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  1. Sky Sports making Man City fav to win the CL. Despite Barca, Bayern, PSG, Ath Madrid all still being in it. And they wonder why some of us want to see the PL clubs knocked out?.
  2. I remember reading years ago, that they count the goal they scored but not the result.
  3. Meh. I like him anyway and I don't mind celeb celtic fans like him or Butler, passionate about their club without being in any way obnoxious about it. As it should be.
  4. We sign a quaiity CH and two young strikers for 6-7m, they have to go after keeper choice no2, a 33 year old, a 30 year old with a bum knee and we are hearing they can afford several players, even on loan. As well as Big Fraser turning them down.
  5. Even Rod the Mod has come out and told Jamie the Joke that Rangers are a huge club and massive compared to Bournemouth.
  6. I would luv it, just luv it (sorry Kevin), if we kept Morelos and they sold Eduardo.
  7. Somebody want to tell Ally that, please. No wonder he was a shit manager. Love the man, but if he cant see what the tactic was...... Even my non football fan brother, who watched 5m of the game, worked it out.
  8. I too thought Barker should have played the last 15-20. If nothing else, it would have allowed us to pin them back and allowed us to control the game again and further up the park. With his speed, I could have seen us score a 2nd and kill the game off. They are a slow team at the back and we didn't exploit that at all. Except the goal. Too slow and narrow for me yesterday.
  9. Happy with the win, BUT. Disappointed with the performance tbh, esp 2nd half. Pre-season, we were playing some brilliant stuff, one/two touch, using the width, quick passes, playing it from flank to flank, all of which was pulling defences apart at speed, Yesterday, we were far too slow and pedestrian at times, too many touches, all of which suited them, they were happy to sit 10 men in front of the ball. Note the winner came from two quick passes through the middle.
  10. Should have been relegated in 2000, but for league restructure. Ah, sporting integrity.
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