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  1. Simply dont see anything in this boy , even his pace isn’t used correctly .
  2. The Southampton fans have been wanting rid of him for months going by their forums , not well thought of at all .
  3. Do club1872 have enough shares to call an EGM , if so they should pronto
  4. At the start of the season and even after the Hibs game I would have said yes we will get it no problem , but as the weeks go by it just appears that the players simply cant do it , I wanted Caixinha to succeed more than any manager ever just out of sheer stubbornness , but these players imho have continually let him down and us down game after game after game , I don't see how any new manager is going to change that .
  5. Who knows , it all appears to be speculation , but by 5pm all that will have changed im sure
  6. Again I agree 100% , and that's why the summers decision to basically put all their eggs in one basket seemed mental then as it appears suicidal now , you can blame the manager all you want but at some point the board need to be taken to task . Also are they really going to allow a D of F who has only been in charge of an academy to make this decision , given Kings ego I seriously doubt it .
  7. And unless we get better players we will continue to fail , managers better than what we have had recently have tried and failed to do this , but quality always rises to the top and the sooner the board realize this the better
  8. And when you look at wages the margins are even greater , they massively out spend us on wages
  9. It makes it what it is and where we have been for the last 2 years , McInnes gets praised for what he has done at Aberdeen , but hes been given over 4 years to build a team with no pressure at all on him to achieve any more , the pressure on ANY knew manager of ours is going to be immense and we have to find the funds to buy better quality players that can handle the expectations and pressures of playing for our club , we cant keep taking gambles on the Windass's of the world
  10. im not defending him , especially after last night , however the point was more for the next manager who ever that may be , even getting 2nd simply will not be sufficient , we all know this , why we continue to kid on that somehow it will be accepted is beyond me.
  11. We have an average spend of just under £700,000 per first team position , the manky mob have a spend of just over £3 million per first team position , that's the difference
  12. And there's the money shot , boooommmmmmm !!!!!! Until we get serious cash into the club we are kidding ourselves on , and I've argued the fact that at every AGM the big issue is not just the resolution over a new share/rights issue , it's the fact the current investors/fans/board call them what you will , want their money back instead of putting it into the squad where it's desperately needed . We will soon be a club with absolutely no debt ( great thing to be ) but with a very poor weak squad ( very bad thing ) , limited commercial / retail income, limited TV income , and limited
  13. We could hire any number of managers and it simply won't change a thing , we were hamstrung by the last 2 previous managers inability to add quality to a squad when in lower leagues and we are paying the price now . Eventually people will need to stop blaming the manager and start blaming the board , it's their duty to hire , make funds available and set the targets for the manager whoever he is .
  14. I never said it was only for transfers , I was told they had put in the amount not what it was for .
  15. Well who has put the money in fir this transfer spree because we don't have any money , you heard SR repeat this at the meeting esk .
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