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  1. No otherwise I would edited or deleted them, other posters called him out on it I thought it was funny to edit it . Sorry for upsetting you treacle
  2. Me because it was a stupid thing to write imo
  3. Wasnt him that edited it, left the posts that quoted him in.
  4. Like the majority of defences , especially Aberdeen's against the mhanky mob
  5. Did there not used to be a member on here called swally
  6. I have no idea, I would like to think so but doubt it.
  7. It is the usual, in football circles, 'Lenny' is a stand up guy, not sure if it just full of sycophants or they are scared to be called bigots for calling him out. I think it is the former
  8. Neil fucking lennon was his neighbour and appeared in his testimonial video. Barry Ferguson is a hand wringing cunt
  9. Wentworth world matchplay, Sandy Lyle beats Nick Faldo from 6 down after 18 holes. Scotland down by 31 - 0 to England at half time, only end u drawing as they lost a try in the last few minutes to tie 38-38
  10. Used to love superstars, by fuck could Geoff capes sprint for a very large man
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