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  1. RangersPedia

    Badger would be the best one to ask. Jadams, allistera and Fog were all involved heavily but don't know if they still post here.
  2. RangersPedia

    I'd like to know how it was lost. Would have put money in myself if there was hosting costs. Went to try it one day and it was gone. Have asked the question a few times but never had an answer. They got it back up and running for a while a few years ago and then it was gone again.
  3. RangersPedia

    If they could get the original content hosted again it would give a great start to a new version.
  4. RangersPedia

    Used to be a regular on here a number of years ago. Didn't choose the name for it haha it was a fantastic resource and there was big plans to keep expanding it. I used the Chic Sharp spreadsheet to get facts for the players.
  5. RangersPedia

    I done the majority of the player pages, over 1000. All for nothing so it seems haha
  6. RangersPedia

    Any chance that the content for this can still be saved. Was a great resource which many including myself put hundreds of hours into but it was just left to vanish. I would try find time to add content but have kids now. Seems such a waste for it to disappear. Is Badger or Fog still about, they handled the hosting side of it?
  7. 'Rangerspedia.org' Website Now Online

    What's happened to the site? Put in hundreds of hours creating player pages. Hope it's not gone.
  8. 'Rangerspedia.org' Website Now Online

    Don't know mate. Can you do flag icons for Estonia and Namibia?
  9. 'Rangerspedia.org' Website Now Online

    Could do bits here and there. Just not got the time any more Need a recruitment drive.
  10. 'Rangerspedia.org' Website Now Online

    Stats now up to date
  11. 'Rangerspedia.org' Website Now Online

    I know mate. Needs to be a campaign to get people to help. I've just not got time these days and it's sad to see it falling behind.
  12. 'Rangerspedia.org' Website Now Online

    Good work getting it back up, think the same thing happened with domain name before. Did a couple of pages to get the ball rolling again. We could really do with a few keen bears to help out and get some of the backlog done.
  13. 'Rangerspedia.org' Website Now Online

    I'll update all the stats after today. Only the Lotte friendly has been done so a bit to do.
  14. 'Rangerspedia.org' Website Now Online

    Amazing work guys, starting to tidy up alot of the loose ends. So much stuff for us to write about. I'm looking to get started on all the former youths, trialists and other staff pages. Was thinking we could do a list on Ibrox page with all different parts of the stadium with pages for all the suites, boxee, stands, rooms and other parts of Ibrox.
  15. 'Rangerspedia.org' Website Now Online

    I will have a lot more time to do some work to it, me and the gf have had a mutual split after 6 years. Might have a go at the season pages.