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  1. Teams up here lie down to the fuckers, we are their cup final not the mhanks. They will never have a go and if they do the ref will protect ra poops.
  2. Big eck is a class act.
  3. Boaby, the Sands are running out for you
  4. Must have been very strong winds at the top of the braes Cushy, add the mental rain then it widnae be fun.
  5. I am not going to back the manager here, what I will say is that in the last two matches major decisions have gone against us that have certainly cost us points. I don't think we were that bad yesterday, fucksake they played with two full backs on each side. Yes our decision making has been poor and Pedro has let us down but so have the officials.
  6. Been caught a few times with that as well, not this year tho' played shit
  7. Ewart shadoff has a lovely set of pins on her
  8. Too far
  9. I know imagine lowering the tone
  10. Actually, looking back to when wim Jansen took the reigns at sellik and lost the first two matches, the tims wanted him sacked. The fucker stopped our ten in a row. Football has twists and turns perhaps it can start swinging our way soon.
  11. Lexi Thomson's wedge play / swing looks worse than mine but somehow works
  12. Widnae mind a foursome with Wie n Kang to be fair
  13. USA have a team of chubsters playing in a fourball.
  14. Fucking Surrender monkeys in this place
  15. Never noticed