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  1. Which is why we need a solid left back 😜
  2. I’d have Flanagan as tav’s backup along with Polster (who i assumed was brought in ad a central mid) Just me though 🤷‍♂️😂
  3. Barisic. We won’t go a full season with Halliday as backup. For striker, we need a 3rd option with lafferty likely to go.
  4. Striker and leftback cover
  5. Can’t say i know too many Rangers supporters who care about Scotland anymore. Other sports? 100% but not football. They drilled my affection and care from me in 2012 and it’ll never be forgot. Or forgiven.
  6. This. We’ll go nuclear if they try anything IMO.
  7. kanjo


    Guy was instrumental in our form at the end of the season. Assuming we can find someone to fill in for him for the first two qualifiers (hopefully not drawing decent teams) then I would hope he gets the rest he deserves. Brilliant having our lads play internationals but I never missed having these concerns in the lower leagues 😞😂
  8. Im sure his basis on our financial position works just as well as the mhankies. Cannot afford Turnbull? ‘We wont ever a bidding war’
  9. It would be gutting if we lost one let alone all 3.... however looking at it financially... we could easily be looking at between £25m - £30m for both. If we invest even half of that properly then we would still be in a good position to win the league. That in addition to ST money and other revenue and our club could be looking at it's best financial position in a long, long time. Always have to consider the positives with these things. I can understand the bad feeling from the previous 10 years though.
  10. An average Celtc team who need a rebuild and have a manager who was sacked by Hibs. We have an established team who are top goalscorers and have shown we can win. Sensible transfers and I will feel confident.
  11. Let's see the compliance officer cite this.... .... not holding my valuable oxygen.
  12. kanjo

    Left back

    Left back is 100% needed. I think with him being a full international we could probably deceive some clubs with an interest. Hopefully anyway.
  13. Morelos has without a doubt been one of our best players this season. I remember the game against Hamilton we were holding onto a 1-0 win and as soon as he comes on from the bench the entire dynamic changed and we could have won 3/4. He offers a lot and if he screws the the nut he is a superstar in the making. Sadly I think he will be off though.
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