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  1. Martin Skrtel (Fenerbahçe)

    Good replacement for them. Mangala is a solid unit. Shame the days of Scottish teams getting that type of player are behind us.
  2. Welcome Back Allan Mcgregor

    Like him or hate him, he has to be a candidate for our next Captain. There isn't one player in our squad just now I think is capable. I say that on the basis that we lose Wallace in the summer, but I am hoping that isn't the case as he deserves the send off and/or chance to come back fully fit but that's an argument for another thread.
  3. Wes Foderingham

    He can take his new best pal scott allan with him.
  4. Pre Season

    The sand dunes might seem like a joke to some but I honestly would do that. They need to land on their feet this summer and that will be a good start and an education on what to expect.
  5. Ryan Shawcross (Stoke)

    I highly doubt it but this is the type of defender we should be looking at.
  6. Realistic Expectation Next Season

    1st. My expectation will never change. We are Rangers and we should never accept anything less. I fear our board don't agree with that however, which is sad.
  7. That Scott Allan Tackle

    Makes me glad we never signed him. Grade A walloper of a guy.
  8. Hibs make a banner about themselves

    I'm surprised they could afford the matress with their giro money.
  9. 2017/18 In A Nutshell

    Fascinates me that we have scored the most.... but it the goals against even more so. No excuses now, we need to get it right this summer.
  10. Europe Guaranteed

    I must admit that at 3-0 I was fearing the worst.
  11. Rossiter

    Best player on the park today but that wouldn't have been hard. Both teams were poor albeit the score wouldn't suggest it.
  12. VAR

    It would make no difference... they would still get it wrong....
  13. Dallas

    The impression I get is that he is delibaretley not taking the big decisions because he thinks it is brave, and wants to try and get some of this respect his old man had. The difference is... his old man got decision right nine times out of ten... this walloper gets the right decision one time in ten (at best). Shocking referee and up there with Beaton at Ibrox last August. Not surprised it was both games against the Junkies.
  14. Martin

    What's worse is we sold Wilson to bring him here. Wilson being sold was catalyst to at least one third of the goals we've conceded since the winter break and I stand by that. Shockingly poor season in all.
  15. Conspiracy anyone?

    For all they shout about cheating... that today says it all to me.