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  1. stopped reading at”best league in the world” Richest yeah.
  2. Since Scottish Football is run to the same standard as Non-League then I hold hope. As things stand... if the lockdown ends and we’re no further forward then I’d expect the season to be over and a united focus on getting the new season started (with ST cash)
  3. Assuming emergency power laws are passed today and Boris calls an end to the season, i’d assume some clubs would get respite?
  4. A vast majority of teams i’d have sympathy for... but the Aberdeen’s of this world get none.
  5. Sad to see some honest hard working people may suffer although I have zero sympathy with their supporters.
  6. Would imagine peak will be June. Next season will start but it’ll probably start late.
  7. The virus started in late December and the Chinese are only now just seeing the end of the peak... with cases still being received and a possibility of another spike. Two and a half months and that was a full lockdown of their largest hit area. We aren’t even at the start of this crisis. We would be lucky to see 2020/21 season begin let alone finish this one. It’s over and it should be when people are dying.
  8. Sporting Integrity must prevail. If the league cannot be finished by May 31st then it must be voided.
  9. Yep, for most leagues this is a sensible approach. The SFA though?
  10. Trying not to put in any jokes as tempting as it is..... but the SFA can't even get a red card review right let alone a review on the seriousness of this virus. Not holding much hope.
  11. This virus is at the point where cancelling the league would be sensible. They can bitch about it all they want but it’s now a Pandemic and looking like the worst virus to have hit the world since 1918.
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