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  1. Should be between Jack n Alfie for poty so far, unfortunately the media darling is bumfluff Christie.
  2. dummiesoot


    Tell you what they we need to start getting players to head toward the back post when alfie takes it in to turn and shoot. The lack of follow up on the wee mans great work is not good. The type of runs Kenny Miller did so well, we would have so many back post tap ins.
  3. Second half wd defended ok though I am concerned st how much we struggle against route one football. We struggle to get out. Must do better on that score but yes better all round performance Borna was immense
  4. One save from greggs we had enough chances to win the game and should have had a penalty. Moaning cunt
  5. Just look at the abuse John Spencer took and it wasn't from the Protestant side of the city.
  6. dummiesoot


    The reason to have it retaken though would be because of Kent encroaching if Kent doesn't encroach, goal is given.
  7. He is brilliant at getting a rise out the mhanks
  8. Actually no I dont remember that all and cant be arsed googling it, so thanks for the info. One game it is then
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