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    ***The Official Rangers v East Fife Thread***

    I think Andy Mitchell will probably come in

    ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    Jerry Lawler's commentary is dreadful. Trying to out talk Punk :s

    ***The Official Rangers v East Fife Thread***

    Perry for Goian and someone else for Barry McKay. Kid isn't ready.

    ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    They could have brought back the anonymous raw gm storyline aswell but ruined it. Raw has been torture for months.

    ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    Another brutally bad episode of raw

    The Boxing News Thread

    This is a boxing myth about the Taylor fight. 2 judges had Taylor 3 rounds up going into the 11th even though he probably never won a round after about the 5th or 6th when he started to gas. If he had lost a decision that night he would have been robbed. Kessler fight I can only say was very close. In either mans yard they woulda got the decision. Again the scoring was a joke. One judge gave 9 of the first ten rounds to Kessler. I had it a draw. Dirrell fight I was at and again close, Froch was at home and got the nod so probs evens out the Kessler defeat. Ward won clearly, was a shit fight though, think I had it 117-111. Whatever anyone thinks about boxing, there just isnt enough Carl Froch's out there anymore. A guy who puts it all on the line, never shirks a challenge. I mean who these days would make the first defence of their title away from home against the former undisputed middleweight champion? Just doesnt happen anymore. I for one have more respect for Carl Froch than maybe any other active boxer on the planet right now. The guy is just a fighter.

    The Boxing News Thread

    Calzaghe beat Kessler, if you think he destroyed him you watched a different fight. Calzaghe in his prime would have beat prime. The Calzaghe who fought Hopkins and RJJ would have got KO'd IMO.

    Legends Game

    Wish I was going

    The Boxing News Thread

    Is that confirmed? Thought he was fighting Adrien Broner???
  10. KERRZO

    Scotland V Czech Republic

    Team will most likely be: McGregor Hutton Caldwell Berra Bardsley Brown Fletcher Adam Naismith Miller Morrison
  11. KERRZO

    Wesley Verhoek

    I just mean we arent going to be getting these guys in at this rate. Wallace is a good signing and has done well but wasnt exactly a must signing. We need guys for other positions desperately.
  12. KERRZO

    Wesley Verhoek

    I think we can all jus forget signing anyone of any sort of calibre in this window 2bh that costs upwards of £1million
  13. KERRZO

    Goodwillie To Sign For Blackburn Tomorrow

    If Dundee United reject a matched offer lets fuck them and Boycott Tannandice this season. Will cost them upwards of £200,000.
  14. KERRZO

    Goodwillie To Sign For Blackburn Tomorrow

    2bh I dont even care anymore. Our whole transfer policy has become even more shambolic this year, which I didnt even think was possible.