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  1. Looking more and more that SDM's financial position is worse than we anticipated. All rumors are on players leaving. Nothing on players coming in. Unfortunately the players we would like to see going are the ones no-one else wants.
  2. Make sure you have your safety goggles on :beer1: :beer2: I don't intend to go out in it. I got a case of Hieniken delivered last night. I'll just sit by my lap top and wash the dust down. :beer2:
  3. I would love to but drink is banned here :sadness: but then again some of you can have a few for me. :beer2:
  4. I hope there is a chorus of stick yer Kenny Misser up yer Arse today. Make sure Walter knows what the majority think.
  5. Don't think we had a weak link today. 5 or 6 players who all had legit claims for M of M and the rest not far behind. Great team performance.
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