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  1. Since I got my season ticket 🙊 haha. And that includes all the bastarding lower division games!
  2. “Dave King backed his manager big with a huge overhaul. But the end of this season may well see Alfredo Morelos leave and, with Jermain Defoe benchwarming in the main, why would he want to stay?” If Alfredo leaves then defoe is next in line providing we don't buy any other strikers 😂
  3. Me neither. Didn't see the point in sticking the free 20 on it in the off chance it doesn't.
  4. I know... Although I meant in terms of home games, have never missed one in the league.
  5. Gone for Tiger Tap Tap in the 1:30 with my £20.
  6. Hopefully away from home last game of season as I'm booked to go to Prague thinking the season would be over...
  7. Half day the morn for the final day 🐴🙋‍♂️💰
  8. Loving this free bet. Up to 200
  9. Defi or lostintranslation. Haven't decided yet.
  10. That'll do me nicely 🙋‍♂️
  11. Moplay also doing £20 free bet on first race can be withdrawn if lost
  12. I'll give it a look! Needless to say, delighted with that boost haha.
  13. So mcnulty apparently got Booked 96th minute. Bet365 refused to pay out. I couldn't see anything about the booking anywhere. Turns out today they paid out.
  14. Boy has been named and shamed on facebook now
  15. Lass at my works sister is going out with David Turnbull, says he has the mindset that he is a great player, big for his boots almost. Nothing wrong with backing your ability though as long as he doesn't think he's made it and that's it. Apparently he went out and got a new merc a couple days ago...
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