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  1. The Hag on child abuse re Cliff Richard https://www.heraldscotland.com/opinion/16369918.angela-haggerty-congratulations-sir-cliff-youve-just-done-sex-offenders-a-big-favour/ We know that men, women and children often tell nobody of their experiences, for years sometimes, because the trauma is so incredibly disabling. We know from those who’ve gone through the criminal justice system in a bid to find justice that it can be a gruelling experience. And we also know that the perpetrators of these crimes are particularly dangerous people: these are generally not one-off incidents, and one offender can harm many victims in their lifetime Something else we know is that false accusations are relatively rare in comparison to the number of real sexual offences, and yet we spend so much time talking about it. Ultimately, the lay of the land when it comes to these crimes is that offenders already have better chances of getting away with it than victims do of ever even getting close to justice The Hag on celtic child abuse nothing
  2. Jonok

    Lack of Real Quality

    Agreed, we had nobody good enough to grab the game by the scruff of the neck and make things happen.
  3. A former manager of celtic Boys Club watched young players as they showered – then grabbed them after for “play fights”, a court has heard. Frank Cairney, 83, was manager of the under-16 team who trained at Barrowfield near Parkhead, Glasgow. Cairney, of Viewpark, Lanarkshire, is on trial at Hamilton Sheriff Court and denies 10 charges of sexually abusing boys as young as 12 between 1965 and 1986 in Glasgow and Lanarkshire. An ex-youth player, 48, who was at celtic Boys Club in 1982, said Cairney had an office beside the showers, adding: “He’d be watching us. You never really thought about it because other boys were there but looking back it probably wasn’t right. “He would be starting play fights with you, touching and grabbing you, and then your towel would come down and you would be naked, so you were trying to get away from him. I feel a wee bit disgusted thinking about it. “They would happen all the time and everybody treated it as a joke but looking back it wasn’t. I should’ve told somebody but I was scared nobody would believe me.” The man, who can’t be named for legal reasons, told the court Cairney put his hand on his thigh while alone in a car when he was 16. He said: “We’d be sitting talking and it depended on how long he wanted you to stay for. That’s how controlling he was. “One time, he put his hand on my upper thigh and I was pretty scared because I didn’t know what was going to happen if I didn’t stop him. “I pushed my bag on my leg down so he couldn’t move his hand any more because I thought he was going for my genitals.” The trial had earlier heard Cairney ran the St Columba’s Boys Guild in Viewpark before he left to train celtic Boys Club kids. He was known to have links with legendary boss Jock Stein and adopted training methods dubbed “the celtic way”. The court heard he was known as the Jock Stein of Viewpark. A 64-year-old man told the court he encountered Cairney between 1968 and 1970. He said: “He told me he thought I would make a good boxer and asked me to take a few body shots at him so I did but he said I had winded him and told me to rub him but he tried to put my hand towards his crotch. I pulled away and he acted like nothing had happened.” Another 64-year-old man said a “golden rule” was to avoid being on your own with Cairney. He added Cairney left St Columba’s for celtic Boys Club after punching a boy in the face, saying: “The next night big Frank didn’t take the training. He then assembled us all on the floor and announced he was leaving the Guild to join celtic Boys Club.”
  4. Jonok


    We need a big striker that can win balls in the air and batter the opposition defence when they sit in and two midfielders one centre mid and one just behind the striker. the loss of Murphy and Dorrans has had an impact on Gerrards plans.
  5. Jonok

    The bears den

    contact @govanblue he will assist you.
  6. Vanguard Bears‏ @VanguardBears FollowingFollowing @VanguardBears More What the jury weren't told during the trial of celtic FC child abuser Gerald King: During a raid at his home Police uncovered a latex torso of a prepubescent child wrapped in polythene hidden away under his bed. Bheast. ffs.
  7. Morelos is needing the hair drier treatment and if he doesn't like it he can go sit in the corner in a huff the fucking eejit.
  8. That song doesn't ring true for the victims of celtic's abuse, they do have to walk alone as their club and support have turned their collective backs on them and are also trying to stiff them for compensation. So much for the great teary eyed maudlin bastards, the champions of victims the world over they have turned their back on their own.
  9. A PRIMARY school teacher has gone on trial accused of a string of sexual abuse charges against former pupils. 7 comments Gerald King, 66, is accused of using lewd and libidinous practices towards seven school children while he was a teacher at a school in the north of Glasgow He went on trial today at Glasgow Sheriff Court where he is represented by defence counsel Gavin Anderson. The charges span from August 1, 1983 to June 30, 1989 at the school in Glasgow and are alleged to have been committed against five boys and two girls. King, from Springburn, Glasgow also faces a charge of taking or permitting to be taken, indecent images of children on various occasions between January 1987 and December 1988 at Barrowfield football park at the city’s London road. The pensioner denies the charges against him and the trial before sheriff Johanna Johnston QC continues. 7 comments
  10. Helene Gray‏ @HeleneG46816352 59m59 minutes ago More I only hope its within the next few days and we are given the opportunity to meet with @HumzaYousaf face to face to discuss our issues & concerns. #HistoricalSexualAbuseInFootball #Scotland 2 replies6 retweets11 likes Retweeted Helene Gray‏ @HeleneG46816352 1h1 hour ago More Just to let everyone know, we've now received an email response on behalf @HumzaYousaf. It verifies that some emails sent, have been received. It advises, they are currently receiving attention & a reply will be issued to us. 1/28 replies15 retweets43 likes
  11. Its shocking the poison that runs through their veins I wouldn't be surprised if she's had death threats.
  12. John B‏ @VicVinegar75 1h1 hour ago More Replying to @pzj_1873 @Mad_Dog_Watp @CelticFC When the Boys Club used used the all weather pitch at Helenvale for training and games, why was the bill sent to celtic Football Club?
  13. John (The Angel Malak) Stevens MBE‏ @pzj_1873 22m22 minutes ago More Can you confirm if you have received legal letters from litigators who are seeking compensation from your association in regards to historical abuse which happened in Scottish Football @ScottishFA ? And when is recommendation 96 to be released into the public?
  14. John (The Angel Malak) Stevens MBE‏ @pzj_1873 FollowingFollowing @pzj_1873 More So you are all sure Torbett McCafferty King Cairney All at the same club at the same time. It is my understanding the police are now following a definite line that there was a ring operating from celtic