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  1. I pre ordered the PS5 with a massive amount of luck. Not impressed with the launch titles to be honest but really hoping Gran Turismo isn't too far away. The biggest selling point for me was being able to play my old PS4 games. Will sell my PS4 after release to try and put something towards it.
  2. This. It's about our midfield and the lack of quality there. Gerrard has had what, 5 now? What does he have to show for it as regards midfielders. Europe is a problem but it wasn't a problem in previous years. Not an excuse now to be honest.
  3. Agreed. What is it, half of 1% who died are over 75? By the time we get a vaccine and/or workable treatments the virus will have mutated in to a less lethal strain.
  4. There is a reason sportscene constantly fails. He contributes massively to that.
  5. To think there were some saying he should be sold for £10m. The guy is getting better game by game.
  6. I'm suspecting it was unsent. Haven't logged in for three weeks and there's no trace in my deleted folder which has everything from June. I've no reason to otherwise make it up.
  7. It was to be used by 15th September. The actual email they sent looks like it's been returned. No trace of it anywhere now.
  8. The £25 voucher I was sent was retracted from Castore it seems.
  9. This. He will make us a fortune. He loses possession easily but he is otherwise a very good player.
  10. He was what we needed, but he never gave us what he was capable of. IMO he was here to try and look good for the Euros.
  11. A tough draw but i'd hope we will have enough experience and quality in our squad to make the playoffs.
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