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  1. That will be the FARE observer.
  2. Eamonn Sweeney: 'Toxic culture facilitated abuse' Football's child sex abuse scandal means we will never be able to look at the game in the same way again. Geoff Hurst won't just be the only man to score a hat-trick in a World Cup final. He'll also be the man who refused, despite several requests, to answer questions from an inquiry into the abuse perpetrated by Eddie Heath. Heath was a former youth coach with Chelsea sacked by then-manager Hurst under circumstances which remain unclear. celtic won't just be the first British club to win the European Cup. It'll also be the club which refused to take responsibility for child molestation at celtic Boys Club on the technically correct but morally flimsy grounds that this was a feeder club rather than an official part of the senior set-up. Dario Gradi will no longer be regarded as one of the game's great coaches of young players. He'll go down in history as the man who stood by and did nothing even though he knew what Heath was doing to teenage boys at Chelsea when Gradi was assistant manager. The 1970s and '80s can't be regarded any more as a kind of golden age, a more innocent time before the influx of big money changed the game forever. They were a dark age when sexual abuse ran rife in the game and was enabled to do so by a toxic combination of indifference and ignorance. This story is just beginning. It's less than three years since former Crewe defender Andy Woodward went public about the abuse inflicted upon him at the club by a coach, Barry Bennell. After that it was as though a dam had burst. Victims who'd long kept silent were emboldened to come forward by Woodward's disclosures. The Oscar-winning movie Spotlight, about child sex abuse in the archdiocese of Boston, perfectly captured the way in which these scandals escalate. At the beginning the reporters believe they're merely documenting the misdeeds of a handful of bad apples, by the end they've uncovered a problem of such enormous proportions it seems systemic. We are very early in the days of football's reckoning with child abuse. There will be many more terrible things heard and many more clubs implicated. It is to Chelsea's credit that they did at least commission the enquiry which last week reported on Heath's offences at the club. That inquiry, led by Charles Geekie QC, involved a 17-strong legal team which conducted 139 interviews, dealt with eight police forces and took two and a half years to complete their work. Last week a statement from the club said: "The board wishes to thank all the survivors and witnesses who came forward to assist the reviews and the club apologises unreservedly for the terrible past experiences of our former players." That's the kind of apology celtic should make, according to clinical psychologist Dr John Marshall who gave evidence at last year's trial of Jim Torbett, one of four former celtic Boys Club coaches to be convicted of child abuse. celtic, says Dr Marshall, should "be open and transparent in a similar way to Chelsea. They have to acknowledge what the victims have gone through and the impact on them and thoroughly investigate like Chelsea did." Marshall has described celtic's response to the cases as "abysmal," while Patrick McGuire, the solicitor for many of the victims, says the club's denial of responsibility is "a stance that is hideously cruel to the survivors, insults the intelligence of every fan and the public and is a stain on the reputation of an institution set up with egalitarian aims at its heart." In contrast to Chelsea's inquiry, there is little transparency about the one currently being carried out by celtic. McGuire says that in the two years since it began none of his clients have been contacted in connection with it. Sadly there is still a coterie of celtic fans who persist in treating the scandal as some kind of conspiracy against the club. They defend the club's legalistic refusal of any responsibility though the Boys Club status as nursery club for the senior side is well known. Among other things, the two clubs shared a common child protection policy, entitled 'Aware and Confident'. celtic's defenders remind me of the Irish-American politicians who defended Cardinal Law of Boston's handling of child abuse in the diocese on the grounds that the media had it in for the Catholic Church. This stuff does not age well. Some things are more important than the eternal round of sectarian Scottish shit-kicking. Such reactions are not confined to celtic fans. Adam Breeze, a Crewe fan for 38 years who stopped supporting the club due to its response to the Bennell case, described how he was "accused of being a fake fan and worse by supporters who cannot countenance their club ever doing wrong. I believe the majority of Crewe fans are decent, fair-minded folk who want the truth, but there is a sizable faction who think every journalist is out to get them and every article is fake news." The attitude of that minority is rooted in their affection for Dario Gradi, Crewe manager for almost 30 years, who brought Bennell to the club and has been accused of turning a blind eye to his proclivities. These allegations led to Gradi being suspended from football by the FA in November 2016, yet he remains Director of Football at Crewe. The moral bankruptcy of this decision has now been further underlined by the findings of the inquiry at Chelsea. Because if there is a smoking gun in the report it is the finding that "Mr Gradi is the single example of a clear account of an adult in a position of responsibility being informed about an allegation in relation to Mr Heath. The complaint was not referred to more senior members of the club and an opportunity to prevent Mr Heath going on to abuse others was lost." That refers to a complaint in the early 1970s by a father whose son had been sexually assaulted in the showers by Heath. Gradi's reaction was to go to the child's parents because he didn't want the matter to go any further. "I'd got no intention of getting Eddie Heath into trouble," he recalled to the inquiry, "I don't remember being horrified by it. To be quite honest I think I would have tried to stand up for Eddie Heath a bit." The boy's father remembers that in their meeting, "Gradi was defending what had happened." Gradi told the enquiry, "the boy was blaming the sexual stuff going against him as a footballer." Gradi is a figure of considerable standing within football, an MBE, a member of the English Football Hall of Fame, a winner of a PFA Merit Award and an award for Outstanding Contribution to League Football. There is even a street in Crewe, Dario Gradi Drive, named after him. This standing rested largely on his reputation as a nurturer of young talent. Yet it is now clear that he should have never been put in a position where he had responsibility for teenage boys. Many more reputations will have to be re-evaluated before the whole truth about football and sexual abuse comes out. FA chairman Greg Clarke is not exaggerating when he describes it as the biggest crisis to hit the game. His observation that "All the organisations in the old days used to protect themselves by keeping quiet and closing ranks. That's completely inappropriate and unacceptable today," is apposite. In the past the football authorities have been part of the problem. Ian Ackley, who was abused by a coach connected with Manchester City and spoke about it in a Channel 4 documentary as long ago as 1997, said the Association had been "dismissive" when his father had written to them about child protection deficiencies within the game back then. This was a problem no-one wanted to face up to. And, just as the secretive and hierarchical nature of the Catholic Church facilitated the cover-up of abuse within its ranks, something about football clubs may have helped Bennell, Heath and Torbett to operate with impunity. The game's cult of machismo must have made it more difficult for victims to admit to something they felt would be regarded as shameful. The code of omerta which prevails at clubs would also have militated against exposure of the culprits. That coaches had the power to make and break the careers of the boys in their charge must have been a godsend to abusers. So must a tolerance of bullying unusual in most other walks of life. Last week also saw the publication of a report Chelsea commissioned from Barnardos which revealed that in the 1980s and '90s racial abuse of young players had been commonplace. It was a rotten culture exploited by the very rottenest of men. There are no partisan conclusions to be drawn because there are probably few clubs unaffected at some level. Ireland has not escaped the scourge. Rugby and Gaelic games also have their tragic tales of abusers allowed free rein for far too long. This is the saddest sporting story of all. But it cannot be ignored. When football's future histories are written Andy Woodward should have a prominent place. He has done the game some service.
  3. https://edm.parliament.uk/early-day-motion/53196/abuse-at-celtic-boys-club ABUSE AT celtic BOYS CLUB EDM #2652 Share Tabled 24 July 2019 2017-19 Session That this House notes the persistent calls for an inquiry into claims that young boys were abused at celtic Boys Club over a number of years; acknowledges that several men have been convicted for sex offences while working at the Boys Club; and supports the calls made in recent weeks for celtic FC to follow clubs such as Manchester City and agree that an inquiry would be a suitable if long overdue attempt to bring some form of closure to survivors. Signatures (2) Supporters (2) Withdrawn Signatures (0) The first 6 Members who have signed to support the motion are the sponsors. The primary sponsor is generally the person who tabled the motion and has responsibility for it. The date shown is when the Member signed the motion. 1 Campbell, Mr Gregory Democratic Unionist Party 24 July 2019 Primary 2 Shannon, Jim Democratic Unionist Party
  4. Lifted this from ff https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/celtic-boys-club-player-abused-during-us-tour-ddhn0hv52 celtic Boys Club player ‘abused during US tour’ Marc Horne July 26 2019, 12:01am, The Times Parkhead officials allegedly tried to suppress the claims of a sex attack Parkhead officials allegedly tried to suppress the claims of a sex attack LEE SMITH/REUTERS Share Save Detectives in the United States have launched an investigation into an alleged sex attack on a celtic Boys Club player that former Parkhead bosses are said to have attempted to suppress. Frank Cairney, a former manager of the boys club and a serial paedophile, was jailed in February for preying on vulnerable young players in his care. Jack McGinn, the former celtic FC chairman, has admitted he was told that Cairney had abused a teenager on a tour to New Jersey in summer 1991, 30 years before he was brought to justice. It prompted Mr McGinn, who became president of the Scottish FA, to convene a meeting at Parkhead where he accepted Cairney’s resignation. Mr McGinn’s involvement appears at odds with celtic FC’s insistence that the club is an “entirely separate organisation” not legally culpable for the abuse. He claims that he urged boys club officials to alert police but they did not, allowing Cairney to walk free. “Pressure of work” was cited as the reason for his sudden departure. Mr McGinn, 86, spoke out after US police confirmed they were investigating the incident in 1991 after receiving fresh information. George King, chief of police for Kearny, New Jersey, said: “The Kearny police department detective bureau is reviewing this information and is in consultation with the Hudson County prosecutors office.” Cairney led a party of 20 teenagers and five adults who were based in the town during a visit to mark the 25th anniversary of the boys club. Jim McNally, a former boys’ club official, contacted celtic FC looking for help after being made aware of the abuse claims in New Jersey. On his return, he went to celtic Park where he claimed Mr McGinn showed him a copy of Cairney’s resignation letter, which suggested a promotion at Cairney’s day job had left him unable to continue. Asked this week by The Times if it was an accurate summary of the meeting and the contents of the letter Mr McGinn said: “After a fashion. It could be or it could be vaguely different.” Four men who held senior roles with celtic Boys Club have been convicted for abusing dozens of children over three decades. While expressing “regret and sorrow” for the victims, celtic FC insists it is not legally responsible. Mr McGinn supports celtic’s position that it is a separate body, despite his intervention and prominent role in Cairney’s departure. “The celtic Boys Club people spoke to me for advice because they are a separate, autonomous body,” he said. “My advice was to take the matter to the police.” He added: “In actual fact the resignation came of [Cairney’s] own will.” The Times understands that police in Scotland were never informed. celtic FC, which is conducting an internal investigation into abuse within the boys’ club, did not respond to a request for comment. Behind the story Frank Cairney had a treat up his sleeve for the 25th anniversary of celtic Boys Club: he would take 20 players for a summer of sport and American hospitality in Kearny, a town in New Jersey with Scottish and Irish links. “Roll on June!”, he wrote in his column in celtic View, the official newspaper of celtic FC, in 1991. Just before their flight home a 16-year-old player told his host family, Pat and Diane Brannigan, that Cairney had sexually assaulted him in the basement of their home. Outraged, they called the police and a lawyer. Jim McNally, a boys’ club official on the trip, was advised that the boy would be taken into protective custody if he made a formal complaint. He phoned celtic FC for assistance and says he was told that the parents were happy to leave the matter in the club’s hands on the condition that Cairney was removed. Mr McNally claims that Jack McGinn, the celtic FC chairman, showed him a copy of Cairney’s resignation letter. Twenty-eight years later Cairney was jailed for abusing boys.
  5. Hollicom are getting everything they can deleted from internet cover up in full swing now. Michelle Gray and 2 others liked Andrew Grays Mum @HeleneG46816352 Strange this article is now unavailable online? Thankfully we have a copy of it @CelticFC @HollicomPR @ScottishFA @scotgov 5 Men. 5 Decades. 1 Club #CelticBoysClub Jim Tor Michelle Gray and 2 others liked Andrew Grays Mum @HeleneG46816352 Strange this article is now unavailable online? Thankfully we have a copy of it @CelticFC @HollicomPR @ScottishFA @scotgov 5 Men. 5 Decades. 1 Club #CelticBoysClub Jim Torbett Frank Cairney Jim McCafferty Gerry King John Cullen The BIGGEST cover up of CSA in WORLD SPORT! 2:03 PM · Jul 20, 2019 · Twitter for iPhone bett Frank Cairney Jim McCafferty Gerry King John Cullen The BIGGEST cover up of CSA in WORLD SPORT! 2:03 PM · Jul 20, 2019 · Twitter for iPhone
  6. Cairney fails in attempt to get out of jail again, filthy bheast. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/4499428/celtic-boys-club-frank-cairney-freedom-rejected/?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1563448247 celtic Boys Club beast Frank Cairney had his second bid to be released from jail kicked out of court. The disgraced ex-coach had applied for bail while he challenges his conviction for preying on lads in the 1980s. Lawyers acting for the 84-year-old told the Appeal Court in Edinburgh that “Cairney’s heart problems meant that he was not a flight risk.” At a brief hearing at the Court of Session his lawyer said: “Mr Cairney suffers with heart problems and these ongoing issues mean he isn’t a flight risk. “Also, the risk of him reoffending is low. These offences are historical and took place some time ago. “He does have a fixed address and in relation to one of the victims who gave evidence its now came to light to this person has a conviction for dishonesty. “We don’t know to what extent this person's evidence was used as corroboration for the others.” Cairney was convicted of sickening attacks on young boys while running St Columba's Boys Guild in Viewpark, Lanarkshire, and the under-16 team at celtic BC. He was convicted of nine offences against eight boys in his care. Appeal Judge Lord Turnbull took just minutes to reject the application. He said “Mr Cairney was convicted on indictment as liable to nasty charges which also involved a breach of trust. The trial sheriff took all these matters into account at the time of sentencing. “I have to consider a number of factors when considering whether to liberate him from custody including the very serious nature of the offences. “I’m satisfied the application should not be granted and I therefore reject it.”
  7. Its a disgrace how they are being treated by the SNP govt they are just being blanked altogether when they should be given assurances that there will be a full independent inquiry on completion of investigations. I have seen with my own eyes the effect that stress can have on peoples health the SNP better watch out or they could end up with blood on their hands.
  8. John@TheWestEnclosure@watt_john Replying to @BOSkelper @RedBrickz26 Release of SFA report will not be end of August as promised but next year,2 more historic abuse in football cases still to be heard.celtic victims been told get ready to go to court very soon,which contradicts my original thoughts that they would settle.
  9. Lifted this from a ff poster. Got this response from Brian Whittle MSP Waiting on a few others Thank you for writing to me with your concerns surrounding historical child abuse within Scottish football. The reports that have emerged in recent years are extremely distressing, and while it is welcome that Jim Torbett and others have been convicted for their depraved acts, this issue clearly goes wider. Any further allegations of criminality must be swiftly investigated by the police so that further criminal proceedings can be brought where necessary. The Scottish Football Association’s Chief Executive has apologised to those young people who suffered sexual abuse in football and I think he was right to do so. The Independent Review of Sexual Abuse in Scottish Football commissioned by the SFA found child protection policies at all levels were and still are not fit for purpose. The report has made a number of recommendations to address this and I believe they should be implemented as soon as possible. It is vital that we in Parliament play our part in holding the SFA and other bodies to account on this. Further to this, my colleague Adam Tomkins, MSP for Glasgow, has written to Ian Maxwell, chief executive of the SFA and to Peter Lawwell, chief executive of celtic FC to seek urgent meetings on this subject. Through a series of criminal trials, we now know something of the scale of the abuse committed by a number of the men associated with celtic boys’ club. What we do not know is what celtic FC knew about these offences and when they knew it. These questions must now be independently and fully investigated and, if necessary, a compensation scheme should be established such as that set up earlier this year by Manchester City FC. It is clear that victims of child abuse in football have been let down, and I very much hope Police Scotland, clubs and the SFA will give them the closure they need and the justice they deserve. Please be assured the Scottish Conservatives will closely monitor developments on this matter over the coming weeks and months. Thank you once again for taking the time to contact me. Yours sincerely, Brian Whittle MSP
  10. Keep your mouth shut about celtics child abuse or we we will find a way to punish you is the message.
  11. More victims of McCafferty have come forward, raising the prospect of further convictions for the beast 10:33 AM · May 28, 2019 · Twitter for iPhone
  12. Nothing Less Than Judicial Inquiry Will Do Judicial inquiry definition - A formal legal investigation conducted into a matter of public concern by a judge, appointed by the Government. Back in the mid 90’s, when Billy McNeill stated under oath in a court of law that “It was an open secret at Parkhead”, it was also fast becoming an open secret on the football terraces around Scotland. For over 20 years now, ordinary fans of our beautiful game the length and breadth of the country have been demanding that the relevant authorities take action with regards to the sexual abuse of children in the care of celtic FC. Shamefully, and until this day, requests to the Scottish Football Association to carry out the proper investigation required against one of their member clubs has been completely ignored. In the name of ‘sporting integrity’, this lack of action from the SFA is inexcusable. Latterly, similar requests to Police Scotland and their predecessor (Strathclyde Police) were also met with reluctance to get involved. When Jim Torbett was first tried in 1998, Hugh Birt (former celtic Boys Club Chairman) revealed in court that he had attempted to block Torbett’s return to the club in 1980 by reminding the then celtic FC board of Directors of the sexual abuse previously carried out by Torbett (between 1967-74), behaviour which led him to being kicked out of the Boys Club by the then celtic FC board of Directors and club Manager Jock Stein. Torbett’s criminal activity, which occurred between 1967-74 was never disclosed to the police by those in charge at celtic. In 1995, a celtic fan by the name of Gerry McSherry was given a list of 14 active paedophiles at celtic FC and celtic Boys Club by Hugh Birt who was by then so sickened by the continued cover up at celtic FC. Mr McSherry presented this information to Strathclyde Police who in turn only arrested 2 individuals, Jim Torbett & Frank Cairney. It took the bravery of several professional football players in England speaking out in November 2016 on the sexual abuse that they had suffered in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s to finally spur Police Scotland and the SFA to start taking complaints seriously. This, largely being down to the fact that it was fast becoming clear that there were many links between celtic FC and paedophile activity in English football. To date, the following 6 paedophiles connected to celtic FC have been convicted of sexual abuse of children in their care: Jim Torbett - (celtic Boys Club) John Cullen - (celtic FC) Neil Strachan - (celtic East Boys Club – Edinburgh) Jim McCafferty - (celtic FC) Gerald King - (celtic Boys Club) Frank Cairney - (celtic Boys Club) The further recent revelation that Jim McCafferty confessed to Belfast Live in 2016 that John Hughes (former celtic FC football player 1995-96) had also indulged in the sexual abuse of children during his time as Manger of Hibernian FC (1996-2000) makes you wonder just who was on that list of 14 names handed over and how many more lives may not now lie in ruins if the police had taken the necessary action at the time. It is no surprise to those that have been calling on action for decades that the sexual abuse of children at celtic FC and celtic Boys Club, which included sexual assault on celtic FC’s premises by celtic FC employees and others, is now being classed as a ‘paedophile ring’ and further investigations are ongoing into cross-border sex trafficking crimes between those paedophiles connected with celtic FC and Barry Bennell at Crewe and Bob Higgins at Southampton. What is equally frightening and disgusting is the growing list of people in positions of power at celtic FC who knew of the ongoing sexual abuse of children at the club yet refused to take the correct and moral action of reporting these crimes to the police. Robert Kelly - Chairman Desmond White - Chairman Jack McGinn - Chairman Kevin Kelly - Chairman Fergus McCann - Chairman Jock Stein - Manager Billy McNeill - Manager Liam Brady - Manager Lou Macari - Manager Tommy Burns - Manager All of the above people knew what was going on. Billy McNeill admitted it was an ‘open secret’ and Jock Stein instructed others to ‘keep the name of the club clean’. Why have the police at the very least never investigated these people? Every one of them still living should currently be facing charges of failing to report the systematic sexual abuse of children to the authorities. They have knowingly aided and abetted the continued sexual abuse of children. The Scottish mainstream media have also failed to act responsibly in this whole sorry mess. There has been a distinct reluctance in the media to firstly investigate the issue to the degree required and secondly, rather than do the job they are paid to do, some journalists(?) like Neil Cameron find the bizarre need to make crass comments accusing victim’s families of “exploiting the situation for financial gain”. The utterly repulsive Graham Spiers further suggests that football fans speaking out against the sexual abuse of children are only doing so in an attempt at “point scoring against celtic”. Such is Spiers’ media history of defending paedophiles, he may well soon be receiving a knock on the door from East Ayrshire Social Services department given the increasing concern he generates over the wellbeing of his children. If the media in Scotland had been doing their job properly your average member of the public wouldn’t have needed to campaign for over 2 decades for action to be taken. The media inaction has also facilitated the ongoing needless continued abuse of children in what is now widely regarded as the greatest sporting scandal in European (if not world) history. The Scottish Government have fared no better. The SNP, who have long coveted the Catholic/Republican vote in Scotland in an effort to boost their failing drive for independence at all costs have absolutely no desire to get involved in the celtic FC scandal as it is not in their best interests. That they would rather strive for independence than investigate a decades long known paedophile ring in Scottish football with links to sex trafficking across the UK tells you all you need to know of that party and their lack of scruples. The only way to reach full closure on the sordid history of celtic FC is for a full judicial inquiry into the paedophile ring that has been operating in and around celtic FC for the last 40 years. The truth needs to come out on the scale of the operation and who at celtic FC knew about it yet decided to cover it up. All individuals (still living) identified as covering up these abhorrent crimes should face criminal prosecution for their inaction. On completion of such an inquiry, the SFA, in the interests of sporting integrity, should impose suitable punitive measures against celtic FC. If the SFA are unwilling to do so then UEFA must step in and impose the required punishments on both celtic FC and the SFA. Nothing less will do. https://www.vanguardbears.co.uk/article.php?i=267&a=nothing-less-than-judicial-inquiry-will-do
  13. Even better they had hope right up to the penalty shoot out. Great to see their tears and pain may it happen again next year again.
  14. John Halley Advocate @AdvocateHalley I'm concerned that adverse news stories appear to be closed down in Scotland. The Scottish Govt's media advisers work hard at this all day, every day, at great cost to the public purse. Quote Tweet Michelle Gray @michellegray75 · 2h Replying to @AdvocateHalley and @IanKenn63047685 Exactly. I’m also astounded that this hasn’t been reported within the main stream media in Scotland....
  15. Picked this up from ff. celtic Football Club have refused to sever business links with child molester Jim Torbett. The club are still awarding lucrative contracts to Torbett's merchandising firm despite his conviction for assaulting young footballers. Officials promised to review commercial links with millionaire Torbett - who founded celtic Boys' Club - after he was jailed five months ago. But his company, The Trophy Centre, continue to supply official club merchandise, including clothing, scarves and mugs. One of his victims yesterday bitterly criticised the club for continuing to put money into Torbett's pocket. James McGrory, now 44, was one of three boys molested by Torbett, who was jailed for two years in November. Mr McGrory's lawyers have written to celtic to express his horror. Solicitor Iain Cochrane said: "Mr McGrory was surprised and distressed to discover celtic's continuing business relationship. "This was particularly surprising given the club's public comments at the time of the conviction." Mr Cochrane said the replies from Parkhead had been high-handed and dismissive and the club refused even to confirm that Torbett's company were still winning contracts. Company secretary Heather Barton merely insisted the club always acted "in the best interests of supporters". Torbett, 51, was jailed for molesting three young celtic Boys' Club players. Sheriff Margaret Gimblett told him: "These children were football mad with stars in their eyes. "You knew that and betrayed that trust. There can be no hiding place for people who abuse children." Torbett's abuse was exposed in a series of award-winning Daily Record articles in August 1996. He used his position as coach to abuse the boys, including Alan Brazil who went on to play for Scotland. Records at Companies House, in Edinburgh, reveal Torbett remains a director and principal shareholder of The Trophy Centre. Staff from the firm supported Torbett during his trial and Sheriff Gimblett revealed that only the testimonials they wrote on his behalf saved him from a longer sentence. Yesterday, Trophy Centre director Gerry McAleer confirmed the company continued to supply celtic but claimed not to know Torbett's status with the firm. COPYRIGHT 1999 Scottish Daily Record & Sunday This same Heather Barton is still in place at the SFA protecting bheast interests ? Heather Anne Barton Director Summary Heather Anne Barton has 9 company director or secretary appointments. Short name - Heather Barton Director ID : 906964132 Year of Birth: 1967 Company Summary Company Name Company Status THE SCOTTISH FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION MUSEUM TRUST Active HAMPDEN PARK LIMITED Active THE celtic FOOTBALL AND ATHLETIC COMPANY LIMITED Active (Company Secretary Resigned 31/12/1999) celtic PLC Active (Company Secretary Resigned 31/12/1999) celtic F.C. DEVELOPMENT FUND LIMITED Active (Company Secretary Resigned 31/12/1999) celtic DEVELOPMENT POOLS LIMITED Active (Company Secretary Resigned 31/12/1999) GLASGOW EASTERN DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED Active (Company Secretary Resigned 31/12/1999) PROTECTEVENT LIMITED Active (Company Secretary Resigned 31/12/1999) SCOTBALL TRAVEL AND LEISURE LIMITED Dissolved
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