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  1. Exactly. Very first lesson about fitba in Scotland should be if you’re not up for a battle then you have no business playing here. Seems like too many in our squad haven’t wrapped their heids around that.
  2. Read it again. Said we were woeful m8, but that cunt Ikpeazu should have walked for two blatant tackles on Morelos and a few more of them should have joined him. Not defending our lack of fight by any stretch, just an honest observance.
  3. Granted we were fucking woeful, nae doubt, but given that we still might have snatched something from that had Clancy not turned a blind eye to everything those bastards did. Half their fucking team should have been off by the end of that.
  4. Typical. Almost as predictable as lying down to the filth.
  5. Hearts should never have finished with 11 men. Clancy is a fucking joke (again...shocker...).
  6. FS, these cunts getting away with murder today.
  7. 20/10/99 highlights against PSV shown on RTV. What a team that was.
  8. Seen almost the whole first 45 but for our goal. You couldn’t make it up. 😄
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