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  1. Staying at the Park Inn which is right next to it
  2. Buying tickets in advance for the train?
  3. Right troops what's the best way currently to get from Berlin to Leipzig and back and where's the Berlin piss up on Saturday night????
  4. Very naive defensively but they will learn, still enjoyable to watch and when we have the finished product we will be unstoppable
  5. Yes mate lol Know how annoying it is when you cant find a bet
  6. Got 3 on at Hamilton Karaka Jack, Activate and Economic Crisis Had EC on last Sunday won at 18s
  7. This Ill say again our problem is lack of squad depth/ quality. There isnt a manager in Europe that is going to have Hutton, Black and McCulloch passing triangles round any defence in Scotland. McCoist isnt blameless in that obviously but I wouldnt be judging too harshly based on circumstance.
  8. It's absolute nonsense to say we've been outplayed in 30 games, maybe over a ten minute period but never a full game
  9. 24 points and 34 goals better off than Peterhead. 27 points 52 goals better off than Queens Park. There have been flat spots but no one has came close.
  10. At 99 out of 100 clubs the standard of football on the pitch is reflective of the standard of player on the park. The Rangers fans begged for division 3 status but they never really prepared for what that meant. They expect Perry to do what Bocanegra done before, they expect Hutton and Black to be of the level of Davis. Whether they admit it or not this is what the majority are looking for and get frustrated when they dont see it. We pay the highest in Div 3. We also comfortably play the best football in Div 3 and comfortably won division 3. It is still a low standard, but it is reflective of where we are. Better off without anyone who wants to leave instead of support young lads trying to get us back where we belong, because they have been spoiled by the years gone before.
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