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  1. Partick Thistle Vs Rangers (CUP) - Video

    You mentioned my "select" players, and I feel exactly the same about Niko, Windass, and Miller as you do. I actually love watching Niko, but his pace or lack thereof is a huge problem. Miller is Miller - fantastic servant for the club but his best day are definitely behind him. As for Windass...not a huge fan, but he can still prove me wrong.
  2. Partick Thistle Vs Rangers (CUP) - Video

    Thanks for posting this m8 - unsurprisingly, Rangers TV put the ball on the slates and don't have it available to watch yet. Should have buried them - that miss on the breakaway in particular was appalling. Still, I truly believe - IF we take our chances - that we have a squad capable of beating that other mob. Hope my words don't come back to haunt me, but there seems to be a good fluidity to our play that's finally falling into place (as long as a few select players are left on the bench).
  3. "Nae tother a ba' " sez I, I'll just catch the replay on RTV. Still waiting on that, to my great astonishment.
  4. Job done. Onwards we march.
  5. RTV just dropped the feed as well. It bloody figures.
  6. Just got in from work - looks like I missed a FT slog, but I like what I'm seeing the noo.
  7. Windass offered 1 match ban

    Spot on m8. Supporters can be absolute cunts at times; it's the height of hypocrisy to punish a footballer for reacting to the abuse when fans get away with everything shy of murder all the bloody time.
  8. Declan John

    Have a hard time remembering he was actually on the pitch, and that's not because I'm nearly as old as Methuselah.
  9. Mccoist on BT

    Lost a lot of respect for Ally a number of years back when he was in the Scotland squad; Scotland was playing the US in a friendly here in the States (in Connecticut on the East coast) and had just dropped an egg after leading through a Jukebox goal. Tried to say hello after the match - Rangers top on and all - and he and Jukebox just gave the cold shoulder - both came off as absolute bellends, tbh. Granted, they just lost and were probably in a sour mood, but a few other players went out of their way to make time for the supporters (sickens me to say it as well, but Tosh Mckinley of all people came off as a decent sort.). Proof positive to never to put any player on a pedestal, even if they're on the team you adore.
  10. Fuck off. Opportunity blown, back to ground with a thump.
  11. More like it. Now get stuck in and take this home.
  12. Hope we make this count. Shocking challenge.
  13. WAKE THE FUCK UP. Inexcusable shite!
  14. Beauty from Tav there.