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  1. Michael Kightly released from Burnley. Would take him.
  2. wrong thread
  3. Better than the 4-5-0 we usually play when Waggy is up top
  4. Barcelona cunts
  5. My mate cashed out an acca for £26. Only waiting on Barca and Real, would be getting £130 odd back. Fucking mongo
  6. Had £15 on Rangers -1.5 for 58... that was fucked. Had a 5er BTTS and win treble but thats guff If Chelsea win by 2, waiting on Barcelona -2.5 for 73 quid.
  7. Im surprised they haven't done that already. The kind of signing I reckon they would make. I'd take Paterson at Rangers in a heart beat.
  8. Saw a few people take a tumble after the game actually. We got in bang on kick off, the turnstiles were a joke! Pretty sure they could have had some open round the other side where their end was empty!
  9. I didnt think it was that bad! Thought the Monday in Berlin was the coldest. That said, the walk to and from the ground was torture and the steps outside the stadium were an accident waiting to happen!
  10. Half a million and throw in crooks too.
  11. Said I wouldn't step foot in tannadice so kind of hoping they don't come up. Did want Falkirk to come up. Can't believe they chucked it.
  12. What a signing!
  13. Sutton would have been beeling
  14. Barjonas looked a lot better today than he has the previous two. I'd keep him in on Sunday. I'd get Beerman back in too.
  15. Is that the one that was at or is still at Malaga?