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  1. The fact he won so many tackles is due in part to the fact that Aberdeen targeted his side as a weakness, He had a good game but there were a couple of times where they worked the ball to Considine who then played a straight ball down the line which caused us problems. If you watch Gerrard coming off the pitch with Tav at the end of the game, he is clearly telling him that he needs to get tighter to his opponent and stop letting them turn and run at him.
  2. Some of the goals in the game were really good in terms of ability, enjoyed the game though some of it was tough to watch as expected.
  3. People need to rewatch the game, every goal kick aimed in his direction to which he won near enough every header, usual scapegoat pish, hes a right back, yet we expect him to be a match winner. Plenty of others more deserving of criticism, ultimately Goldson who was fucking awful cost us the game.
  4. I think this is much the same as last year, played the more difficult of the sides in the 3rd Qualifying round, If we continue to attack teams, the way we have of late then i don't see Legia being much of a problem over two legs. If what the OP is saying about them being weak at both full back areas then we should really be running riot.
  5. Have you watched this Basel side recently?, very very poor, highlighted by the fact that they have been nowhere near Young Boys domestically the last few seasons. Albian Ajeti aside they don't have the quality they used to.
  6. Wolves the only team i'd be concerned about, PSV just got knocked out of the CL by a relatively poor Basel side
  7. Commentary is horrendous, Derek Rae has already destroyed my soul, the game itself is alright but with every fifa, it's just a small upgrade on the last game
  8. We wont necessarily be number 4 in those games, they are not based on the pots you are in, once the group's are drawn, the teams are allocated a number from one to four by computer
  9. I hope they get Rijeka who should be a really tough tie, won the Croatian league last year ahead of Dinamo Zagreb and just knocked out Salzburg last night
  10. I'd be interested in that if you still have it mate
  11. I've started a career with Cambridge Utd, almost finished the first season on world class. Managed to beat Chelsea in the Carling Cup final, trophy celebrations are much improved this year with a podium on the pitch, lots of nice touches with the game, including more realistic goals. Cut scenes are a bit annoying though, every corner,free-kick etc, it's get a bit boring after a while, still it's a cracking game this year.
  12. I thought they would have concentrated a little on making it less easy to be put clean through from high through balls but it looks like the defending hasn't improved in that regard watching the above clips, still looks a bit more fluid than last year's
  13. Traore would be a great signing for someone in the PL but if Monaco want him then that'll be that i guess, Mehdi Carcela is another who could possibly do a job for someone in the PL
  14. Chris Samba signed for Dinamo Moscow today, Anzhi have pretty much let everyone of their biggest earners go. If i was Arsenal i would have a look at Jucilei as he would fit perfectly as a DM for them.
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