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  1. Stevie Clarke

    What’s Wim Jansen up to these days? i couldn’t give a fuck if Steve Clarke is a closet taig. If he stops their run of league titles, get him on board. Winning 55 is all that matters right now and stopping them before 9 preferably, and essentially before 10. I don’t care what happens in season 2 of any new managers reign, but season 1 needs to be win the league. Time for “building for the future” is past. Now it’s win the league at all cost. We can build for the future after that.
  2. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    It’s been another fucken abortion of a season. Another sacked manager. Another fucken inadequate stand in. Another overpaid retiree more negative records broken. Just fucken pish. Fucken 55 feels like it will never come
  3. You can have all the ability in the world on the pitch. If the mentality is missing you’ll win fuck all. I have been saying this since Warburton started. Players with talent. Players that can make pretty patterns but where is the ruthlessness? Where is the “win at all costs” brutal streak? Who are the bastards in our ranks? The hard men? The streak of steel needs to be there and it needs to start from the Manager. From the time Murty did a head stand you could see that he is just too nice
  4. Murty lacks baws. Nice guy. We don’t need a nice guy. I hoped Jimmy Nic would compensate but the gaffer needs to be the hard man with the number 2 as more of a nice guy.
  5. The ultimate false dawn?

    It’s psychological rather than a lack of ability. We just miss the winning mentality. We are playing a young side under a rookie coach and That will come with time. We have a much stronger mindset now than we did under Warburton and Pedro but it’s not there yet. i understand and share the frustration but it’s hard to condem 21 year old players for making mistakes or lacking experience and being naive
  6. The ultimate false dawn?

    Gutted. I was maybe Lucky that I couldn’t watch the game due to work. So with the benefit of not having seen the failings today I can only comment on what everyone is saying Based on what youse are all saying, we can’t just look past the fact that we have an inexperienced team and an inexperienced manager. Goss, Doch, Morelos, Cardoso and Murty seem to be getting it. All young and inexperienced. All probably naive. We are obviously not a million miles from them. docherty will learn. Goss will learn but not to our benefit, so he will be replaced with someone like Jack/McCrorie/Doran’s. Cardoso wouldn’t have been playing but for injury but anyway our CB position needs replaced with someone better, either a new buy or McCrorie. Morelos is still a kid and has a lot of development to do if he is ever going to be worth the silly money folk were throwing around a month ago. I personally doubt he ever will be but still at 21 he is never going to be the finished article. Murty. Good youth team coach. Still a long way off what we need. Let’s go get Steve Clarke
  7. I see. Did Kyle gain our respect and praise? I recall him being a massive point of ridicule. Anyway i didn’t mean to single out your quote but people are throwing out names of utter dross that were with us for more than one season. I am guessing that the thread has just had an irony breach. Carry on.
  8. Think I have misunderstood the thread 😂 Are people just throwing out names of players that didn’t stay for long?
  9. Old Club/New Club - An update

    Is this still a thing?
  10. Injury update on Wallace and DJ

    What on earth could he mean by “culture up” 😄🇬🇧
  11. Say what you want about him now but

    Barry ferguson is a Rangers legend. That is not an opinion than is an indisputable fact. Is he a jumped up ned who thought for a while that he was bigger than the club? maybe. That’s up for debate. Did he tarnish his legend by leaving to Blackburn. Maybe. That’s debateable as well. Did he completely embarrass himself, Walter and the club with the V sign. Probably. Was his behaviour under PLG out of order. Maybe. Debate aplenty but he came through from the youths to Captain one of our best footballing teams in our history and won more trophies than most captains. He was an outstanding talent and very much a legend.
  12. The thing about football is that there is no such things as a sure thing. We could get Jose Mourinho up here and he could fall flat on his face. We won't get him and we won't get any top rated manager, so anyone we would attract would have a higher risk of failure. If Murty continues like he is now, if he gets a win off the scum and finishes the season with momentum then I think it would be madness to replace him for next season. I am delighted we failed to land McInnes and I am even happier that we don't have Tommy Wright. Steve Clarke is doing a great job at Kilmarnock but .. well ... Kilmarnock. Murty with Jimmy Nic alongside him and JJ seemingly an able assistant as well, Mark Allen finding the players, the set up might just work
  13. Different strokes for different folks. Some need a kick up the arse some need a hug. Some should be dropped after one bad game some should get two or three. There is no one rule fits all approach. That’s where managers earn their crust
  14. I am not that old. But I have enough years behind me to have seen very strange things in sports. I dont believe we can catch the scum this season. We have left it too late, but it’s not impossible. I will start to believe if they drop points today and we can beat them in the next game. Until then I am just happy to be back to the commitment and will to win that we have been missing.
  15. Goss

    We should break the bank for him. Think he has been brilliant so far. I would have no problem if we spent 3 mill on him.