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  1. dummiesoot

    ***** The Official Ryder Cup 2018 Thread *****

    I would take Poulter regardless, his best golf is generally saved for the ryder Cup. After that, anyone's guess. Sets up for a fantastic competition
  2. dummiesoot

    Retrospective action against this Brown Elbow?

    Sweep fucking sweep, we all know it.
  3. dummiesoot

    ***Official Golf Thread****

    Got TVTAP at the weekend, my try US channels next time
  4. dummiesoot

    ***Official Golf Thread****

    Fucking streaming shite. Started the trial two hours ago, fucking cancelled it. Unwatchable. Fucking told them in my reason for leaving too. Competition laws for all this shit means the customer is getting the shitty end of the stick.
  5. dummiesoot

    ***Official Golf Thread****

    Got Day, Fowler and Rahm to hopefully win me some money
  6. dummiesoot

    Rangersmedia Golf Society

    Started well, played utterly shite after 7th, allied to zero breaks at all led to an NR
  7. dummiesoot

    Armin Hodžić (Dinamo Zagreb)

    Do it on the OT then
  8. dummiesoot

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Is Tierney's lover going elsewhere?
  9. dummiesoot

    Thought that was a cracking game

    Honestly think it's deliberate mate. Regardless we win and have a good advantage for the second leg 👍
  10. End to end, two teams going at it. Love it. Their goal was a fucking strike. A real team performance from us. Not perfect by any stretch but our desire is great. Could be better at defending corners.
  11. dummiesoot

    ***Official Golf Thread****

    Just read on the PGA tour website, jarrod Lyle has passed away. Sleep well young man. So sad for his family
  12. dummiesoot

    Out?: James Tavernier

    They let their feelings rule their head mate, when it comes to transfers head wins every time. We should be milking those bastards down south always.
  13. dummiesoot

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    How's their record against plastic Irish teams?
  14. dummiesoot

    Armin Hodžić (Dinamo Zagreb)