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  1. 9 games we played from 1st May to 24th May, we finished our season v QoS. Sellik finished their season in Japan one week later playing naecuntamoto
  2. Apologies for the abuse I was too harsh, too much shit going on that day, would have been better off not being on here.
  3. OK, I am gonna say it Danny unWelbeck
  4. You seem to be awfully uptight about this. No need for the ffs... Regardless the cover ups are wrong and people should be going to jail as they are complicit in crimes being committed.
  5. They do indeed, however there aren't many organisations that go into immediate cover up mode.
  6. I like how, we as fans, like to give players at least five minutes in the jersey before they are confined to the dustbin.
  7. It will be moved shortly Cheers for the update Elf
  8. Over reacting? Four or five posts that were out and out racist, or whatever you want to call it, since being Italian is not a race. You are correct he was normally a decent poster...
  9. So lennon is within his rights to act like a prick, McInnes will get hung out to dry... Probably
  10. Looks like tiger skelped a tree to safety, that tee shot was going way left Clipped more than skelped
  11. Have to say, with all but one of tiger's wayward tee shots achieving relative safety, perhaps the golfing gods are on his side
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