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  1. Could’ve been worse, so fair enough. Shagger saved a few riddys.
  2. Hate to say it but honestly they look far less dodgy back there than our defence does.
  3. For a sickly fucker, Leukemia has a fair bit of pace.
  4. Our defending... ffs. Well played by Flanagan there.
  5. I want to state on the record that red and green is and always has been a shite colour combo. Matter of fact, adding green to anything is a ghastly affront to humanity.
  6. Finally got a link up on the tele. Sorry about the rant; frustrating going through that nonsense as it happens all too often on RTV. * Thanks to ben51 for the link.
  7. Raging at RTV. You think they’ll compensate us for their continual screw ups? Will they fuck.
  8. Desired result, but grim viewing apart from Defoe’s goal and Aribo’s performance.
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