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  1. Remember the ridiculous red Andy haliday got for a fist pump in the middle of the pitch. 😩
  2. ice

    Next manager : who is NOT a gamble?

    I'm surprised Neil McCanns name hasn't been mentioned at all. He's done a reasonable job with what was a terrible Dundee side while losing a few of his best players into the bargain.
  3. ice

    Fernando Torres

    Wonder how much peter crouch would want.
  4. ice

    Magic Hat Sacked!

    Good news if it stops Forrest interest in Wes.
  5. ice

    How many can you get?

    I had a pic of terry hurlock and the choices were terry butcher or Stuart Munro. So I went for butcher. I chucked it after a pic of Graeme Roberts in a keepers jersey came up and the choices were Chris woods or bonnie Ginsburg. ?
  6. ice

    The next manager after the next one

    It wouldn't surprise me if we go for strachan. ?
  7. I hope he gets fikin injured and they have to pay all that money on wages for him to not even play.
  8. lookin forward to singing TFO when this wee whank comes to Ibrox... Robbie Keane why dont you go home..
  9. I'm no going to read all the posts but has Keane actualy signed yet or is this still speculation.
  10. If only the refs in the spl were as unbiased as this ref, Caldwell would walk every game he played in.