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  1. Can I just say something here.......................... Ya dancer! So relieved! Can move on now, great news! Well, we can mmove on but you know who will have plenty to say! I am looking forward to the snyde phone in tonight, 1st time I will have listened in years but I want to hear them frothing at the mouth! Great Banter! WATP
  2. Keep the game commentary coming guys as I am stuck in work today with not even radio commentary. Gutted to not watch it today but needed next weekend off for 1st league game at Ibrox and my brothers 21st!
  3. Aye, no bad.

    What a black last night.


  4. I am going to the boozer for this tonight, I still think we will lose 2-0 and the only hope we have is that Lithuania beat the Czechs.
  5. regardless of what happens now, we have been inept over both games. Shocking really. We are clueless in Europe once again.
  6. what is nicholsons entrance music normaally? CM punks theme is pretty awesome! He should use that!
  7. I was really into it, I had a feeling christian would finally do it and i was glad he did. Daniel Bryan should have cashed it in after orton destroyed him, that would have worked better than waiting til the tapings. Christian was completely out, a MITB winner would not have had it easier. Doesn;t make sense if you wanna make it realistic there was no better time to cash it in. But that really is a minor criticism as the show was brilliant overall, much better than destination X and usually I always prefer the TNA PPVs over WWEs efforts. Let's hope tonight was the start of great things to come from WWE.
  8. I think the way it has panned out has worked in christians favour, as long as he gets a decent run with the belt. I would like it to continue but now he has the upper hand he can continue to outsmart orton turning him crazier by the week. Christian could really get to him and it could turn into a major struggle for Randy to get the title back. It all depends on how they choose to book it. If done correctly they could make christian come out strong. Remember when edge 1st started winning titles he was always cheating to win, getting out with the skin of his teeth and it never hurt him in the long run. You smarks over think things too much
  9. noone seems to be impressed with the orton christian match, surprising. Even tyhough we have seen it a lot recently they did a great job and I thought it was great. I guess because I am still a huge christian mark I loved it.
  10. Loved it, best PPV in years. Thoroughly enjoyed it. the MITBs were entertaining, loved the christian ending! Spitting in someones face would make you lose it! the 3 RKO's keep Orton hot as hell. Let's hope for a longer reign for captain charisma. Cena really impressed me, they had a great match and he must have pushed to put punk over. That would have been worth £15 but we got it on sky sports!
  11. MVP used the playmaker as his finisher, a bit different from that. R Truth is great on the mic right now but he is a pretty poor wrestler.
  12. i have listened to his shoot interview in full, his old 1, that they took the piss out of, it was awesome! that is even better though. he rips hogan a new 1 haha
  13. Great theme! Also liked the "I don't suck" version, Angle was great as a shitebag heal!! Remember when he was feuding with austin, "You cant hurt me, little children love me, im an american hero!!"
  14. Christian and Orton at summerslam will probs be a TLC match making Christian favourite but Orton is the new super cena and he will not put over Christian Cleanly imo.
  15. We are goingto have to agree to disagree mate! For the record, I also think that PBF would win but he is the 1 refusing the fight, Pacman even agreed to the blood testing then mayweather changed his mind and wanted more tests closer to the fight. Mayweather is more scared of losing his unbeaten record than he is of Pacman, he aint fought in ages! The money they would both make would be incredible and it is going to be the worst decision boxing never makes if they never fight each other. Roach and Pacman have called out mayweather loads of times and there has been nothing in response. No doubt there are problems with top rank and golden boy but if both fighters wanted it, it would happen. I believe Pacman wants it, but not so sure about mayweather.
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