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  1. We did fuck all during the referee's strike and and now the officials walk the path of least resistance. It will take equal leverage to restore parity; I doubt the board have the guts for it.
  2. rossDas

    Halo Infinite

    I was a latecomer to the MCC, they probably fixed it by the time I got around to playing it - didn't realise it was that fucked upon release. What concerns me the most is how little we've actually seen of Infinite, but maybe MS are just trying to keep their powder dry for the Series X presentations with it being a flagship title. Guess we'll see how things are looking on the 23rd.
  3. rossDas

    Halo Infinite

    The gameplay of Halo 5 was good, and the multiplayer is said to be spot on, but the campaign was utterly forgettable. If they can address that crucial shortcoming then it will be a winner; if not then the series will be in trouble and MS might want to consider making some changes at 343 Industries. In any case, if it's on Gamepass then I'll be checking it out.
  4. Supposedly Purple Aki the Northwest Gym Pest liked to bet people that they couldn't fit through a tight gap like that one, and then bummed them when they got stuck.
  5. Their's will look minging regardless, and they'll probably squander the opportunity to have a decent away kit by opting for some hideous eye-sore like the bumblebee kit.
  6. I vaguely recall there was a bit of a narrative being pushed by the mhedia that we were going to slip up on the day and celtic would steamroller their opponents, almost as if they were trying to will it into reality. They may have played an unwitting role by planting the expectation amongst a support who have always enjoyed huffing their own farts.
  7. League cup final vs the sheep, 1987 to be shown on the club's YT channel in a few hours:
  8. The putrid ones will kick up a fuss, whereas our board will meekly roll over and accept it - that's what will ultimately tilt this against us.
  9. Time to hit the kill-switch.
  10. Back-to-back defeats against the the two lowest sides in the division; what a fucking embarrassment. This side is in free-fall and utterly finished.
  11. 40lb? I know a girl who carried that weight for seven days on the West Highland Way and was able to climb Ben Nevis at the end of it. To put things in perspective she's 5'5", so his story is laughable, even if you ignore all the blood.
  12. I sense the hand of Sturgeon's mob behind this. In fact, I recall hearing that they recently got busted trying to pull a similar stunt while pretending that it was nothing to do with them.
  13. As much as our rotten performances are inexcusable, we were pretty much neck-and-neck for points and goals before the break. Had we stayed in contention then the refs could easily have been the difference in handing the title to the filth (they'd needn't have bothered, it would seem). Even many of the younger Bears will be old enough to remember the league being won by the margin of a point or a goal. By all means call out Gerrard and the squad for their failings, but ignore corruption at our peril; the fact is we're in a place where the battle is waged off-field as well as on it.
  14. In light of Hearts' tactics it's not unreasonable to suggest that they were counting on milking leniency from the officials as much as they dared before substituting Maclean, which would explain why Ikpeazu was benched in spite of him causing us no end of problems in the previous fixture. Soft officiating is a green light to thugs.
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