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  1. Each and every celtic fan in is complicit in the cover up of child abuse they have no shame.
  2. Jonok

    Club Statement

    I hope Murty stays on as under 20's coach he doesn't deserve to be sacked for stepping up to the plate when the board asked him to, he was never experienced or qualified enough to take on the managers job but he still gave it his best shot which sadly for everyone just wasn't good enough. The buck stops with the board who put him in that position when its their responsibility to be ready for any managerial situation that arises.
  3. Urgent message to his mum and dad, we need more kids start working on it.
  4. Jonok

    Desmond v Daly

    Just seen this on BBC site I dont know if this spat is stage managed or genuine. BBC Scotland's investigations into the tax arrangements of a company at the time it was owned by Irish billionaire Dermot Desmond were sparked by the leaked documents known as the Paradise Papers. It appeared that Mr Desmond, the largest shareholder in celtic FC, had owned an exclusive private jet company that used an offshore tax haven to avoid taxes. The BBC wrote to Mr Desmond five times but he failed to respond to any written inquiries. Media captionDermot Desmond questioned outside celtic Park So BBC Scotland's Mark Daly approached him outside celtic Park on Tuesday last week, ahead of the celtic v Bayern Munich Champions League match. Mr Desmond said it was "absolutely wrong" to suggest the Isle of Man Execujet company was a tax avoidance vehicle. The next day he sent a letter to the BBC: Here is the full text: Dear Mr Daly, Are you a Rangers supporter? You ambushed me last night on the way to a celtic game in the company of my family and friends. This was unwarranted and showed no respect for my privacy. I have not previously responded to your ill-informed questions. However, as I informed you last night, during my period of majority ownership, Execujet was tax and regulatory compliant in all jurisdictions it operated in; nor was it under any investigation. There are good operational reasons for having a presence in the Isle of Man and many international companies do so. Similarly, my aircraft arrangements and my shareholding in Rietumu are fully tax and regulatory compliant. Any allegation to the contrary is a lie. It is part of due diligence criteria for all my investments that they are tax and regulatory compliant. You are trying to create something that does not exist. If you choose to publicly state that my investments are not tax and regulatory compliant or make any other untrue allegation about me whether by innuendo or otherwise, I will take action against the BBC and against you personally in both Scotland and Ireland for defamation and breach of privacy. If you broadcast the video footage taken by your camera crew last night, I request that you broadcast it in full along with the entire contents of this letter. I also put you on notice not to delete or edit any of the video footage, as this will be required for court purposes. Yours sincerely, Dermot F Desmond The papers are a huge batch of leaked documents mostly from offshore law firm Appleby, along with corporate registries in 19 tax jurisdictions, which reveal the financial dealings of politicians, celebrities, corporate giants and business leaders. The 13.4 million records were passed to German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung and then shared with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). Panorama has led research for the BBC as part of a global investigation involving nearly 100 other media organisations, including the Guardian, in 67 countries. The BBC does not know the identity of the source. Paradise Papers: Full coverage; follow reaction on Twitter using #ParadisePapers; in the BBC News app, follow the tag "Paradise Papers"
  5. Jonok

    The problem is pure and simply financial

    The manager needs the tools for the job we need hefty investment to bridge the gap.
  6. Jonok

    Pedro's refwatch

    http://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/teams/Rangers/Rangers-manager-pedro-caixinha-to-compile-dossier-on-refs-1-4567685 Rangers manager Pedro Caixinha has revealed that he is putting Scotland’s 
referees under special scrutiny. The Portuguese has begun compiling a 
dossier on dodgy decisions which he claims have 
gone against his team this season. Caixinha says that Rangers have already been on the receiving end of too many bad calls from officials and his comments will put the spotlight on Craig Thomson, who will be in charge of the derby against celtic at Ibrox today. The Rangers manager wants to put to find out whether decisions really do even themselves out over the course of a season. “I am going to do like an account list for and against [with referees],” Caixinha said. “Normally, when things are regular, by the end 
everything is balanced. I just want to understand and see how things are going to be.” The Ibrox boss was particularly irked by Hibernian’s 3-2 victory at Ibrox earlier in the season when referee John Beaton dismissed Ryan Jack but elected not to show a red card to visiting striker Anthony Stokes during a first-half fracas. “After Hibs… it was really too much,” Caixinha said
  7. Jonok

    SPFL statement

    Doncasters a dick and needs booted out.
  8. I know m8 thats why I refuse to subscribe to either bt or sky its Rangers tv only for me.
  9. Sky to stream midweek English Football League games after new £600m TV deal ffs . shitty wee clubs are getting funded way more than we are. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41239042
  10. Tony Blair became "obsessed" with creating a British football league as a way of bringing the UK together, the former prime minister has revealed. Mr Blair said he believed merging the Scottish and English leagues would strengthen the bonds between the two nations after devolution. But he said a British national football team would have been a "step too far" http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-41201279 I agree with him and also think there should be a public holiday celebrating the union.
  11. Jonok

    Fight Fire With Fire

    Donate to VB they have the required fighting spirit
  12. Jonok

    Fight Fire With Fire

    I will have to disagree with you here pal, our club has been under heavy attack for years now, the damage has been huge to us. The silent approach doesn't work so I agree with the op fight fire with fire and with the child abuse enabling we have a fucking flame thrower in our hands lets roast the smelly cunts.
  13. Jonok

    Fight Fire With Fire

    Nope! a sporting institution enabling child abuse should never be insignificant.
  14. Jonok

    "Just Another Saturday"