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  1. I've just had a text saying the police dont want any more than the initial 4k allocation but if RSC's haven't had an allocation yet I cant see it, unless the 4k includes RSC's amount.
  2. I think it was (y)
  3. He's actually one of those players where I kind of hope we have some kind of sell on clause inserted because by all accounts that should be his level but the minute he starts playing well he will no doubt start getting linked with other clubs no doubt after him because they got him on a cheap.
  4. As soon as the game was halted I thought that's us...
  5. Mcleish will be in charge by November
  6. Nah he can pay the release clause for him
  7. Wanted us to sign him. Knew it would never happen but 15 fucking million 2mill and he can have waggy, Kiernan, tav, and Forrester.
  8. Shame McCabe ain't still there
  9. Can't wait for Cyprus next week!
  10. Bruno Alves
  11. Couldn't make derby as id just done 3 weeks in America but it looked nowhere near as good atmosphere wise. We down by train on the Wednesday and back the next day. Think their fans night then turn up next time too if it's a weekend
  12. Sheffield away was brilliant last time. Went to city centre then the jubilee club I think it was called? Well up for doing it again
  13. Stop drawing silly home points and beating pish like killie and ross county away and all of a sudden our points tally looks a whole lot better. Was thinking that the other day, for as shite as we were last season, Aberdeen were not that far ahead of us on points, we had a better head to head against them and took more points of the taigs than them. Improvement is needed and we are probably a long way if challenging for the title but like you say, we have the spine of a good side there that hopefully hits the ground running.
  14. The whole thing is another campaign set out to damage us. Forget just stripping the titles off the successful teams of the EBT era, why aren't they asking for the redistribution of prize money for teams who lost out on higher places or reinstating teams back into the league or lost revenue. Well that wouldn't be as easy as just saying your titles are gone. The minute it goes to any kind of official vote (which it wont), the titles are gone.
  15. The finnish season is a few games in is it not? So I would have thought he would have been the furthest ahead in that respect than most.