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  1. Cardoso Celebrating A Great Tackle

    Bring back Kiernan where we have no tackles to celebrate.
  2. Mccrorie...

    I wouldn't want to split Tav and Candeais up for the sake of playing Candeais on his weaker side. They seem to have a great understanding together
  3. Alan Archibald

    I wanted nothing more than us to get the goal on the Friday in stoppage time again. Their fans would be sick
  4. Our Declan

    This. There was a point when Sammon got through and was one on one with Cardoso, leading to a shot on goal. If we end up in that position with Dembele or Griffiths running at us we are in trouble. On John, I was actually impressed with him. Thought he done well and on another day could have had a couple of assists.
  5. Foderingham new contract

    3 or 4 million in the summer if Warbiola is still at Forest
  6. Foderingham new contract

  7. Alan Archibald

    Fuck them and their shitey fans. Once again giving them a glimmer of hope and snatching it from under their noses
  8. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Fod Tav Cardoso Alves Wilson* John Candeais Jack Dorrans Windass Morelos *If fit
  9. Ref this Saturday

    Already said we are bound to get a red card this game. More down to our own players frustrations. I could see it being Morelos, Jack or Dorrans.
  10. December TV fixtures?

    Four games selected for TV Sunday 3 December, 2017 Ladbrokes Premiership Aberdeen v Rangers Live on Sky Sports, kick-off 12.30pm Wednesday 13 December, 2017 Ladbrokes Premiership Hibernian v Rangers Live on Sky Sports, kick-off 7.45pm Saturday 23 December, 2017 Ladbrokes Premiership Kilmarnock v Rangers Live on BT Sport, kick-off 12.30pm Saturday 30 December, 2017 Ladbrokes Premiership celtic v Rangers Live on Sky Sports, kick-off 12 noon
  11. Bluenoses betting with paddy power?

    Im offended so I am...
  12. Hard luck stories

    Hibs and West Brom today for £110. Not that bad a hard luck story but hibs were 2-0 up Cunts havent won a game since beating us
  13. The taig game.

    We are getting a red card in this game easily.
  14. Often our problem under The Warbmeister. Be good to see Windass get back in from start and play a blinder and hopefully not go missing like previous against these cunts
  15. Hamilton emails

    I'm ahead of him anyway