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  1. A lot like the viddy report w/ Morgan and Jones, tbh - more than a bit of irony there. I had to have a laugh at Vinnie Jones crying crocodile tears when he was one of the biggest cunts to ever set foot on a pitch.
  2. Was thinking the same. A couple slack passes early on but really came into the game.
  3. Worst of the worst. Glad I get RTV so I don't have to endure them - just the mention of their names gives me the dry boke.
  4. Belter. Having some milk on that bowl of my own words the noo. ­čść
  5. Longer than the team has by the looks of it.
  6. Spot on. Jaws or Grieg would have snapped that cunt like a twig.
  7. Thought it was a stick-on when it happened, but I agree with you (even if it sickens me to do so).
  8. Fair dues if I had to line up against that cunt I'd be off for the rest of the season (or to Barlinnie FC) after about 2 minutes. Would sure as hell make it count, though.
  9. Too right m8. May well deserve it but not a chance in hell they'd vote to give it to him.
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