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  1. Happened with a couple other old Gers mugs I’ve had so I feel your pain. I’ve heard that Buddhists like to say “Imagine the vase as already broken” , so I guess we know who’s really to blame. Jinxing bastards.
  2. Too right. Even if we were miles ahead, there is absolutely no way the title would be handed to us in this fashion. The Scottish game is a trickle-down cesspit of corruption and it all starts with Liewell and his putrid lapdogs.
  3. Rams have completely fucked their iconic look with the worst re-design humanly possible. The design team and corporate execs responsible for that fiasco should all be buried up to their necks and have their heads encased in swarms of murder hornets.
  4. Truth - dubious my arse. Just Imagine the shitstorm that would come roiling out of the Cloud from these hypocrites if Rangers were in pole position with that many points to play for and the season was declared finished. We’re all well aware there’s not a single chance in a trillion any of the bastards would back our cause in that scenario.
  5. Best of luck with this, Ross!
  6. Bonber took nae fucking prisoners from that lot. Could use a few dozen more with his mindset nowadays.
  7. Rams released Gurley today. Depressing news, but probably the right move considering his mammoth salary and dodgy knees. A shame his time with us ended so soon; he was something special when healthy.
  8. Don’t hold your breath m8. We’ve all been hoping for it for how long now?
  9. The amount of passes we waste and chances we spurn. For supposed professionals it really is criminal.
  10. Bastard defending again but a fine finish.
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