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  1. Whoever takes their chances will win this one. I think it will be end to end and both teams will create and concede lots of chances. I genuinely think we have better quality going forward though. 3-2 Rangers.
  2. New banner coming .. ( You're In There For Us, We're Out Here Because Of You )
  3. It's all sorted now. John Collins just called them all in one by one for a gander at his six pack. Job done!!
  4. Too much power and money men behind them for much to come of this. Dermot Desmond, Denis O'brien, John Reid. Just these 3 people weild massive influence and power that can and will be used to keep IRAceltic out of the crosshairs.
  5. If ever there was an indication of how disloyal and dissatisfied their scum fans are, this is it. When did they last have a crowd so low? Times and reality have changed Timmy.
  6. Holy shit the green seat brigade were out in force tonight alright. 13,000 v Raith. What a pathetic crowd. Embarrassing.
  7. I made the point in another thread that we will need a Bougherra type centre half that has the pace to recover in order to be successful with this style of football. No need to panic or be disheartened, this is part of the building process and this defeat will only improve Rangers.
  8. Anyone know what sort of attendance is expected for tonight?
  9. Although I have been thinking this will be a 1-1 draw I have utilised my free £10 sky bet and went for A scorecast of Waghorn to score first and Rangers to win 3-1. ( 35/1). I'd be happy with that.
  10. This scenario was always coming sooner or later. What do you expect teams to do when they know they'll get hammered if they open up? Our start to the season has frightened teams into focusing almost entirely on stopping us from playing. If you offered any team in the league a point before playing us every one of them would take it. This is the reality we face and we will need to prepare for it.
  11. Will be interesting to see their fixture schedule for these games. I bet either Ajax or Fenerbache away is their last game, when the points are probably meaningless. They will get Molde early on at Pighead IMO.
  12. I'd like to see some people use their social media outlets and skills to showcase that "Thai tims" video far and wide. People are rightly stating that it is wrong on so many levels and I think it would cause them huge embarrassment and further harm their stinking image if the wider footballing world seen this exploitation for themselves. I'm convinced Gary Glitter was the one behind the camera conducting them.
  13. Wallace and Tavernier were the only guys I was happy with today. McKay was awful, defence was poor, midfield passing and creativity was terrible, Waghorn and Miller were ineffective and they whole pace and movement of the team just wasn't there. Maybe Hibs deserve credit for some of these failings but as some others have pointed out we will get destroyed by other opposition if we play as poorly in future.
  14. Why do the pundits not highlight the fact that there were free kicks given or not given , rightly or wrongly all throughout the match and in all areas of the pitch for both teams? Some you get some you don't. It's so frustrating when they don't just summarise it by saying this.
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