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  1. The cockernee wideboy who was our manager couldn't have changed anything if his life depended on it. Plan B to him is a rapper. Our new manager showed today and other games that he can spot failings and change them. We DID look more positive 2nd half today. So, at least we have someone now who can think of a Plan B.
  2. Its about exploiting both the opposition weakness and your own strengths.
  3. He saw the gaps in their side, and shaped the team to exploit that. Used the width and speed of Dodoo and others to catch them flat. No, he definitely used his nous and changed the game. We didn't score 3 by sheer fluke.
  4. Before we crucify Pedro, lets remember Souness said he was happy to lose to them 4 times a season if we could win the league. He learnt quickly, so will Pedro.
  5. Part of being a fan is following through the bad times. I became a Rangers fan in 1982, when we at best won a cup, and would play to crowds of 10000. Everything is a cycle, the good times will come back.
  6. He needs to use his strength a lot better, but he goes at defenders, attacks. Still young, not the finished product.
  7. As disappointed as we all are today, let us remember what happened on Friday, and lets put our disappoint in perspective.
  8. No, but Warburton wouldn't have been able to get a bang average team to be as counter-attacking and clinical as they were a few weeks ago. Not even close.
  9. But it showed what the new manager could do with an average side, when you have some intelligence and tactics.
  10. Like that Warburton bloke at Notts Forest.
  11. I understand people are disappointed about today, but some of the posts here are utter nonsense. Some here need to get a grip.
  12. I assume you sat on your hands at Pittodrie for all 3 goals then.
  13. Looking for two tickets for Sunday. (aye I know, nae chance...) Dad and I are ST in the EE and both ticked the box for semi finals and finals, and have got tickets for every Hampden game for years through this, until now. Dad is 73, and has dodgy knees, so in a perfect world, would want tickets not too high up (we always get allocated seats in disabled or as close to as poss) , but frankly, as they are golddust now, we'd take any 2 anywhere in our end.
  14. The strange case of the two Roy Greenslades http://www.ruthdudleyedwards.co.uk/journalism12/IrInd12_14.html