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  1. Probably but the main point being you seem to think I should have spotted this yesterday... Therefore you seem to think I should be on here all the time. Go and pick your dog shite up
  2. I have a life outside of this binary forum
  3. dummiesoot


    It's a forum I need to ignore these
  4. How the fuck do footballers get done for drink driving, they can afford a fucking taxi, a driver whatever..
  5. What the fuck ever happened to one game at a time.
  6. dummiesoot


    Jinxing bastard threads
  7. dummiesoot


    Honestly get these threads to fuck
  8. This clear and obvious error shite, some cunt is a fucking toe offside and is called by var, it isn't clear and obvious though. Before any cunt says it, yes technically offside and therefore correct but not clear and obvious. Their definition of a clear and obvious error is not consistent. Origi was fouled and therefore the goal should not have stood, he was kicked in the calf. Tbh I have no idea what sport I am watching anymore and var has made it worse imo.
  9. I am gonna ban the next cunt that starts a 'next run of games' thread. Every single one jinxes us
  10. The cheese eating Surrender monkeys out in force again
  11. The French forward was a fucking idiot getting sent off
  12. If he wasn't happy, he wouldn't sign it
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