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  1. I think all the match worn strips should be signed & sent out to season ticket holders.
  2. Can’t believe some think we’re going to get £20 mill for him. He’ll be away for something around £5mill to £8mill.
  3. You would be able to claim unfair dismissal unless every player for the club that spits on someone is also sacked.
  4. See this "separate entity" celticboysclub, would that mean they are making out that as a club they have never had their own youth teams?? I'm assuming every other professional football club has their own youth set up!!
  5. Don't know how an article about the fact Andy Robertson should be starting at LB for Scotland when KT has been off form for a good while now has descended to a debate on who's better between Tav & KT!!! I'm glad someone has had the balls to publicly state that KT isn't all that & shouldn't be an automatic pick for Scotland... Even if it was a woman..
  6. I hope he gets fikin injured and they have to pay all that money on wages for him to not even play.
  7. lookin forward to singing TFO when this wee whank comes to Ibrox... Robbie Keane why dont you go home..
  8. I'm no going to read all the posts but has Keane actualy signed yet or is this still speculation.
  9. If only the refs in the spl were as unbiased as this ref, Caldwell would walk every game he played in.
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