th birthday. Still feels like my 21st... :harhar: :drunksasdsa:
  9. Your right Boab, I'll have to find somewhere to see it... :angry2:
  10. What channel is the game on... They are advertising the Liverpool game on stv...
  11. Baileyseye

    Naismith Saga

    There's nothing wrong with Bosnians. :pipehorse:
  12. Baileyseye

    Naismith Saga

    Let's face it, with WS stating that there is no big money for a single player available we can forget about Naismith. We just have to move on to other players. I for one will never forget the Killie chairman for laughing at us, and also when he lied about a concrete of £1.5M from an unnamed english team...
  13. Baileyseye

    Naismith Saga

    May'be their source is the record... :wacko: