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  1. kanjo

    The Rangers Archives – Facebook Group

    Brilliant group and 100% recommend it to everyone.
  2. kanjo

    Anyone remember this?

    That's pretty cool. I remember it vivdly but it just never caught on. Would do well nowadays IMO. Feel old now thanks!
  3. kanjo

    Does anyone care?

    No care. Just to avoid injury.
  4. kanjo

    Talksport rank Ibrox in top 10 in Europe!

    Their stadium is built with lego. As big a dump as it comes. I rate Tynecastle and ER better than that midden.
  5. kanjo

    No Surrender Liam Neeson

    Ooft.... can't imagine this will go down too well when they see it.... i mean FS look what they're like when they seen Ejaria last week
  6. kanjo

    Candeias Red Card

    They are digging themselves into a hole each passing week.
  7. Yup. Drew 3 on the bounce then too. Sheep game aside it's been a positive start to our season although that one sticks in the throat considering how pish they actually are. Factoring in that we played 8 qualifiers and have in effect played a game on average once every 4 days since i'd say we are looking strong but one good result against Motherwell won't change my opinion on mentality. We need winners in the team in all areas and not just goalkeeper.
  8. kanjo

    Next 9 league games before the break

    None of them strike me with fear... it's the mentality of our own players which worries me. Apply ourselves properly in each of those games and it's three points. We need to be up for and and ready for the games against the Junkies and Hearts especially.
  9. kanjo

    sportscene disgrace

    We don’t need graphics. We scored seven goals.
  10. kanjo

    Scottish Cup on Premier Sports

    No chance am i subscribing to that.
  11. kanjo

    Windass Meets Si Ferry

    It was an eye opener listening to stories about MW and Pedro. The last part about thinking he’s better than a £3m player killed it though. A mid table Championship player now looks to be his level and considering we got Goldson for almost the same money we made a good decision on that one.
  12. kanjo

    Big Jock Knew

    They will never live it down, which they hate. They can try and hide behind it and sweep it as much as they want but it’s not going away. Horrible club. Horrible supporters.
  13. kanjo

    Scott Arfield

    He's an excellent player but is being expected to do more due to the inconsistency of others around him I think. On his day Arfield is a brilliant player. Would love to see him and Dorrans fit and playing together as I think that and Jack sitting in front of the back 4 would brilliant.
  14. kanjo


    Thought Macaley was good today. Would like to see Katic play beside him and see if he improves. Has lost all his early season confidence.