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  1. Hibs emails out

    Got one. Partick hearts now this.
  2. Morelos dropped?

    With any luck Caixinha will take Pena back to Mexico
  3. ***Suggestion Thread***

    Lets just get Jimmy Calderwood in
  4. Harry Cochrane

    Worst Hearts midfield in years. If he had a good player in there to learn with he'd be even better. He is a good prospect.
  5. Candeias Interview

    Give that man a song!
  6. NI v Switzerland

    Aye. I read that on that journos twitter that was posted in the Liam Miller thread. Quite baffling but maybe the manager doesn't fancy him.
  7. NI v Switzerland

    Would take that Dallas in a heart beat
  8. NI v Switzerland

    The quality isn't great but what a game this has been so far. End to end! Pitch is a fucking mess too.
  9. Mcinnes will take charge of Aberdeen for the first match and us for the second at this rate
  10. Were we right to sell McKay?

    More money for himself too. Odd in this new age of agents walking away with massive fees themselves.
  11. Rangers to play in Florida Cup January 2018

    Nah I haven't paid yet. They are still reasonably priced. Was waiting to see what script was cos his folks have a place over there and that was gonna be accommodation sorted
  12. Rangers to play in Florida Cup January 2018

    Boy I was meant to be going with has pulled out so not sure if I'm gonna go on my tod this time.
  13. Thistle fans that were booted out

    Had a boy in court for going into I think the Spanish consulate in Edinburgh and kicking off about independence etc, he got lifted. Wanted to know where the media were so he could tell them his story. The told him to bolt
  14. Jason Holt

    Better than dorrans