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  1. To be honest that game and our three home group stage games were all brilliant. Young Boys game died at the end with their goal but it was otherwise a good atmosphere too. Only memory I have of Legia is Morelos scoring and the remaining 5 minutes. The rest of it I was a nervous wreck.
  2. Yep definitely. They’ll be hoping he moves on sooner rather than later I suspect.
  3. Just seen it on bbc there. Thats some amount of cash for the sheep to be losing out on. They’ll be hoping to get that.
  4. Where on FF you seen that?
  5. I hope SG has a realistic plan for a right sided winger. Replacing Candeias with Ojo was a huge mistake last season. We needed better and replaced with worse.
  6. tbf I watch German football and he hasn’t looked THAT good that i’d replace him with what we have. His reputation was built at Bayern but he has been inconsistent since in my opinion.
  7. He’s a very average player. We have better already. I hope our resources are put to better use.
  8. Really hope he stays. I'd rather his goals than the money.
  9. How embarrassing though. They must really be struggling financially. love it.
  10. I’m reading that the chair of the arbitration must be independent with at least 10 years experience due to conflict of interest.
  11. Said it earlier today. Heidenheim are an extremely average team who are there because of Hamburg’s awful post-lockdown form. I don’t rate the guy or the team and I’m quite surprised Bremen were as timid as they were. Rangers needs to be signing far better. In my opinion of course.
  12. It dosent say much tbf. They are quite an ordinary team
  13. FWIW i’d be amazed if Bremen lost the playoffs. Heidenheim are there because of how bad Hamburg were. Hope I don't jynx this now 😩
  14. Statement reads to me as Castore supply SD(among others) the kit to sell but that we’ll get the benefit regardless. Maybe i’m wrong as I can be often enough but I suspect SD have trolled us here.
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