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  1. The strange case of the two Roy Greenslades http://www.ruthdudleyedwards.co.uk/journalism12/IrInd12_14.html
  2. 'After a break of a decade, Roy Greenslade was back talking at Féile an Phobail on Thursday lunchtime, lecturing in the Falls Road library about the built up to and impact of the Leveson Inquiry.' ---Slugger O'Toole website, 10th August 2012.
  3. 'In total, Bocanegra was club captain at Rangers for just seven games although he did stand in for 2011/12 skipper Steven Davis for four matches last season as well. While his tenure as team leader was short, it was a responsibility the 33-year-old was thrilled to have bestowed upon him despite being in a lower league now. Bocanegra added: “Every time I put the armband on here, I wasn’t thinking about whether we were in the SPL or the Third Division. “It was just an honour each time to represent Rangers and the jersey and for our first home league game this season, we had one of the biggest crowds in Britain. “That’s unheard of at the level the club is at just now but it never felt like we were in a lower league. “Our travel and preparations were still first class and we still went about things in the same way. “The away grounds were a little bit different but we saw great support from our fans, who travelled and filled them up to create a good atmosphere. “Being captain of a club of this stature, with the amount of history it has and everything that has gone on here, was really special. “Unfortunately it came to an abrupt stop but I don’t have any regrets. It was a huge honour for me to wear the armband and the lead the team out of the tunnel.”'
  4. 'CARLOS BOCANEGRA has revealed an unlikely highlight from his time at Rangers - eating steak pies in the away dressing room at Gayfield Park! The American international left the Light Blues last Friday to embark on a year-long loan with Spanish Segunda Division outfit Racing Santander. Before he left, he took time to look back over his 12 months in Glasgow with RangersTV.tv and you can see an in-depth interview with him on Blues News tonight. The trip to take on Arbroath in the Scottish Cup last January was notable for Bocanegra as it marked the first time he had skippered Gers in a competitive match. And after the Ibrox side had cruised to a 4-0 victory on the shore of the North Sea, it was a moment he really savoured.' http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headli...ecial-memories
  5. Sandaza had some lovely touches against E Stirlingshire, and now after one bad game, he's rubbish?.
  6. Love it. Simple but stylish.
  7. To be fair, he probably dosent know many blokes called Fanny.
  8. 'SOCCER ace David Greenhill told last night how he comforted his dying dad — by giving him a personal report of his team’s first-half performance against Rangers. The East Stirling midfielder dashed from Ibrox at the interval during Saturday’s Division Three game after boss John Coughlin told him cancer-stricken Colin, 57, was losing his fight for life. He arrived at Edinburgh’s St Columba’s Hospice at 5pm before Colin passed away six hours later. Grieving David said: “Dad was heavily sedated but he was peaceful enough. He wasn’t in any pain. “I was able to tell him all about the first half and how it had gone. I think he took it all in.” Colin pulled out of the match with Shire trailing 2-1 after mum Gillian, 56, took a call at Gers’ Glasgow stadium to say Colin’s condition had declined.' http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scot...dying-dad.html
  9. Do you lose the passion for sport as you grow older? Yes. To an extent. And perhaps that is a very healthy thing.
  10. OP: Impressed by your team, bar the Black challenge. You played some lovely football in the 1st half and we were struggling for a while to match it. In fact I have been impressed by the standard and attitude of the DIV3 teams and players I have seen so far. Not only will we win the Div, but we will do it playing games where both sides actually play attractive football. A lot of the Div 3 and your team looked like ex-SPL youth players who hadnt quite made it, as opposed to low level cloggers.
  11. Josh McEachran looking for a season loan away from Chelsea.
  12. Published on Monday 20 August 2012 00:55 EAST Fife manager Gordon Durie was discharged from hospital last night after undergoing tests when he fell ill at the conclusion of his team’s 1-1 draw with Queen of the South at Bayview Stadium on Saturday. The former Scotland international, 46, was taken to hospital after the Second Division fixture and kept in as a precaution. A statement on East Fife’s website explained: “Unfortunately, our manager Gordon Durie suffered an allergic reaction while showering after the match.” The club’s physio, Brian McNeill, last night posted the following on the fans’ forum: “Having spent a comfortable night, he has this evening been allowed home. Further tests will be carried out over the next week or so. Gordon and family would like to thank everyone for their concern.” Durie’s assistant, Gordon Chisholm, reported yesterday that the former East Fife, Hibs and Rangers striker was on the road back to full fitness. “Gordon suffers from asthma and has been suffering a bit from a chest infection lately, so it looks like that was the cause, but they will know fully after the tests. I am expecting him back in at training this week as if nothing has happened, but we will be guided by the medical staff both here and at the hospital.” http://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/sfl-division-two/durie-discharged-from-hospital-after-tests-1-2477729
  13. 'Paul Elliott has a dream. Paul’s dream is to rid the British game of racism, and as he has told us all as many times as we will listen that he will not stop until that dream is achieved. It’s a grand dream, a dream that society in general should be striving to achieve, not just football. But while football can only help modify the behaviour in the grounds, it can’t stop the prejudices that exist in everyday life. For myself, the biggest shock of the summer and indeed last season didn’t come from the fact that racism has not been eradicated from our game. It was that some footballers are even bigger scumbags than we all imagined. Even as I write today, Arsenal youngster Emmanuel Frimpong has recently been fined £6,000 by the FA for a tweet describing somebody as ‘Yid Scum’. But despite the inevitable setbacks, Paul Elliott has worked tirelessly to achieve his dream. In 2003 he was awarded an MBE for his work with young players and his involvement with anti-racism initiatives in football. His work was again recognised this year in the Queen’s birthday honours list when he received the CBE for his services to equality and diversity in football, with special recognition given to his roles with UEFA and the Football Against Racism in Europe network (FARE). Paul had received the highest honour awarded a player from the Premier League era, and, as Kick It Out were quick to remind us all, was the first black footballer to achieve the CBE award. But there are people out there who think racism hasn’t exactly been altogether bad for Paul. Let us not be misunderstood at this juncture: no one (certainly of sane mind) at all is advocating that the man deserved to be abused for the colour of his skin. I can’t stress enough how wrong I believe that to be and how heartfelt sorry I am that anybody from any walk of life should suffer in that way. However it must be highlighted that there is a feeling in certain circles that Paul has often embellished the truth to suit his own agenda and further his career, and after looking at all the facts I find myself amongst them.' http://coplandroad.org/#444641
  14. A tackle so bad even the Celtic fans I knew then were disgusted by it.
  15. I swear blind that the Record had a colour picture on the Monday after the game that caught the tackle at the moment of impact, with Durrant's leg horribly bent. I have never seen that pic posted on the net ever.