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  1. Potential managers

    I suggest a person who had a reasonable playing career and has a wealth of coaching experience and I'm either a fenian or a mongo. But you suggest someone who is still playing the game and has little or no experience at coaching. Ali was a hero as a footballer but a coach.... Joycie may not be the right man but some of the names being touted are totally unrealistic or untested at any coaching level.
  2. Potential managers

    Eh naw, so if I don't go to the game with my da then that makes me a bastard?
  3. Potential managers

    Chapman sat on his arse the full game. It was Joycie who stood on the touchline the full game directing the players. Bleeds blue and has more passion for the club than was shown by the entire team last night. As for the fenian bastard comment, name a time to meet outside Ibrox and I'll prove that I am neither a fenian or a bastard.
  4. Potential managers

    John Joyce from Annan. Orchestrated a victory for Annan at Ibrox on a fraction of the Rangers budget. A strong disciplinarian with extensive knowledge of the Scottish game.
  5. has a Rangers manager ever survived

    When W&W took over the club was in a mess. The organisation off the park has improved drastically. The stadium has required significant investment as well as the team, while the income streams are significantly hamstrung by Ashley and the onerous contracts written by previous boards. The legal recourse to terminate these contracts take time and significant finances. It would seem that W&W have tried to utilise cheap quick fixes while the longer term changes take time to mature. They brought in 5 midfielders in the summer, 2 short term fixes in Barton and Nico and 3 longer term in Rossiter, Crooks and Windass. Yes, Barton and Nico were risks but there is no way any of us could have predicted the catalogue of injuries that the beset the younger guys. Up front the addition of Garner and Dodoo seemed like good additions: Garner was starting to win us around before the injury, but I can't understand why Dodoo hasn't been given more of a chance as he has scored some cracking goals from the bench. The defence is the biggest problem which has been exposed more by the insistence of playing from the back. When W&W first came we were much quicker in getting the ball forward and gave other teams little opportunity to regroup. I think we now pay the opposition to much respect and are unable to capitalise on our strengths which were fitness and teams tired chasing our shadows. I thought we should have been challenging for the title this season but we have been desperately unlucky which has been augmented by some poor decision. Celtic on the other hand have not had any significant injury problems. Add in the fact that in the first quarter season we played aberdeen, hearts and celtic away from home which has only been redressed in the last month thus giving celtic's season greater momentum. Personally, I think we could have done with someone like Big Eck as manager to look after the first team while Warbarton sorted out the rest of the playing infrastructure of the club.
  6. Brown's booking

    The tackle that brown got booked for... He was off his feet, the tackle was from behind, is that not a red card?
  7. get it sung on the 31st let they bastards know

    And who was the manager when mccaffrey was paid off?
  8. Rangers Team That Last Beat Annan

    He has already started it, but its not going too well as he's using a ruler to write it while his pen has been loaned out to cowdenbeath.
  9. Our Goal Song... Madness - One Step Beyond

    Bobby Bee's Rubber Ball with the sectarian chorus?
  10. Irony

    Only flaw in this is that the financial year for companies is generally 31st of March.
  11. Giving opposition fans a good hiding

    That's a big fat lie
  12. Andy Murdoch

    You don't have to be tall to be tenacious in midfield. We've had Gattuso, McCall who controlled the centre of the park. Neither were the greatest passers but they won the ball and played the simple ball to the creative players who could. Not seen enough of Murdoch, but he's still young and would provide options and competition.
  13. Over 43,000 Against Alloa.

    Have you tried Rangers Football Fans In Training?
  14. Minimum In The Next 3 Years?

    Year 1 Win championship, Scottish cup, league cup, petrofac cup. Forget to apply for entry to spfl. Year 2 Win championship, league cup, Scottish cup, petrofac cup and Europa cup. Year 3 Win championship, league cup, petrofac cup, Scottish cup and qualify through champion s league.
  15. Waghorn Transfer Fee

    What about Gazza, Flo and Trevor Steven?