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  1. Unless your name is Rod McKenzie, being blind to ut and being professional does not come into it .
  2. dummiesoot


    Could ban you for inappropriate use of one of the best gifs out there tbh
  3. On the basis of Finders Keepers
  4. We had gone off the boil, so I expect an improvement, 4-0 leverkusen
  5. He is a cart horse that scores a lot of penalties and should be sent off more than he does tbh. If he signed for us he would be off more than Alfie
  6. We have enough toulosers in the team I'll get ma coat
  7. I agree, the wee scummy bastards have ruined the town centre especially. Like where I stay as well and some not bad pubs as well, Craig Dhu and lounsdale as well. But the bams have been allowed to ruin it. Anyway probably needs a separate OT topic not taking this one off topic.
  8. I think the word you are looking for is 'bam' not teuchter
  9. Mate think you need to calm down, think about, in amongst fellow bears, not being a nappy ripper, being one of The Chosen. Yer a bit stressed.
  10. Windass had issues with us but he scored some important goals for us. I reckon some should take the blinkers off for a change. Too much hatred for players that wore our colours. We need to replace those goals. Not enough threat from other positions.
  11. Helander is slow as fuck but generally we tend to defend better with him in the team imo.
  12. This is it, Badger renamed it, took out 'the official' bit of many threads
  13. First competition yesterday, holed one putt all day of note, two doubles in a row put paid to any chance of a cut. Stay at 5.5
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