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  1. Three Points. I will never speak about this game again.
  2. Use it every year as I travel frequently to Tokyo. Made a welcome difference to this season’s ST price. Good thing to use as far as I’m concerned.
  3. Start of the season lego muncher said, of us challenging “we hear this every year” They under estimated our improvement and their own team which is in decline. Beating them in their own ‘stadium’ has solidified their fears and the meltdown was predicted. Panic buying and using the media to try and gain some sort of mental advantage. All we need to do is continue how we are. Not under estimating anyone, battling to win every game. We are better and we have proved it. Now we need to take that next step.
  4. kanjo


    They have a big shock coming when they assume their players are better than they are. From experience certainly !
  5. They really have not taken that defeat well. Makes you wonder the lengths they’ll go to. video proof of racism and sectarian chanting and they STILL have not acknowledged it. Citing our fans singing and chanting when their fans do the exact same at ALL away grounds they play in. horrible, disgusting club. I was all for using ‘Old Firm’ as a term but I honestly now feel the urge not to be associated with them in any way.
  6. That is pretty clear cut in the video and pics. How Clancy gets away with that one would not surprise me though. Shocker to go along with his many others.
  7. It really is denial. I have said it for years... they have been fearing this moment that second we got promoted in 2016 and are in complete meltdown and denial about our team. We are better and we are getting more so. They are in decline and they are shitting the bed.
  8. That save from McGregor was just brilliant. Saving it but also not palming it out for a rebound. Too bad he had to lose another clean sheet to them for an unjustified goal.
  9. That's pretty dear but that's the price of success. At least it's going direct to the club though.
  10. Him an and Morelos are the best strikers in the league.
  11. Love that place when they lose to us. Like their Hearts counterparts. The meltdown is always fun.
  12. I love those spoon burners’ hatred and misery. Merry Christmas you junkie wankers.
  13. That second yellow gets more ridiculous every time I see it.
  14. Disappointed not to win the group but I need to look at it as....I'd have taken this in July and in September. Loving that we qualified from that group.
  15. Nothing matters until he scores against Albania U21s.
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