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  1. You'll need to enlighten us, what goal celebration?
  2. To be fair he does look a bit wonky
  3. It is amazing that in a game that could or even should have had at least three celtic players sent off, Rangers has come out with more sfa charges
  4. Apparently , according to Clancy, he confirmed it was shown to Niko twice as he missed it the first time.
  5. Great goal but those are not one - twos, pedantic bastard
  6. He only fuckin' wants to score goals. Good luck young man
  7. The more worrying thing about the article is it gives the on line haters more fuel to the fire. Regardless of what good Alfie does he gets shit thrown at him. It keeps the myth going. Rangers need to comment and ban at least Leckie otherwise such opinion becomes fact.
  8. Just read it, totally out of order. Honestly the double standards with the prick are unbelievable.
  9. My favourite game at there's; Coop sent off, dawson sent off, Big Peter saves a penalty and Durrant has his first OF ( I think) never have I moved about after a penalty save or a goal scored. Started off at the back of the Rangers end ended up near the front , then in the middle just chaos n brilliant Fuck I miss standing at football
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