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  1. Angry at this IF it happens. Some of us travel to games from well outside Glasgow. Some of us travel to games with older relatives/fans, who HAVE to use the Albion, who cannot walk miles from a RSC bus or from Bellahouston. Yes, we should be improving the area around Ibrox on all sides, but we should be BUYING up land to do that, not selling it. We should be buying up as much of the Albion as possible up to the back of the petrol station, not flogging half of it. Also disappointed that some fans here don't seem to be thinking of their fellow Bears. May 'only' be a car park to you, but its a lifeline for older/disabled fans to see the team they love. My Dad went to his first game in 1950, now well in his 70s, and with some health issues (bad knees) if the Albion goes, so does his chance of seeing Rangers.
  2. They caused mayhem at every tournament from the mid 70s right up to Euro 2000.
  3. Mainland Britain has had more famines than Ireland. The early 17thC Scottish famine is the very reason for the Plantation happening by 1607.
  4. These idiots ARE aware that Protestants died in the Famine. Its a myth only Catholics died. Which makes a mockery of any deliberate British policy of a holocaust as the more extreme Irish republicans claim.
  5. Milan clubs submit new proposals for San Siro retaining part of iconic stadium http://www.insideworldfootball.com/2020/05/11/milan-clubs-submit-new-proposals-san-siro-retaining-part-iconic-stadium/
  6. Apologies if already posted: 'Scottish football's mentality is choking any progress' http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52646285
  7. Cannot believe some fans are saying no. If we are to say no to a lad with such quality at his age, for just £1.5m more than we paid for Goldson and almost half what we paid for Kent, they we DESERVE to be second in Scotland. And deserve to watch as they do 10, 12 in a row. If we are to make any claim to be top dogs in Scotland and a decent force in European football, to play at a CL level, then we HAVE to buy the likes of Hagi. Sorry, but £4m is a steal, even £5m. To get that quality for that price is for me, a no brainer. The lad will stroll the SPL with more experience and shine in Europe.
  8. I wish there was a website with the reserve history.
  9. Used to go to reserve games at Ibrox 89-91. McSwegan, Spencer, Morrow, Sandy Robertson, lads who never made the senior side, like Shaun Rouse. Can remember us beating them 2-1 with Andy Gray battering the two young celtic centre halfs all day. 3-0 vs them is another I remember. Govan stand, used to be 5000-10000 for the OF games.
  10. FFS, Ryan does his best.
  11. Coop. Walters 2nd. Durrant 3rd.
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