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  1. FlippinEck


    Got mine at my folks today.
  2. You just know if we didn't, celtic would donate 10k.
  3. Can't see anything online about the Belgian league?
  4. Someone at SPFL already confirmed that I think i read Edit : notice someone replied already
  5. Did the 10 min bet all yes. Didn't realise they were gonna play a different line up 😭
  6. If Toney goes to Watford could make Grey available.
  7. Love this bet. Was a shot on target away from winning on the man city game other night. Need man utd for another 33 quid if Wigan win or draw.
  8. Part of me thinks Ibe might be worth a punt.
  9. I wonder if we will go for any of the Croatian based players. Gojak, Majer or Maric.
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