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  1. ... acted the way Neil Lemon has by harassing and abusing match officials leading to a strike by SPL refs he would have been sacked by the board and rightly so. Yet the tic board seem to be supporting him. The mind boggles. Celtic FC.... zero integrity from top to bottom. What goes around comes around. Lemon will get sacked when we win yet another deserved title.
  2. I agree. I have been on strike before even though I wasn't a union member and didn't agree with strike. Lost wages of course. In my opinion any ref who officiates during the strike is a self serving moron with no empathy for his fellow refs. They are also playing into the hands of Neil Lemon and his lot by plastering over the wounds he caused by repeatedly questioning the integrity of officials .
  3. Can't we have a happy thread for a change? All our players try their best.
  4. The tic havent turned up for seasons now. Nobody will notice.
  5. They will continue strike to the end of season and we will win by 3 ponts.
  6. Neil Lemons rantings and bullying of refs stems from a deep rooted hated of men in official positions. Being molested by priests does that.
  7. Neil Lemon on a crusade to undermine every ref in th SPL is what caused this. He screams and shouts like a madman in the faces of officials. Refs make mistakes but nobody deserves that at their work. Does it happen in your job????? Why should refs have to put up with it, then receive hate mail at work and home? Can't blame them. Difficult job at the best of times. The tic can scream, cheat, intimidate and lie, but we will win this title. We play the game no matter how hard it gets. Persistently winging at refs is for losers and has beens. In my eyes it shows the fear the taigs have of us winning. They'd rather implode than lose fair. Zero dignity.
  8. Dundee utd goal was in 94th munute. There will be a few taig wives with black eyes tomorra.
  9. He scored 2 out of 2 today.
  10. Bet he does the dance when he finds out.
  11. I think Kyle knows he looks stupid doing it. Someone must have told him. I think it's great that the big chap doesn't take himself too seriously.
  12. Why does he pray on the park? It's not a chapel. What an attention whore. I suppose he has every right to do it, but he is gonna look like a right cunt when he gets jeered for it.
  13. I think Ellis is only in it to make a profit. He isn't even a supporter. Hopefuly Whyte will make sure he doesn't have much power in the boardroom if the deal goes through.
  14. The 'S' of the SDM is there for a reason.
  15. Class video.