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  1. This has the look of the same old story, we’ll end up getting caught with / giving away a stupid goal then struggle to get out with a draw. 😔😔😔
  2. Had this discussion before, the first time we are really in a position to win this league, say 4 points clear with games running out, we will be brought up on a charge of some sort and deducted points. I truly believe that.
  3. Said it for the last 2 years, if (when) we get a bit of a lead in a title race, we will be deducted points for some trumped up charge, on some recently brought in legislation
  4. Imagine this scenario, ghost goal given, st j get an injury time equalise, game over 2-2. how many media cunts would be goin tonto about the handball by davidson ? Absolutely no cunt. Fuck you all, WATP.
  5. As long as we have this weak as fuck, bend over and take it board we will never win this fight, they will be telling us we can’t wear the black/red socks next as some cunt thinks it means up to our knees. These cunts aren’t willing to fight our corner, we need strong leadership at the top.
  6. Life can really boot yer balls at times, look after your wife and family mate, my best hopes and wishes are with you all, take care.
  7. bear822


    The whole support could do that for the next 10 games, home and away, they would just find some other stick to beat us with. This was always going to happen when it looked like we were a serious threat.
  8. Gut feeling that this is hush money, paid out to stop the former youth player going public and blowing the whole thing wide open.
  9. Played Dalmahoy today, big course, forward tees tho, really dry considering the recent weather, 34 points stableford and felt ah played shit.
  10. Seen that report, and I thought SSN were poor in the way they presented it, they just peddled the same line that Beaton failed to take any action against Alfredo for three separate incidents. Beaton never failed to take action though, he took the action he deemed appropriate at the time. If SSN wanted to be truly impartial in the reporting of this, why didn’t they follow up with what their own refereeing expert, Dermot Gallagher, opinion on John Beatons performance, after all, he said that he thought he handled it well and that only 1 of the incidents possibly merited a yellow card at best.
  11. Has anybody got a clip after Morelos scored, when he slides on his knees he gets hit wi a coin, notice sky have stopped the footage short of the coin coming in. Won’t hold ma breath waiting on the outcry that it must’ve been anti Colombian racism.
  12. Never seen it, widnae watch if they were playin oot the back. But, thumb havin tae defend himsel against tgfitw is hilarious ? ??
  13. ??? thumbheid gettin it tight fi the unwashed for his performance the day. ???
  14. Because in these days of social media, the vocal minority rule. the silent majority never get a second look, because of the silence. I am of a certain vintage who have been thru hard times before, albeit, nothing this severe. Stability is what is needed, changing managers every year only creates chaos, every manager wants to replace players asap, we don't have the cash or the time for that, think back to the Brady/Macari/Venglos days at he glitterdome.
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