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  1. Nonsense. Aye, it was a bad call and should have been chalked off but how many chances did we fluff? Even given that goal we should have beaten them soundly by 2 or 3. Our failure to finish is what killed us, not that one call.
  2. FS - the only ones that use that excuse are the ones that lose it. Would it still be that if we had won?
  3. We did. Doesn’t matter how well you play, it’s about putting the ball in the back of the net and we fucked every one of our loads of chances. Everything else apart from scoring is simply window dressing.
  4. Every one in blue on that pitch bar Ryan Jack can get so far to fuck.
  5. They’re celebrating. Again. And yet again we lay down and take it like lapdogs.
  6. Beelin at these imposters. God’s teeth they are an embarrassment. 😡😡😡
  7. Actually , they fucking well do. If we can’t put the ball in the net with all the chances we’ve had, then we deserve fuck all.
  8. No matter how effective he is elsewhere, if a striker can’t score against them, then what is the fucking point? This bunch are simply not good enough.
  9. Time to unleash the master plan and slag off Alfie so he’ll finally score against them.
  10. We’d be miles ahead in the league if we could sink the majority of the chances we create. Scandalous how many get squandered.
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