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  1. Once again the Rangers support leave me awestruck. Fucking amazing.
  2. Should be reported to police for anti British racism.
  3. Taken from blog "With Brendan Rodgers' side miles ahead of us, Aberdeen almost certainly finishing second in the league and St Johnstone breathing down our neck for the final Europa League place" Given that celtic and aberdeen are in the Scottish Cup final and both have already qualified for Europe is it not the case that Rangers only need one point from our last four games to qualify for a place in the Europa.
  4. I think the records behaviour has an element of coercion to it ie. give us your printing contract and we will stop printing shit about Rangers, their circulation is falling rapidly and they are desperate for revenue.
  5. They have the press in their pocket as you can see with the absence of daily headlines screaming outrage, our voices only seem to be heard on Rangers football forums we must change this somehow.
  6. Every right minded person in Scotland has a duty to condemn what has happened to these kids and demand those who committed these offences and those who covered up are punished. If as has been reported directors have allowed a known abuser to return and commit more abuse then surely that is a criminal act the police should be forced to investigate, aiding and abetting or maybe conspiracy to commit child abuse. For the record Ive never heard any celtic fan talk about or condemn the guilty parties.
  7. Just a reminder of the facts. All Scottish tournaments from 1890 to 2002. Red cards – Celtic 575, Rangers 622. Yellow cards – Celtic 1522, Rangers 1777. Penalties for Celtic – 1027, for Rangers 895. Penalties against Celtic – 328, penalties against Rangers 459."
  8. Vile people.
  9. Remember Alex Thomson was very keen to bump his gums about ebt's. I wonder if he is just as keen on covered up paedophile rings. alex thomson (@alextomo) · Twitter
  10. not sure but looks like child abuse survivors charity White flowers Alba have received threats. WHITE FLOWERS ALBA‏ @LIVEnTHRIVEALBA 19h19 hours ago More Note well Torbett Cairney King McCafferty - those wee bhoys you harmed grew up - the threats don't work anymore & we stand with them always!
  11. Child abuse on an industrial scale, the British govt. needs to hold a public inquiry as we cant trust the Scottish parliament to do the job as they wont go against their irish republican voters.
  12. Out and about today and what Im hearing from the celtic support is deflect and deny, they are part of the problem, child abuse enablers one and all.
  13. Return of Torbetts dong, they let him back in to abuse again they must be punished for this.
  14. If he fucks up he will soon hear 50.000 blue devils.