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  1. Meaning his first point rendered his subsequent points invalid and irrelevant surely?
  2. Shit reply Joking mate. If you have no answer, you have no answer
  3. Okay, what do you call more than three?
  4. To me it looks like toe the line and you're in.
  5. I'm obviously much more cynical than you. Can you point me in the direction, regarding today's statements, where it's been stated the money is for lower leagues only?
  6. Another good post mate , however your over use of ellipsis would have your posts removed from another well known Rangers forum
  7. I'd imagine the wealthy friends are Hearts supporters, so I can understand them assisting their club. I don't get wealthy businessmen gifting to the SPFL in general. Doncaster is quoted as saying "The offer from James is an extremely generous one and we have committed to work together to quickly iron out the details and develop a concrete proposal which could make a significant difference to our 42 clubs." I may be cynical and be doing James Anderson a disservice, but "no such thing as a free lunch" springs to mind. Like your good self, I'd love to see the cabal exposed, whether it be by Hearts, Rangers or anyone else. My hope is that Rangers quote of “the status quo cannot hold” is based on an intent rather than an exasperation, otherwise Scottish Football is terminally ill.
  8. No attempt being made to hide the corruption. It's sickening.
  9. I'm full of crap bud. A couple of bottles of desporados and I'm anybody's
  10. I blame the heat and bevvy as well
  11. No offence mate, but WTF?
  12. I'm not sure if you are agreeing or challenging my point mate? . We've been nonetheless isolated in our quest for parity. It's time to push for transparency from a "big hitter" which we are.
  13. I doubt she could. One club ,and one club only, needs to lead the charge towards change and transparency,. Guess who! Rhetorical question obviously.
  14. And Rangers get the money.
  15. That makes sense. Maybe it depends on which VPN is being used. I've had no issues with Nord other than sometimes changing the country to get a better stream. I'd imagine there are many other southern based bears who pay for the full package to access the matches. If RTV block them they'll lose a fair chunk of income.
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