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  1. Jerry Lawler's commentary is dreadful. Trying to out talk Punk :s
  2. Perry for Goian and someone else for Barry McKay. Kid isn't ready.
  3. They could have brought back the anonymous raw gm storyline aswell but ruined it. Raw has been torture for months.
  4. This is a boxing myth about the Taylor fight. 2 judges had Taylor 3 rounds up going into the 11th even though he probably never won a round after about the 5th or 6th when he started to gas. If he had lost a decision that night he would have been robbed. Kessler fight I can only say was very close. In either mans yard they woulda got the decision. Again the scoring was a joke. One judge gave 9 of the first ten rounds to Kessler. I had it a draw. Dirrell fight I was at and again close, Froch was at home and got the nod so probs evens out the Kessler defeat. Ward won clearly, was a shit fight though, think I had it 117-111. Whatever anyone thinks about boxing, there just isnt enough Carl Froch's out there anymore. A guy who puts it all on the line, never shirks a challenge. I mean who these days would make the first defence of their title away from home against the former undisputed middleweight champion? Just doesnt happen anymore. I for one have more respect for Carl Froch than maybe any other active boxer on the planet right now. The guy is just a fighter.
  5. Calzaghe beat Kessler, if you think he destroyed him you watched a different fight. Calzaghe in his prime would have beat prime. The Calzaghe who fought Hopkins and RJJ would have got KO'd IMO.
  6. Is that confirmed? Thought he was fighting Adrien Broner???
  7. Team will most likely be: McGregor Hutton Caldwell Berra Bardsley Brown Fletcher Adam Naismith Miller Morrison
  8. I just mean we arent going to be getting these guys in at this rate. Wallace is a good signing and has done well but wasnt exactly a must signing. We need guys for other positions desperately.
  9. I think we can all jus forget signing anyone of any sort of calibre in this window 2bh that costs upwards of £1million
  10. If Dundee United reject a matched offer lets fuck them and Boycott Tannandice this season. Will cost them upwards of £200,000.
  11. 2bh I dont even care anymore. Our whole transfer policy has become even more shambolic this year, which I didnt even think was possible.
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