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  1. kanjo

    The Gaffers Naivety

    How many good games has Worral had? And did you seriously think we would get those every week going forward? McCauley was garbage and that i accept... but he at least does not make mistakes you would find at amatuer level.
  2. kanjo

    The Gaffers Naivety

    I could not blame either him or Katic for looking scunnered. Imagine if you were replaced by someone as shite as Worral in your job despite doing it to the book? Ridiculous.
  3. I actually cannot believe he said that about Worral. How many mistakes has he made this season and he says it is un characteristic??? I feel worse having watched that.
  4. kanjo


    He done nothing wrong. We gave him and his very average team mates gifts. They scored and celebrated as i expect most will do.
  5. kanjo

    Joe worrall

    Worral needing to play a certain amount of games is my suspision also, which makes this all the more ludicrous. He is garbage and it's no wonder Forest decided against a recall. He has played what, 14 or 15 league games? and he's had 3 good performances in that time. That isn't good enough for the level we are at. I don't think Katic is a world beater but at least he does the fucking basics AND does not under estimate the level of football we are at. If SG contineus to play him then serious questions need to be asked because his mistake cost us tonight. It really is that simple.
  6. kanjo

    Joe worrall

    Imagine being Katic watching that game tonight.... it would sicken anyone being in his position. Honestly cannot get away with how amatuer that mistake was and how much it cost us.
  7. kanjo

    The Gaffers Naivety

    Worral cost us. He does the simple thing and we continue to dominate into the second half. If he plays again for us this season then SG will have serious questions asked of him. I can accept the odd player having shit games but Worral is consistently costing us.
  8. kanjo

    The gift that keeps giving

    He has to be sent back. How many times is he going to cost us? Christ we seen it on Sunday and STILL we continued with him. He is dug shite and every bit as over rated as Championship players usually are. His mistake cost us tonight. Simple as that.
  9. This really has been a disaster since Worrall fucked up. The problem we have now is convincing Forest to take him back. One mistake costing us. As usual. No lessons learned either.
  10. Worral really is terrible. He is the Barrie McKay of defenders. McAuley isn't much better it has to be said but how bad was that goal? amatuer stuff.
  11. Barisic dropped probably because of the pitch and his recent injury.
  12. kanjo

    Gerrard on signing Defoe

    Better than only an excuse but thats not saying much i suppose.
  13. kanjo

    Who’s the player?

    Porbably MOH. Cummings off-field issues are obvious but no manager has ever spoken THAT poorly of him as a footballer. Forrester was a waste if talent and a bit of a spice boy but he never came across as the type of guy who causes problems, and If I remember right he didn't have an agent? (or am I thinking of someone else) MOH never looked happy or popular at Rangers and that much is obvious, so it would tick all the boxes for me.
  14. kanjo


    Most are usually just celtic fans because they are only interested in what we do
  15. kanjo

    Graeme Shinnie

    Yes but purely for the meltdown up there in 1960. We can send him on loan to Ross County for the remainder of the season.