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  1. I am sure I read it somewhere. Didn't realise that was a photo he used.
  2. Al jolson?
  3. Fuck Norwich, they keep moving the goalposts, we should walk away because we will be seen as the ones delaying the deal. If Dorrans has his heart set on playing for Rangers and Norwich want rid, then he has the power and can't force the player to move anywhere else.
  4. @Gogzy can we keep this one as pet? He needs sheltered from Torbettry
  5. Murray having a stinker
  6. They are an embarrassment of a club, they have had endless chances in Europe with their fuckwit fans. They have had countless turnovers of getting put out due to minor rule infringements every fucking favour going. Now they want a very distinct advantage with Linfield. Cunts
  7. That's very sad. Sound bloke and cracking player
  8. Surely a ducking disgrace
  9. Someone's got a cob on
  10. Cheers SD, should only cost me a tenner. Should I pay before or after I jump? No' think some of the posts on here are a joke, this is the reason I hate pre-season full of either "we are gonna Fuck everyone" or " we are pyoor shite " it is pathetic.
  11. I wish I stayed nearer the Erskine Bridge
  12. The second rule is the one it does get complicated, though generally the exception on the rule book about signing a wrong score based on an unknown penalty is usually to protect professionals and the TV referees that are turning up.
  13. Probably not checked his marker or markers signed his card before he signed and handed it in. Looks they haven't.
  14. The yanks are a pain in the arse with the shit they shout.
  15. Fuck, my bet for Hoffman was looking sweet until that triple at 8. A huge break for koepka off the tee at 7 as well. Scoring a lot harder today, looking forward to last 9 drama