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  1. Kicking myself; completely spaced on the match and missed it entirely (tbf, my youngest graduates today from Uni so my mind was elsewhere. If we had had a better season, that might not have been the case. ;-)). RTV replay beckons later on...
  2. Season was already a washout when Pedro came in, so it's hard for me to muster enthusiasm yay or nay for him at the moment. Aye, the consecutive losses to the scum were sore ones to take (especially that last fiasco), but this squad is a bad joke so I wasn't really surprised we got a hiding from them. I'm willing to give him a chance with his new recruits, but if results don't change pronto when that happens, you can bet I'll be baying for blood sooner rather than later.
  3. Not filled with optimism by any means, but I'll still reserve final judgement on Pedro until he gets his own players in here. If it's still SSDD with a fresh injection of players, then he'll have no trouble finding the door.
  4. Waghorn scores. Don't let me wake up.
  5. Time for Garner to throw some embarrassing tantrums. Miller exempt (and maybe Fod), I hate this fucking squad.
  6. Tav gives him 1000 yards in which to operate. Numpty.
  7. We are fucking rubbish.
  8. Yet another 45 minutes of mind-numbing mediocrity.
  9. 1-nil tae the souvenir hunter.
  10. GARNERRRRR..misses. How many fucking times this season have we seen this rubbish?
  11. What a surprise.
  12. About bloody time...
  13. FFS RTV get with the programme...
  14. Very sad news. RIP, brother.
  15. He's in a class by himself - a few score below 3rd.