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  1. Yet the English with no irony, with tell you even back then they had the best league in the world.
  2. Michel Hidalgo, manager of that brilliant French team of the 80s that won Euro 84, died aged 87 (not covid19). Platini, Tigana, Giresse, Rocheteau, Tresor, Didier Six, Bossis, Battiston........what a team of that era. Could/should have won WC 82 and even 86.
  3. You can hear St John cheer when Falconer puts Aberdeen 3-2 up.
  4. Willie Miller basically finished John McGregor's career at us with a nasty tackle in the 87 Skol Cup Final. Followed through like an express train and caught John when there was no need. After that, he only really played Rangers Select/XI games and reserve games.
  5. The famous story is he boasted pre-match that he'd do one of the Scotland team (no subs then).
  6. The tackle, even by 60s standards, is horrific. No attempt to play the ball and the **** fakes injury after it.
  7. Billy Davies on Largs High St, late 80s, sitting minding the handbag whilst wifey went in and spent his money.
  8. John Spencer in the ASDA in Newton Mearns. Saw my Rangers top and beamed a huge smile. Would be 1989-ish. I was 16 and he'd be not much older.
  9. Bett left at the end of the 82-83 season.
  10. John McDonald, he was sub that day. Started with Ally and Sandy Clark up front.
  11. £150k to charity, to help in these times. Aye, I'd keep the amount low, celtic, you might need all those millions after we go back to normality.
  12. Cruyff. Loved watching Platini, Zico and Gullit.
  13. To quote the aforementioned great man himself: 'nothing moves quicker on a football pitch than the ball'.
  14. Yep, sit in SE3, East Encl, and I put my head in my hands the minute it happened. Most fans around me did the same. I don't blame the young lad too much, he'll learn.
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