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    I live too far away to attend many matches.
  1. jonoger1984

    Ejaria and Kent

    As most have said already, both are an improvement on previous epl loans. Ejaria has bags of potential, loved 90% of his work. He just needs to move the ball/make a decision a little faster, but I think he’ll dominate most of the opposition he’ll face in the spfl. i like Kent, but he has the look of someone trying too hard. I think once he gets properly match fit he’ll be a great asset, although I’m not sure he’ll regularly start. What a position to be in though with our wingers, so many decent options.
  2. jonoger1984

    "blooshed poppy" banner

    Disgusting How has this not been in the news?
  3. great pressure and goal by sasa!
  4. to be fair, I don't know how anyone could have saved that - jammy finish
  5. jonoger1984

    ***The Official Rangers v celtc Thread***

    just a shame they are going to have an excuse, i wanted us to win it with nothing even slightly contentious so they would have no excuses. Ref was spot on today imo. boogy maybe a bit lucky but how many times did people like mcmanus or lennon clatter people when on yellow cards and not get sent off??? The first tackle after boogy got booked crocker was gurning about him having to be careful, walking a tightrope etc. He was itching for him to be getting sent off. Keane was trying his best to get Boogy sent off, arms up and screaming at the ref everytime he touched him
  6. jonoger1984

    ***The Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Thread***

    3 red cards in 5 spl games, and walter now sent off......what the hell's hapened to our dicipline this season??
  7. jonoger1984

    ***The Official Rangers v Celtc Thread***

    need to get a grip on this game
  8. jonoger1984

    ***The Official Rangers v Celtc Thread***

    he'll be ok, nice break in play now - slowing it down
  9. jonoger1984

    ***The Official Rangers v Celtic Thread***

    it's simple, we can't play 442 with no wingers