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  1. kanjo

    Europa League

    I don't see us making the group stage but stranger things have happened. More often than not shocks happen in the qualifying rounds of the EL and we see the bigger teams losing out to the lesser ones. I hope if we can sort ourselves out in the goalscoring area and we continue to defend well then we could cause an upset. Let's not forget that if we can find goals in our team then no one will want to draw an unseeded Rangers team as much as we don't want one of the bigger named seeds. Let's wait and also hope.
  2. kanjo

    Curtis Tilt (Blackpool)

    Looks very good and comes with a decent reputation in that league. Normally I try not to pay attention to the hype but he's a tall, strong and quick centre half and those are all the attributes we should be looking for. Not against this one at all.
  3. kanjo

    Allan McGregor

    Not his biggest fan off the park because of what happened in 2012 but showed tonight that he is still good enough to be a Rangers keeper. Fod was simply not good enough and if you look back at some of the goals he conceded they are shockingly bad. It is good to know we have a goalkeeper we can trust again. I really hope our defenders can bring me that confidence too.
  4. kanjo

    *****Official Shkupi vs Rangers thread*****

    The difference between tonight and last year in Luxembouurg.... Godson, Katic and more importantly McGregor. Very concerned with our attacking players right now.
  5. kanjo

    Lee Wallace - Livingston?

    Hope he stays out and at least makes an effort. He's our last remaining member from the darker days and would be nice to see him achieve success.
  6. kanjo

    Dominic Solanke (Liverpool)

    We need to be looking for someone with all around attributes IMO. Said last week that I thought a Jelavic type is what we are missing.
  7. kanjo

    Bolstered at the Back, Still lacking up Top

    A jelvavic type striker is what we lack. Morelos has no concentration.
  8. kanjo

    *****Official Rangers vs Shkupi match thread*****

    Chances galore. Not much changed with the sitters. Hopefully just the teething period
  9. kanjo

    Jake Cooper (Millwall)

    Anyone seen the guy play regularly? Cannot see anything other than that he has potential.
  10. kanjo

    Gerrard addressing physicality

    As long as we have defenders who can do their jobs properly and midfielders who can take the physical aspect of our game to a higher level, it'll be better for us. Up front I still have concerns and thankfully we have a goalkeeper who is decent standard.
  11. kanjo

    What Impressed You The Most?

    1.) closing down every ball when we never had it. That is something we haven’t done for a very long time. 2.) the full pressing forward. We looked dangerous everytime. Slight concern we could be prone to quick counters though. 3.) Goldson looks solid. Hopefully he’ll continue to impress. 4.) Middleton looks a cracking player. 5.) we looked like we took shots outside the box. How glad i will be if that continues. Im not impressed he’s back... but having a real goalkeeper again whom we can trust is good.
  12. kanjo

    Ross McCrorie

    Thought Airfield was brilliant beside him too. The experience he’ll pass on will be a huge benefit to the younger boys there.
  13. kanjo

    Glenn Middleton

    Looked excellent. Seen no reason why he can’t become a regular.
  14. If AM shows the passion this time around as he did his first then it’s the easiest decision to make. Other than Tav, who else?
  15. kanjo

    Jon Flanagan

    Can play left back too i think. He started at one at Liverpool if i remember