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  1. Nobody here knows just how fit he is. None of us are on the staff. People are basing him on last Aug/Sept, and on an idea of fitness post serious injury.
  2. If its the ST money, somewhere between 11-15m.
  3. He dosent, at 32/33, need to run about, let younger players do that, whilst he directs the play. As Baxter once said, nothing moves quicker on a football pitch than the ball.
  4. Still good enough to make the Euro squad though.
  5. What myth?. Hodson HAS represented his country. 19 times, oh and just one sub appearance. 18 starts. The only myth here was yours: that NI are pish. Pish teams don't top their Euro group with 21 points, beat Greece, Hungary and Romania, get to a major tournament, and beat Ukraine.
  6. Hmmm, thought he did. TBH didn't follow them until they made it to 2016. You and I don't see eye to eye on this. I'd take Hodson, you'd take Tav. Lets just leave it there.
  7. Not actually a Python sketch, although they used to do it live.
  8. Colin looks either startled or uneasy..........lol
  9. Yes, but still made their squad and played in the qualifiers.
  10. Spot on.
  11. Aye, so pish they got to Euro 2016 top out of a fairly tough group, and then got to the second round. Wish Scotland were that shite. Not really, it takes a certain level of ability to make any of the UK national sides.
  12. Yes. But he is Int level, whereas Tav can only play for England if he plays on his X-box. We go into Europe, Tav will get ripped apart. Sometimes you need the solid, unsexy player.
  13. Cannot agree on any of that. Hodson is a NI international, he dosent need a League 1 level player to help him out. Sorry, but that's just nonsense. I have watched him most games this season and fail to see this average to hopeless player you state. He is a solid, unflashy player, who wont get flying as much as Tav, but is a better defender, rarely wasted a pass this season unlike Tav, has miles better positional sense. I'd take him over Tav anyday. A better and more consistent player. I wouldn't have to worry about him the way I do about Tav, who can be great one game and awful the next.
  14. Cant agree at all. At all. Hodson isn't as flashy and attacking as Tav, but is a better player all round, a better defender and can get forward. The lad has barely put a foot wrong, genuinely surprised people think he is 'rotten'.
  15. Great going forward, but poor to average defender, with terrible positional sense.