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  1. Happy with the results of both finals, but I wouldn’t have cried myself to sleep if they went the other way. They’re over - back now to the only club that matters.
  2. Did he even make contact? Couldn’t see anything on the replay.
  3. Fs they’re playing like I’ve been coaching them. My eyes are burning from this rubbish.
  4. He’ll eat for weeks off the meal he made of that
  5. Only saw the second half today but thought Halliday acquitted himself very well in it. From what DJ and Tam Miller were saying it sounds like the first half was a forgettable affair for everyone.
  6. First off, Scottish refs are a fucking joke. The amount of shite other teams get away with v. us continues to be absolutely criminal, which brings me to my second grouse: Broadfoot. Horrible cheating stain of a man. Obviously a lot of the blame lies with our gallant underachievers today, but by God I am really getting to loathe Kilmarnock.
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