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  1. "strip The Titles" Campaign.

    We know IRAceltic were not using EBT's apart from the Juninho example ( to our knowledge ), however what I would like to know is what scheme or facility they were / are using to pay wages? You can bet your right arm that it will be a system that delivers not far off what the EBT system does in terms of tax savings, especially with someone like Dermot Desmond at the helm. Everyone is distracted by the sole focus on Rangers tax affairs yet no one is asking these other clubs to lay open the details of their tax affairs which would of course embrace their moral pontificating and prove our advantage?? Aye right. You could almost guarantee that for example if Rangers / David Murray were saving £10 on tax then IRAceltic / Dermot Desmond were saving about £9 ? Yet no one cares what the rest were / are doing. EBT was the scheme out of many deliberately chosen to go after and Rangers the club out of many deliberately chosen to go after yet the others are allowed to be ignored? The hypocrisy is disgusting and disgraceful.
  2. Martin O'neill - Gers Can Keep Their Titles

    It would've cost Murray more money had he not used EBT's but that in no way means he wouldn't have spent it or couldn't afford it. The reality is he would have done it using whatever best tax avoidance scheme was advised to him, if it wasn't by EBT's it would've been by other circumventing means which truck loads of companies were / are using. I'm pleased to hear MON speak sense on the issue but sadly it will hold no water with the media and Rangers hating juggernaut that is revving its engine. Brace yourselves.
  3. *** The Official Hibs V Rangers Match Thread ***

    Whoever takes their chances will win this one. I think it will be end to end and both teams will create and concede lots of chances. I genuinely think we have better quality going forward though. 3-2 Rangers.
  4. Arteta Gers Article

    I watched that game again on YouTube not so long ago and Ronald does indeed look away. He actually looked nervous as Fuck. Understandably so because every fan was feeling exactly the same. Good times.
  5. The Europa League Thread

    New banner coming .. ( You're In There For Us, We're Out Here Because Of You )
  6. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    It's all sorted now. John Collins just called them all in one by one for a gander at his six pack. Job done!!
  7. Brentford Manager Sacked

    Thats a nice post mate. Brentford were the ones who gave Mark his first big opportunity so need credit for that. The way it ended was unfortunate for you guys and now Mark has came to Rangers and impressed the hell out of us.It's funny the way such things work in football because I now have a soft spot for Brentford and wish you all the best in the future.
  8. It Has To Be Said.

    I've said numerous times that what is needed is a Bougherra type Centre half to play alongside either Keirnan or Wilson. We need someone with real pace who can recover situations that will arise out of our attacking style of play. It's glaringly obvious how to remedy this weakness and I hope Mr Warburton is scouring the globe in order to identify such a player for next season.
  9. What Rangers Means To U

    I think your post probably resonates with a lot of fellow bears mate, they just aren't letting on.
  10. Too much power and money men behind them for much to come of this. Dermot Desmond, Denis O'brien, John Reid. Just these 3 people weild massive influence and power that can and will be used to keep IRAceltic out of the crosshairs.
  11. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    If ever there was an indication of how disloyal and dissatisfied their scum fans are, this is it. When did they last have a crowd so low? Times and reality have changed Timmy.
  12. Did You Hear The Bbc Apologizing Last Night?

    Look forward to their reporting of IRAceltics pathetic crowd tonight. 13,000 v Raith. Embarrassing.
  13. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Holy shit the green seat brigade were out in force tonight alright. 13,000 v Raith. What a pathetic crowd. Embarrassing.
  14. Formation Needs Changed

    IMO we are 3 players shy of a really decent team. We need a Bougherra type centre half with recovery pace to play alongside either Wilson or Kiernan. We need a proper holding midfield enforcer, in the mould of a Matic or even Wanyama ( sorry for the example ). And to finish we need a striker with pace, skill and predatory instincts. Probably similar to Jelavic with a bit more pace. Add those types alongside a bit of quality squad cover and we'd be in great shape. I'm not bothered by the defeat because we'll learn so much more from it.
  15. *** The Official Rangers V St. Johnstone Thread ***

    I made the point in another thread that we will need a Bougherra type centre half that has the pace to recover in order to be successful with this style of football. No need to panic or be disheartened, this is part of the building process and this defeat will only improve Rangers.