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  1. big letdown tonight

    What 3rd division or 2nd division team has a better squad than us? Infact, what 1st Division team has a better squad than us?
  2. Not amused at the lack of transfer activity!

    Perry, Hegarty, Emilson, Faure and McCulloch can all play centre half. More than enough cover. Should also be noted that Goian and Bocenegra and only away on loan and will be back next year should we need them.
  3. Not amused at the lack of transfer activity!

    We have spent more than enough and have a team that would be able to compete in the SPL. It's a chance to bring the youth through and develop them.
  4. Enough About This "Disallowed Goal"

    I think it was for a block on Alexander. The guy was just standing infront of him and it was never a foul. Got away with one
  5. I'll tell you what we are great at

    You're right, that very rarely happens. I said at the start of the season that there will be games that we will drop points, it was always going to happen For me, its the tactics and commitment showing by the players that is not acceptable. It's ok Ally coming out and slating the players after the game, but he has to take responsibilty and make sure we are up for a game like that. The only player who done his job today was Alexander and that says it all.
  6. I'll tell you what we are great at

    It's not about dropping points. McCoist's tactics have been woeful this season
  7. I'll tell you what we are great at

    We are good at punting the ball up the park to no one. I knew this would happen when we signed Kyle and Sandaza. Peterhead and Berwick play much better football than us and are not afraid to get the ball down and knock it about. Lucky to get a point today.
  8. What if Paul Le Guen.....

    He tried to change the style of play. Our players didn't buy in to it and it made him look like a rubbish manager. At Rangers, its all about winning. Some of the performances under PLG were good, but it wasn't enough and he was forced out. Teams like Swansea are proof that you can change the style of play and be successful. They play a spannish type game in a league where its all about pressure and being physical. If you stick with something long enough and get the right players in, it will work. We didn't have the funds nor the time to make it work under PLG. I just hope that we use this fresh start to build a team of footballers who are comfortable on the ball and will develop through the years. That is why we should be investing in youth. We will win the 3rd Divison and the 2nd division in the next 2 years, who cares if we lose 5-6 games in the process if it means the likes of Barrie McKay turns out to be special. No more players over 25, no more big lumps upfront. We have experience in McCulloch, Shiels, Sandaza etc that is enough. We should be cherry picking the best youth talent from the SPL and Division 1. There are some good players out there that would turn out great if giving the chance.
  9. Where else does Ally need to strengthen the squad?

    We are in the 3rd Division, we don't need to strengthen anywhere. The team we have at the moment would compete in the SPL. If we are signing anymore players, they should be 21 or under. This is the time to cherry pick the best young talent, offer them first team football and develop a team. The likes of Kyle, Emilson, McCulloch and Sandaza will get us out of division 3 and division 2, it's now time to start investing in the youth. Players like McKay, Hegarty, Cole, McLeod and Little are the future of Rangers, Lets get more of the same in the squad and rotate.
  10. Green Confirms Goian Set To Leave

    500k for a player who has a 300k release clause written into a contract that is about to be ripped up by Charles Green? Who is the idiot now?
  11. Green Confirms Goian Set To Leave

    We wont get any money. He will be terminated by mutual consent A player worth 300k in the SPL is one thing, but no-one is going to offer 300k (or anything for that matter) for a players we have to offload to survive. Even players like Naismith and Davis are worthless in the 3rd division.
  12. SFL vote Rangers into Division Three

    I fully expect Rangers to be back in the SPL in 3/4/5 years, but it's not going to be as easy as some people make out. When we get there we will not have a good enough squad to compete for titles, nor will we have the money to invest. Having players with the quality of Davis, Naismith, McGregor, Jelavic and Bocanegra will be a pipe dream. We will be joining a league with no money, no prospects and a poorer standard than it is just now. A successful season for most clubs will be if they can play all of their fixtures. Going to Division 3 has set our club back at least 10 years and that is if Scottish football survives. We have fans who think we will win the Challenge cup 3 years in a row and go unbeaten on our march back to the SPL. Then when we get into the SPL we will win it in our first season back.
  13. SFL vote Rangers into Division Three

    I take it you have no idea how this affects our club. As long as Scottish football dies (Which we are a part of) you will be happy.
  14. SFL vote Rangers into Division Three

    Some people are more concerned about how this affects the other clubs in Scotland, rather than how it affects Rangers. How can we afford to mantain Ibrox and Murray Park in the third division? How can we justify having all the staff we have? How can we afford Broadfoot, McCulloch, Goian etc wages? What about our sponsorship deals? Lack of TV money? We should be able to get through the leagues easily...But what if we don't manage it? Anyone thinking that Rangers will get 50,000 fans every other week is clearly deluded. This decision hurts the other SPL clubs but it hurts us as well. By the time we get back into the SPL, there might not to any teams left. This "sporting integrity" nonsense has just killed Scottish football.
  15. How to fuck up these players future

    All the contracts have been transferred or attempted to be transferred. Thats why they can walk away as they are not tied to the liqudated company and have not signed the new contract.