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  1. I wouldn't attribute the atmosphere to the negative performances tonight. I think we looked set to not concede and to try and get an away goal. We came close to both.
  2. As I thought they would. Away games in Eastern Europe tend to be loud before a game starts and just after a goal is scored. They got 7 yellows tonight and that says it all for the pressure their support put on them. We soaked it up because we have the experience to deal with it in the league and from Europe last year.
  3. The same people who argued the atmosphere tonight would have a negative effect on our players are strangely not posting. I thought the atmosphere was nothing we hadn't already dealt with before.
  4. 0-0 isn’t perfect but that’s what happens in football. As someone posted earlier, if the current situation was put to me 7 weeks ago I would have taken it. Glad the atmosphere never intimidated our team.
  5. Downloaded the app and read the article. It’s really good. The guy who done the article also posted a small clip on twitter showing how exposed Legia could be in centre mid tomorrow. Seems to have done his research which is refreshing for Scottish journalism.
  6. This. St. Enoch's has plenty too. Visit the website and you can order from there. https://www.thegersstoreonline.com/
  7. Our players have also played at the Maracana 👍
  8. It wont have an effect on the pitch though in my opinion. Commendable as their supporters are for making the place appear intimidating.
  9. The point I’m making is we are not going to be intimidated. We may have lose those games, against better teams, but their atmospheres were not part of that reason. What point is it you were arguing anyway? It seems you already agree with my whole point at the start?
  10. And we are playing a against a team who are nowhere near the level of either except Maribor who are the closest and probably better. 30,000 fans are not going to intimidate us.
  11. I’m using atmospheres such as Moscow, Legoland, Pittodrie, Tynecastle, Maribor stadium and of course Ibrox. Consider who we’ll be playing and the atmospheres those guys have played in already over the past 12 months ( or longer if you look at Davis, McGregor etc) Intimidating atmospheres won’t change our game tomorrow and that’s always been the case at Rangers.
  12. Their results this season suggest that too. They look solid but have not been tested against opposition that strikes me as great. Even then, they have won their games largely by a single goal. Tomorrow is making me a nervous wreck because of how close we are. Not the opposition. Their atmosphere might be loud but our players have played in much more hostile than that over the years. Just need to hope every one of them is fired up and concentrated for this.
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