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  1. If it was the other way about he would be sacked already
  2. Keopka and the rest. Rory's putting will go again just in time for the us open. Brandon grace and Snedeker for my longer odds bets
  3. Funny how the commentary team to a man, all ex racing drivers, said he should not have been punished
  4. Cut out the abuse or you will be on a wee sabbatical. That goes for anyone else that decides they want to dish it out as well. Keep it on topic.
  5. He had no control of the car, different if he does it deliberately but no chance is that a penalty, racing incident nothing more
  6. Best race in ages and the stewards fuck it and punish in favour of the prick Hamilton
  7. Hope Solo is now my only reason for watching this guff
  8. I still don't understand why they can carry out an internal investigation on some that can seriously impact share price without announcing to the relevant parties. Thought that was a legal requirement. I smell shite wrt this 'investigation' nothing more than a delaying tactic from sliteyes I think.
  9. Still get paper tickets The world is going non plastic whether we like it or not,
  10. How can an opinion be a lie? It may be wrong I your opinion but can't be a lie. Tbh I think walker is overrated to fuck
  11. Listening to a person high up in visa, they are looking to do away with cards and just use phone apps, the senvironmental pitch being sold. Perhaps Rangers should do their CSR bit and look at phone app for ticketing to reduce waste. Cheers for the info btw
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