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  1. He left at 16. He is still only 18. With our current midfield and the pressure to win the title, I don’t believe he would be close to our first team. for me he is just a youth player that chose to move to an EPL club to further his career development. Good luck to him.
  2. made a Few changes. don’t think Kent Or Helander have gone up since we bought them dont rate Goldson Think Barisic Has come on in leaps and bounds this season. Tav is the captain and although I have questioned his mentality, his stats at this stage of his career would suggest a decent fee Aribo is quality, has become a full international since joining us and will get better
  3. Helander gives me the fear with his lack of pace. He seems a decent reader of the game and a calm head at the back and if we didn’t have Katic then I could live with Helander. But we DO have Katic and I don’t believe he deserves to be playing second fiddle to a Goldson Helander partnership. Yes he makes mistakes. But no more than any of the other Centre half’s And probably less. Yes he can be over enthusiastic and try to tackle everything but he also is the youngest so with the most potential growth given experience and good coaching. As others have said, he does not deserve to lose the jersey right now And I really hope he doesn’t.
  4. Could not be more blatant. Honestly I appreciate the call for VAR at a time when we won and cannot be accused of sour grapes ..... but ...... VAR is pish and if refs are going to cheat then VAR will change nothing. our money would be better spent in making refereeing a profession that is regulated by independent authorities. Have professional qualifications and have their livelihoods based on their performance and being held accountable. Have them explain their decisions during the game like in rugby. Have the conversations with the full official team broadcast and transparent. lastly give the refs better protection. They simply cannot be allowed to be bullied and of fans of any club go after a ref they should be charged under harassment laws or something.
  5. I would love for the club to come out and absolutely slaughter the officials from a position of strength. That refereeing performance yesterday was absolutely shocking. It’s well beyond incompetence, we the fans have been saying it for years now and how the Scottish football authorities and MSM can possibly continue to sweep it under the carpet is beyond me. I love Steven Gerrard but unless he is playing some long game 3-D chess on this issue then I am disappointed that he says he has no issue for the second time in a row
  6. Bakbear


    That would do for me.
  7. Bakbear


    I believed in him. Also love Katic. What I am starting to realise is that the longer you watch football the more you understand about the game. I thought I had got Morelos wrong but he is sowing some seeds of doubt again. today is a day for positives and I am going to focus on brilliant contributions from Katic, Barisic, McGregor, Davis, Aribo and Kent
  8. Bakbear


    He is not my favourite centre half but as long as he is alongside Katic I couldn’t GAF
  9. While i agree and hence the question mark, today is the first time I feel we have actually demonstrated that we have our Rangers back
  10. Bakbear


    Eh? He is naturally gifted. He is fucking top drawer. Different gravy. He will go on to play at the very highest level fuck sake.
  11. It is. I feel it. In my bones this is the turning point. Beat them in their own midden in a high pressure game against them and their officials. This is it.
  12. I have been massively critical of the mentality of this group of players. No more. They have done it. The psychological barrier has been torn down. Let’s fucking go.
  13. Bakbear


    He shouldn’t be. But let’s see. Katic is far superior to Helander
  14. Bring on 55. The mental block has been breached.
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