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  1. Stop being so sensible, you are supposed jump on the anti board bandwagon.
  2. I think its to be called the paedo parlour.
  3. Interesting development. tic toc Police are being called in to investigate allegations of corruption and cronyism at Scotland’s largest local authority. The Times has learnt that the executive director of land and environmental services at Glasgow city council has resigned from his £120,000-a-year position. Brian Devlin, who managed 4,000 staff and a budget of £500 million, had been suspended following an internal investigation into alleged “procurement irregularities” and other claims of misconduct. It is understood that Mr Devlin stood down before he could be confronted over the findings of a report into his conduct. However, the council now intends to pass on information it gathered during its investigation — and additional information — to Police Scotland.
  4. They are cheats and I never tire telling them this, their titles are stinking of the taint.
  5. Good statement.
  6. Should have had his ban increased for wasting time and money on an appeal.
  7. For anyone who missed it.
  8. The last week we’ve seen more heartbreaking stories from victims of historic child abuse within football. The scale of the issue appears to be worse than anyone thought possible with the NSPCC now expecting over 1000 victims to come forward (there were circa 350 people affected by the Saville scandal). In England the FA have responded quickly and admirably not only setting up an independent inquiry to investigate how this happened & how to prevent it happening again but also taking action to address concerns about the independence of their inquiry. The issue of independence of investigation is key as Greg Clarke of the FA has already stated publicly he believes his own organisation could have done more. Even with that knowledge they plan to expose the ugly truth of the situation & deal with it whatever that may mean. That’s not going to be an easy process but it’s the right thing to do not only for the victims but for any youngster playing the game now or in the future. Compare and contrast this with the SFA’s response who have barely uttered a word about the issue other than to say “we will co-operate with the police”. No independent Inquiry established, no attempt to reach out to victims and no leadership shown at all. It would be easy to dismiss this as typical SFA incompetence but the alarming facts which have emerged in the last week suggest it is something much more sinister. SFA youth coaches & employees have been named as alleged abusers Whistleblowers Ian McCallum & Ali McMaster have alleged they made the SFA aware of the issue years ago but were dismissed as troublemakers and forced from the game. Self-confessed paedophile Jim McCafferty was a close friend of the next SFA President Rod Petrie and was hired by him at Hibs in 2007 despite serious allegations hanging over him. The SFA’s failure to act is inexplicable unless you accept they are in fact a corrupt organisation with something very serious to hide. With the facts outlined above it is impossible to draw any other conclusion. All of Scottish football fans should be united on this issue and demand a fully independent inquiry into what went on at all clubs & our governing body over the last 35 years. If the SFA don’t have the integrity to act then the Government must force their hand and hold an inquiry themselves as has been suggested by leading English politicians today. I wrote last week that anything less than an independent inquiry would be shameful, given what we know now it may even be criminal.
  9. post 28 onwards
  10. I see celtic kit man rumours beginning to surface over on ff, story supposed to break in the Record in the next few days.
  11. Here we go. Mark Daly ‏@BBCMarkDaly 16m16 minutes ago Major story on football child sex abuse in Scotland coming up from our investigations team from 5pm.
  12. 4 year deal now being reported.
  13. jellybeans over on ff saying Dodoo has signed, no details yet.