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  1. I got this too. I'd imagine it was for those in CF5 Dear Supporter, Please note that the Club has received a number of complaints regarding standing the stairways of Exit 22 in CF5. If this continues in UEFA competition then this could lead to possible sanctions for the Club. We request that all supporters go to their designated seats in the section and do not stand on the stairways. This situation will continue to be monitored by stewards and Police Scotland. Thank you for your co-operation. Rangers Football Club
  2. Busses running from Amsterdam and back, does anyone know of any?
  3. I did that after Maribor. Bus straight back to Vienna Airport for a early morning flight to Mallorca for a 4 hour layover before back to Edinburgh. Was tough but worth it!
  4. Boy at my work, one of them, told me his 3 match package for europa was 72 quid. Expecting ours to be around the 120 mark again Edit: just noticed its out 😂
  5. Still mind was it Boyata bouncing off him in the Semi Final? Played his part. Good luck to him.
  6. Our goal at parkhead last year came from that tactic
  7. There was a hearts fan up in court last week for singing the Billy boys at a hearts game. Although I get your point completely.
  8. tbf some of their fines fall under the categories you mentioned. At this point its really not about them anymore, its passed that.
  9. On phone to missus and got it on mute and they seem to be showing the penalty 'incident' over and over. It was a fucking foul on Helander 😂
  10. Personally I think we should have been appealing it on the basis that we had sold tickets to fans and forcing it to the next tie or if we were to fail to qualify the next home game in Europe next season when we could have taken a decision to close a full section ahead of tickets going on sale.
  11. Had anyone been to the shop recently? Is it still well stocked? I'm after the orange training top before I go on holiday!
  12. Placed that 17 mins in to first half today.
  13. Been a decent solid performance and I'd take another half of the same. Would like to see us create a little more but they are sitting in a little bit. They are asking us to come and damage them and I'd like to see us do that! Get a nice early goal second half their fans could turn on their players!
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