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  1. Off topic - Did Motherwell not win 1 = 0. As seen in the record
  2. Could anyone get the goals posted, I did not see them . Thanks in advance.
  3. Nope, Celtic play in the early kick off. Yes we can. They have to beat Hamilton first. :pierre:
  4. He'll do what he has done at all the clubs he has been at and score a bagfull at the beginning then taper off after that.
  5. -------------Alexander----------- Whittaker---Weir---Cuellar---Papac -------Dailly------Hemdani-------- ----Davis------Buffel-----Smith--- --------------Darcheville---------- That does look better...
  6. -------------Alexander----------- Whittaker---Weir---Cuellar---Smith -------Dailly------Hemdani-------- ----Davis------Buffel-----Papac--- --------------Darcheville---------- What about this formation, it is defensive but with a hint of attack...
  7. Baileyseye


    Baileyseye's 50th birthday. Still feels like my 21st... :harhar: :drunksasdsa:
  8. Your right Boab, I'll have to find somewhere to see it... :angry2:
  9. What channel is the game on... They are advertising the Liverpool game on stv...
  10. There's nothing wrong with Bosnians. :pipehorse:
  11. Let's face it, with WS stating that there is no big money for a single player available we can forget about Naismith. We just have to move on to other players. I for one will never forget the Killie chairman for laughing at us, and also when he lied about a concrete of £1.5M from an unnamed english team...
  12. May'be their source is the record... :wacko:
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