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  1. ally's on holiday so wont be back until next week. so dont worry about it
  2. we were after izaguirre first along with wigan and toronto. other targets are brown, samaras, commons, loovens, mcdonald, barry robson, pressley, hartley etc etc but i thank fuck that they did sign for the thimmys
  3. why 'nah' ? because he played for crystal palace? Would you have said 'nah' to Novo from Dundee? Would you have said 'nah' to Bougherra from Charlton? or what about Kenny Miller from Derby? Boyd or Naismith from Killie? Dont just say nah to someone who is playing at a lower level, lower quality team or someone u havent heard of. Players have to start somewhere and for someone who will be on very little wages and costs nothing whats the harm??
  4. world class touch. accidental? fuck off provan u lennon lovin prick GTRFUY
  5. i didny no wit happened at the penalty. the commntator didny show an ounce of excitement for the fact it was a penalty and a red card. you would have thought it was a throwing at the half way line or sumin.
  6. Absolute disgrace. Burley u fuckin timmy fenian kidy fiddlin kunt!!!
  7. Shameful display. Rangers will be in serious trouble if they dont win the league. 1 champion league spot.
  8. My point is £50m bid accepted for torres, he will either sign or not. Two options so why do they need to go back to the same guy 5 times an hour to find out what colour toilet paper torres wiped his arse way. Cz tims didny sign anybody they dont need cut to glasgow. P.s funny how they always sign at 2seconds before the deadline.
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