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  1. I think Ellis is only in it to make a profit. He isn't even a supporter. Hopefuly Whyte will make sure he doesn't have much power in the boardroom if the deal goes through.
  2. Ill educated scum. Zero punctuation. Too busy kiddy fiddling to learn the queen's English. Hope they all rot in hell. Two of my cousins are catholics and were in the army and are Celtic fans. One got shot in the leg in Ireland. They even hate their own. Fucking retards!
  3. An old guy in my local shouts that about 10 times a game. Oh, and "Go on the Teddy Bears!". I think we will win this by two goals. They are there for the taking. Their disastrous run in Europe is a true reflection of their worth. Bring it on!
  4. Just about to head to game. Will be good to see Alexander get a game. Would like to see some of the young lads get a run out too.
  5. Nikica PM'd me over 2 weeks ago saying he was signing for us no matter what, but to keep it secret. Glad I got that off my chest. Keeping it from everyone was unbearable.
  6. Hope they pay for the tour like the fans do. Need every penny we can get.
  7. I'm getting fed up with all this Jelavic talk. He is a class act, but if he is holding us to randsom over wages or using us to attract attention in England then he can GTF. He has the chance to play for the biggest team in Scotland, win silverware and compete in the CL. If he can't see that then he isn't a true footballer. We will win the SPL with or without him, and Walter can use the money to buy other players to strengthen the squad.
  8. I should get the job because I am willing to get "Im an RM MOD" tatooed across my chest. When do I start?
  9. That's why I think we will win it at Tannadice. 2 years in a row, it has a ring of fate about it.
  10. Och well. Their dissalusionment continues. I'm off to the bookies to put a bet on Miller scoring the first goal at Tannadice to win the title.
  11. Aye. They are kidding themselves on. Chasing a lost cause.
  12. Hibs should go all out for a goal in the last few minutes.
  13. It's the celtic way. Take your incompetence out on anything but yourself.
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