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  1. Katic is better and I don't find it a coincidence we have been better with him at the back. As far as I'm concerned, our best team was played today with Kent instead of Candeias and Morelos for Defoe (although that one could be argued as Defoe has been excellent the last few games)
  2. Fair points on everything. Too many draws has absolutely been our down point. Hopefully we can kick on in the summer with some quality.
  3. Done it 4 times as I regularly visit Japan. Ticket sold each time. There is a cut off date so for example anything you do after February 2019 you wont get until 2020/21 ST.
  4. I doubt we’ll sell unless it’s a serious offer. He is one of our most important players going forward.
  5. Well, at least we know they are creative in thinking up their own bante.... oh wait...
  6. Unpopular as it is to say but I’d keep hold of Davis if his wages were modest. Big if right enough.
  7. I’d happily start in the conference to be honest but it sadly won’t happen.
  8. Dont know what to think of it to be honest. I don’t get the impression they will be looking forward to their game at Ibrox in any situation. We injured two of their ‘best players’ and rattled the rest. Brown getting that punch from Kent will last and will do a lot more to his so called hard man act. Much more so than his kick in the balls at Christmas We need to put what happened down to bad luck and push on with the game at Ibrox in mind. The scrap at the end pleased me so much as they know they are in for a war which I honestly believe they are not prepared for.
  9. kanjo


    Yup agreed totally. If we sign strengthen the areas we lack potently then we will get there. We have shot ourselves in the foot this year and that makes me feel better knowing we can fix it. Next OF we should be making a statement of intent. No question.
  10. kanjo


    They are nowhere near as good as they like to think they are. We are missing a fee key players in areas the OP mentioned and once that has been addressed we’ll see how it goes. Frustrates me that we lost because of our own doing.
  11. Cannot argue with that at all and totally agree it's down to personal preference. I think alternate arrangements will otherwise be made eventually in any case but for now I think it works. Thankfully our stadium is more than able to deal with it. Their one cannot which I think is the biggest issue for me right now.
  12. Two of them are adult ST holders and were not given a chance of Season Ticks W/ OF until the start of this season. No reason to doubt them at all as they suffered the worst to get that chance when we got back.
  13. I totally respect that. I honestly do... but for me I would always look after our home support first, especially those who were there from 2011 onward. I have some friends sitting there now and have been ST holders since 2012/13 and that was their first OF game. That's not right to simply facilitate them.
  14. kanjo


    They paid £3.5m for Pukki and £4m for Balde. Last I heard they paid Pukki £500k to go early. No reason to think otherwise as that's the figures they quoted. If anything it's probably more 🤑
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