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  1. LOL, would you believe, David 'Starsky and Hutch' Soul, circa 1967. He used to appear as a pop act as The Covered Man. That was his gimmick.
  2. Sorry, disagree. McLean is a quality player and would grow in a good Gers side.
  3. 10m for his right foot.
  4. I must be one of the few on RM that liked Toral.
  5. 'Jon Toral says making Ibrox debut is up there with competing against Lionel Messi 'Former Rangers loan star Jon Toral has told how making his Ibrox debut is as special to him as going toe-to-toe with superstar Lionel Messi. The Spaniard returned to Arsene Wenger 's Arsenal side at the end of last season after being with Pedro Caixinha's men since January. And the 22-year-old is adamant he is a better player thanks to a spell in Scotland. Toral, who was also loaned out to Spain's Granada, has been reflecting on his time spent at Gers and was full of praise. "It?s amazing, the pitch, the crowd - it?s a special feeling," he said. "Making my debut in the first division in Spain, playing against the best player in the world, Messi, playing in the stadium where I grew up, in Barcelona, was one of the highlights, and then making my Ibrox debut. "It was amazing to be part of this massive club, with such history - you can tell from just sitting in the trophy room. "It was a good season, I?ve taken positives and am looking forward to what?s ahead for me." The midfielder's Gunners future looks uncertain as they continue their summer business.' http://www.<No links to this website>/sport/football/football-news/former-rangers-loanee-jon-toral-10616987
  6. EE Sec SE3. Same since 2012. 25 years in Govan Rear before that.
  7. Good luck man, and thanks for your loyalty and service to the club.
  8. Nobody here knows just how fit he is. None of us are on the staff. People are basing him on last Aug/Sept, and on an idea of fitness post serious injury.
  9. If its the ST money, somewhere between 11-15m.
  10. He dosent, at 32/33, need to run about, let younger players do that, whilst he directs the play. As Baxter once said, nothing moves quicker on a football pitch than the ball.
  11. Still good enough to make the Euro squad though.
  12. What myth?. Hodson HAS represented his country. 19 times, oh and just one sub appearance. 18 starts. The only myth here was yours: that NI are pish. Pish teams don't top their Euro group with 21 points, beat Greece, Hungary and Romania, get to a major tournament, and beat Ukraine.
  13. Hmmm, thought he did. TBH didn't follow them until they made it to 2016. You and I don't see eye to eye on this. I'd take Hodson, you'd take Tav. Lets just leave it there.
  14. Not actually a Python sketch, although they used to do it live.