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  1. Very scary, too close to home for things like that to happen. Thankfully the fans will get back home to loved ones.
  2. Murty Talks About Cummings

    True, if you can't pontificate about your own abilities, no cunt else will
  3. Murty Talks About Cummings

    Cushy blawing his ain trumpet
  4. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Wonder if sviatchenko, or however the fuck you spell it, called Brenda personally to thank him for his career development. He's a wonderful, beautiful, human being...
  5. Paul Dumbert

    Cannae wait until his first incomprehensible interview. Cunt makes Forrest gump look intelligent
  6. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Fuck knows what is happening with quotes but... MURTY OOT!
  7. Cyrille Regis

    One of my favourite players growing up, RIP.
  8. Another excellent finish from Suarez.
  9. What a brilliant song
  10. Cracking match this, expect barca to come out flying and will be interesting to see if Sociedad can keep the pace up for the full 90
  11. Apparently Brazil has a growing Protestant population, ready made support
  12. Cracker, also up there with Rodney Wallace's goal v Dortmund.
  13. Alfredo Morelos

    Widnae be too sure about that
  14. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Disagree all tav had to do was step up, the rest of the defence had