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  1. Reserves, occasional app on the bench in 'lesser' games, same with McLean.
  2. Sad news, RIP. Served his club and country with class.
  3. Polster will be too tired. At least he should be..............
  4. The dad is reg disabled, walks with a stick (bad knees and had a heart attack in 2017) and is blue badge, so he should be ok, I think. My Dad is 74 and has a bad knee, so in 2012 we switched our STs from Govan Rear (halfway up) to the EE, a few rows from the back. Made all the difference to him. Only has to get up one set of stairs. And a couple down to his seat. I feel you, Bill.
  5. Thanks for the answers lads, to clarify, just asking for Gers-daft neighbour and his elderly dad, who have never tried the CD. The latter is too old to do the whole trek. He can do a level though, so will pass it on. TBH I/Dad haven't been in the club deck for years and we couldn't answer their question offhand.
  6. Does the lift for the Club Deck go all the way and come out directly onto the club deck concourse, if not, how many stairs still to walk up?.
  7. Looking for two seats together, pref in a lower stand due to elderly father.
  8. The same people who used to sneer at the SPL being a two horse race.
  9. 14. My first OF game as a ST holder in the then-new 'Premier Club', seated in the Govan Rear. Sat there until 2012, switched to EE.
  10. Only problem I ever had with the big man was saying in his bio he conducted us singing the Sash, as one of that 44000 that day, I can tell you it was TBB. LOUDLY. Other than that, loved the man and still do.
  11. How Jones ever ended up playing at the top level will bemuse me if I live to be a billion. Utter, utter donkey.
  12. Sky Sports: 'Is Stokes better than Botham?' FFS, this national lovefest for Stokes is ridiculous.
  13. Souness would have killed Roy Keane, let alone LegoMuncher. A Nigel Spackman or a Neale Cooper (RIP) could sort Broon out. Let alone players like Bomber, Fergie or Souness.
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