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  1. Candeias Goal

    Morelos away straight down the tunnel at full time. Cunt should be thinking Cummings might not play if he's injured next week I've got to stake a claim here. Get Herrera in next week, see how Alfredo likes that...
  2. Foderingham

    No centre halves on bench when we have two injury prone ones starting. Shambles
  3. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Unreal luck as of late. Liverpool fucked me for 186 and had the horse that came 2nd in the scottish national photo finish. Had another bet that was 1 goal away with 5 mins to go and ended up fucked which was getting about 150
  4. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Had hibs or draw and liverpool along with 4/5 other teams. Done me out of £186. Liverpool cunts
  5. Scum Tickets

    Im genuinely torn. I had told myself I wouldn't be able to stand going if hibs won. I watched their game today and you will see a completely different taig performance next week. I'll no doubt end up going.
  6. Pena

    With any luck he'll refuse to come back and we can sack him
  7. Peña

    Only two games left of the Mexican league. Lets get Carlos back and in the team for the run in...
  8. **** The Official Semi Final Sash Bash ****

    First voddy coke being consumed
  9. Looks like they bottled it big time!
  10. But it fucking works
  11. Motherwell are stinking too. Its punt up the park every time!