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  1. Where can I get tickets for this?
  2. Away tie Volley from edge of the box blasted low he somehow gets a strong hand to it. Incredible save
  3. What happened to the exclusive membership we launched a few years ago?
  4. Would like to see Kamara or Aribo on for Jack. Centre halves swapped and maybe Morelos on then swap the wingers/full backs after 10/15!
  5. Was annoying as they wouldn't let me pick any less for that game but I wanted the 10, still wouldn't have came in. Its a sore one when it's one corner. Screaming at players for turning back inside when running to the byline 😂
  6. Rangers to win and over 3 match goals for Rangers 5/1
  7. I had morelos 2 or more, more than 5 match goals and over 11 corners on bet365 bet builder and it was 7/1. There were 8 or 9 corners I think 😭
  8. More than welcome mate, nice to meet you tonight.
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