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  1. To be honest, £20 really is plenty for the standard of football here. It won’t change though. Teams like Hearts charging £34 is what they exist for each season.
  2. That team was better and was built over a considerable time. For us to get near that will take time, winning some trophies and above all consistency. Weir, Bougherra and Papac are above what we have now though. In Weir we had a real captain and leader. We haven’t had that since 2011 in my opinion.
  3. I can see your point entirely and i’d agree had we not qualified for Europe and still be in a title fight. If you think it’s bottle then fair enough. For me it was a bad day at the office and how we go from here will determine our bottle 👍
  4. I never said I accepted or was happy with it... I am merely pointing out that Tynecastle has and always will be a hard place for us and and the bheasts to go. We lost the OF through stupidly and bottle. Today we just never turned up. Despite that we are still not behind. A loss would have changed that. By all means be disappointed today but don’t blame bottle of a team because it really wasn’t the case.
  5. I disagree but I can understand why some think that. Tynecastle is not an easy place to go and I maintain we simply didn’t play well enough to win. Not having the bottle would have seen us lose which would have been a lot worse for me.
  6. Better teams have went to Tynecastle and lost to worse Hearts teams in my opinion. Bad day at the office and hopefully we can put another run together.
  7. +6 GD too. That lot are nowhere near as good as some try to have us believe.
  8. Disappointed bur looking at that table every team is back where they started basically. Wake up call yesterday. Not just for one or two players but everyone. Just hope Jack’s injury isn’t bad.
  9. Tav on his day is unplayable... but he is inconsistent and that game shows he still has that massive flaw in his game where he loses concentration. I’ve never hidden my respect when he plays well but i’ve always criticised when he does not like most of the team. As captain though I expect so much more. My only hope is Gerrard will coach him going forward as those mistakes could cost us a whole lot more in the future.
  10. Could even argue home games too. Nightmare trying to get 2 together.
  11. They aren’t even the 3rd or 4th biggest team in the country. An absolute irrelevance.
  12. Selling a Still Game Live ticket for Saturday 28th at 1pm. £20
  13. Blocked them on all social media now. I gave them clicks when they had 'exclusives' and would read their excuse of a paper if someone brought it in to work but finished with it now. I understand they want to take photos of Feyenoord ad that's fine... but don't target Mols and even if you do and didn't realise it don't fucking use it as clickbait. Disgusting journalism.
  14. Would love this. Our trophy room isn’t big enough to show everything as it is. Cafe as well would be an excellent idea.
  15. kanjo


    Think Murphy is still getting fitness levels. Gerrard said recently it could be a few months. I’d also prefer him.
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