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  1. Another plastic fucking pitch
  2. Will take any victory on one of these shocking pitches.
  3. The ball bobbles just he sets himself. But criticise first, it's much easier.
  4. These pitches are a joke for professional football
  5. Wants to see players booked for diving like Jones did (according to him). Bet he says fuck all about Ryan 'petrov' Christie, ever.
  6. Sutton is a hypocritical cunt, no one dived more than that wanker.
  7. Where are the calls from Scottish football to have these cunts closed down?
  8. Brilliant, one game a week is pish these companies like premier n elevensports should just fuck off and leave it to thd big boys their coverage is shit
  9. Still think the refs let them get away with 'after the ball is away' shit. We Did cope with it well though
  10. Love the Defoe and Morelos bit at the end
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