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  1. I would like to congratulate the sellik team for beating Slovenia on Sunday, it must have been hard with only five players on the pitch. To the Scottish press, stick your sycophantic shite right up your arse. Cunts
  2. Reported! It's Zombie Sevco Oranj basturts
  3. Brown is a cheating, play acting cunt, did it v us now against that mob tonight, ok it was knee to the back of the leg but goes down as if shot, then within a minute stamps on someone
  4. It did indeed, possibly Coops best all round performance in a Rangers jersey
  5. I was in tears when Davie died, 39 years old, way too young. My favourite ever player bar none. I used to hate it when Davie got dropped from the starting eleven.
  6. Due a win over the Aussies
  7. Even MO'H joined in
  8. 30 Squillion pound striker has the first touch of a five year old, shocking.
  9. Should have been a booking forearm into back of the head
  10. Yup my plan too.
  11. That's because we were much too slow and easy to press, but you'll probably found these teams cup final is v us not the green n grey.
  12. What a strike that was. This is tge first non Rangers match I have watched with the tims in it. Diving and that new signing has done two things, both fouls.
  13. See Dembele falling over the ball looking for a penalty. Cheating cunts the lot of them.
  14. Excellent JS