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  1. So is the general feeling the mulholland and co are generally improving our youth structure and players?
  2. I think vast majority know that the board is complicit in all this. If they don't get a manager to inspire the support or back them in summer with decent funds, watch the knives come out
  3. They are close to relegation. If you think silkeborg are a bigger attraction than rangers then you should give it up now
  4. FC Copenhagen yes, but if we were really in for a player, he wouldn't choose silkborg over us
  5. Doubtful, he went to some shitty club in Denmark
  6. I appreciate you maybe happy to accept small regurgitated sound bites from our manager however, we need guidance from the board. overinvestment was promised- it hasn't been delivered to a level reasonable enough to challenge, does the board intend to increase spending or stay stagnant next season? the board confirmed the scouting network as a priority. It appears non existent bar one man and his book- is that the boards intention or are we working on creating a 1st scouting network with numerous scouts? there was significant media speculation re:puma kits, issues with selling them, potential new kit supplier- address this, if only to tell us that puma is contracted and that's that. my overriding point is the fans demand clarity and the board promised it. At present, they have been silent most of season and their soundbites have not either been met or need readjustment given current playing squad
  7. No. transfers- I want to understand the club is actually going to provide a decent budget, how building of scouting network is going etc sponsorship- clarity on 32red, puma? investment- what's plan in light of no res 32 Rossiter- nerve comments not from MW, if fact he said the injury is private, so perhaps some clarity? Gilmour- how is negotiations going? An update is what I'm talking about not the same platitudes that have been rolled out for 6 months
  8. Does it need to be c1872? Or could it simply be the fans group put some questions to the board I q & a format?
  9. Whatever happened to transparency? Could the fans group not set up a sit down with Gilligan or one of the board to get some answers? They seem so reluctant to bother engaging the fans so can't we put it to them? I understand they can't talk about SD, but surely some understanding of pre-contracts, types of players we are looking at, share issue, investment update, sponsorship for next season, rossiter update, current loans and potential for extensions, billy gilmour update etc etc It's scary how little we know about the current going ons of our club despite this board spouting transparency and investment as two key reasons for being voted in We deserve to know where we are headed and if we should expect to be also rans for years to come
  10. no more signings will be coming in. no budget and more importantly warbs hates jim white day
  11. Jellybeans just put the kiss of death on that deal 😂😂 cant imagine us signing a guy of oforis potential when we appear not to have a pot to piss in
  12. Let's get this back on track. reece oxford, loan from west ham
  13. Sure does mate. Keep an eye on young Jamie mclaren up front for roar, former son of a hearts player and nephew of Ross mclaren who used to be on rangers books
  14. Let's get something straight, Matt McKay is not shit, he's an Australian international many times over ffs! I've watched him his whole career and he has excellent ability. In fact, his game is perfectly suited to the Scottish game. His downfall was that ally didn't play him. At all. Not sure why, but it wasn't anything to do with ability 👍
  15. Where you hearing this? He's absolute balls, we letting gilks go for him?