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  1. Miller And Kranjcar

    Niko will be replaced by Windass in the Jags game. Unfortunately I can't see Kenny being dropped until after the tims game.
  2. Jim White says he's gone.
  3. Herrera ?

    Too sensible a comment for in here mate.
  4. When will this fucking nightmare end

    This isn't a nightmare. This is a horrific period for this fantastic football club. A nightmare would be waking up a tim!
  5. Model The New Top

    Marry me?
  6. Model The New Top

    Add me to that list please.
  7. Model The New Top

    It's always been like this. Trust me.
  8. Wonder how many of them are on the take?
  9. Model The New Top

    If only there was some other way to see pics of good-looking women wearing very little. Some sort of porn-type website that you could visit and crack one off rather than waiting around this thread for days on end.
  10. Model The New Top

    Is that a "no"?
  11. Model The New Top

    When's the big day then? I might try to book it off work.
  12. Model The New Top

    And the "Gayest thread of the year" award goes to ....
  13. Tax Case

    What kind of sandwich?
  14. Tax Case

    No one measures up to Colin!
  15. Tax Case

    I really agree but why are you so desperate to be one? Do you just want to be as cool as Colin?