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  1. Bakbear

    Candeias - "I am so tired"

    Watch the interview with him. He says something about Turkey. I am sure he is saying that he once did a preseason in Turkey where they didn’t touch a ball for 3 days.
  2. Bakbear

    Candeias - "I am so tired"

    This was not what I heard in his interview. He was asked if this was the hardest training ever and he said yes but once I was in Turkey and we trained for 3 days without the ball. I have watched all the videos from Spain and they have done a lot of ball work every day. Shooting practice, mini games, drills of keep ball. Not aimed at you but generally speaking I don’t get why so many of or fans are so quick to be negative about everything.
  3. Bakbear

    Rangers touch down in Spain

    Tell you what. Am no much for Twitter but it’s funny as fuck seeing all the coverage we are getting from all the mainstream media and the fenians all moaning like fuck that they are getting no attention. More taigs commenting than anything else, all butthurt that we are the main attraction as usual.
  4. Bakbear

    Out?: James Tavernier

    Are We unique in talking down our sellable assets and bigging up everyone else’s? Genuine question. As a support we have a massive tendency to call our own players shite and suggest we should snap any clubs hand off at the first offer yet when we are linked with someone the clamour is “we could never afford him, they will want mullions” genuinely interested if other clubs fans do this.
  5. Bakbear

    Gerrard's captain for the season.

    Wouldn’t be against Alves for his swan song with Goldson or Rossiter taking over next season if they earn it this year
  6. Bakbear

    what do we still need?

    We need rid of the deadwood.
  7. Bakbear

    Honest Mistakes

    A good few years ago things were different. And not just we were on top. I agree that to consider that there is a grand conspiracy, orchestrated by nefarious characters who all get together (in a lodge) at the start of the season and decide they are going to keep down one team through refereeing decisions is paranoid. That is not what I am suggesting. I can’t speak for others. i am saying that referees give the vast majority of difficult decisions to our detriment because that’s the path of least resistance. I dont even think it’s consciously done.
  8. Bakbear

    Honest Mistakes

    Is not even close to a God argument. This is a straw man. Its impossible to prove the God exists because that requires faith. However it is possible to provide evidence that we were on the end of beneficial decisions as often as we were on the end of detrimental decisions. It is simple data based analysis. I have watched games and based on my witnessing of the data in real time, I conclude that more decisions went against us. However I am willing to concede that my perception based on real time decisions over the course of the season may be wrong. I would just like to see the counter argument based on incidents that I may have overlooked in real time. A factual based rebuttal other than “nah your para”
  9. Bakbear

    Honest Mistakes

    On the contrary. If you can present data to refute my perception then I am happy to change it
  10. Bakbear

    Honest Mistakes

    Trait 2. Deliberately miss the point. The Rangers supporters who believe there to be bias, do not believe that one referee is biased towards our club. We believe that all referees have a bias that has been generated over the last 8 years due to the pressure applied to them by certain clubs and their supporters while other clubs and their supporters have taken a dignified silence approach. Trait 1 Be Contrary if you have watched all the Rangers games this season and feel that the decisions that have gone against us in those games. Compares equally to the decisions that have gone for us in those games. Then the discussion is over. In the interests of sporting investigative journalism why not create a spreadsheet and have a for and against list. Put down in the “for” list all the Pena red cards that never happened and all the Morelos red cards that never happened and then in the “against” column add in all the red cards we wrongly got or red card challenges that were overlooked and let’s see what it looks like. I am willing to accept that I am perceiving this incorrectly
  11. Bakbear

    Honest Mistakes

    Dude I have never really had the inclination to engage in a debate with you. It is akin to debating a brick wall. You have three traits 1. Be contrary 2. Deliberately miss the point 3. Set up straw men You have exhibited all 3 of these characteristics in this post. Now I don’t want to be the guy who tackles the man instead of the ball so let me try to respond and then I am happy to agree to disagree You are constantly trying to convince us that with all your vast experience of watching Scottish football it has you uniquely placed to confirm to us that the referees in Scotland are shite. Please. Stop. We all agree. This is not the point and you are deliberately missing it (trait 2) That kind of deals with 70% of your post. The brass tacks is are they biased? You have said that time and again studies have shown that teams with the louder crowd get decisions. To copy a contrary trait from you, please link these studies? Only joking don’t link the studies as I don’t care and it’s a pointless request as it is irrelevant to the discussion (trait 3) if, as you say, time after time studies have proven that the louder crowd influence a referee into giving a decision then why is it the biggest and best supported club in the country were on the end of the overwhelming majority of incorrect decisions last season? If it was the case that Motherwell played Kilmarnock and the poor refereeing standards meant that the overwhelming majority of the decisions went in Motherwells favour over the course of the game. With Motherwell getting away with a couple of red cards, awarded a soft penalty and scoring a dubious goal, while Kilmarnock had a wrong red card issued, one of their players injured by an assault of a challenge and a stonewall penalty turned down. Then Klimarnock would be entitled to think that referee was biased against them. Now take that scenario into Kilmarnocks next game, the same thing happens to them even though they are now playing St Johnstone and again the following week against Aberdeen. Then Kilmarnock fans would for sure say there was a bias against them. Because the facts are that poor refereeing is poor for everyone. The old adage “it evens out over a season” applies when there is consistently poor refereeing, but if it’s inconsistent and it is inconsistent to the detriment of a particular club then there is a bias. How do you train an animal or a child? You reward it for good behaviour and punish it for bad behaviour. Referees have felt the pain when they have made calls that have hurt a certain club. They have been pain free when they have made calls that have hurt us. Isn’t it time to bring the pain? Even in the form of registering our complaints. I hope to fuck Gerrard thinks so. I hope he ditches dignified silence and calls out every single Ref fuck up against us and highlights every wrong decision
  12. Bakbear

    Honest Mistakes

    So 8 pages in and some very bizarre straw man arguments being laid out. Talk of IRA and Chris Sutton, suggestions that 2010 isn’t “years ago”. Some fucking bizarre notion that a ref has it in for St Johnstone and the complete inability to grasp that if you are top of the FairPlay league then it is statistically likely you have less decisions to complain about. There is no conspiracy ffs. But there is unquestionably a bias. I don’t know why people can’t entertain the notion of a bias without a conspiracy. I watch only Rangers games. I watched nearly every league game last season. I saw the decisions in those games. The decisions in those games overwhelmingly went against us and for our opponents. Thats not to say we didn’t get away with a few. It’s also not to say that the opposition had the odd wrong decision but we suffered more in those games than our opponents. The standard of refereeing is absolutely howling but if a referee is faced with a difficult decision then I firmly believe that he sees the path of least resistance is to call the decision against Rangers. I don’t know how that can be disputed frankly.. However even at that, I am referring to incidents such as the Scott Allan challenge on Rossiter or the punch in the balls of David Bates. Bad decisions by the referee that I believe were caused by “path of least resistance” bias, Where it gets taken to new depths of incompetence is the first Hibs game where Tav is booked for being assaulted by Stokes, or Morelos is booked for being on the end of a flying clothes line from Darren McGregor. Those are the kinds of decisions that prompt suggestions of conspiracy. Its like this; in 2010 The scum attacked referees so insistently that the referees ended up striking. Subsequently the scum fans through their new found computer skills have waged a war on social media on all things institutional in Scottish football, the consequences of giving anything against them is so severe and the consequences of giving anything against Rangers so .... well..... inconsequential.... that refs are now conditioned to make biased decisions Of course their fans still complain about decisions despite topping the fair play charts, if they stop complaining the balance would be restored. *Note the Hivs are second in the fair play league with referee bully-in-chief leading their charge, wonder why so few red and yellow cards dished out to the teams in green 🤔 Dignified silence has done absolute fuck all good ......in any situation ...... and if breaking the dignified silence leads to accusations of paranoia bring it on and let’s go
  13. Bakbear

    Tony McGlennan resigns from SFA post

    I would love to have data and the patterns but I am not willing or able to go and do the research. Not having a go, more of a dig at the obsessed ones who send P.I.s after referees and officials to try and sway popular opinion in their favour
  14. Bakbear

    Tony McGlennan resigns from SFA post

    Sometimes it’s handy to have sad obsessed supporters with nothing better to do than to troll through all the history and establish patterns. Unfortunately most bears have jobs
  15. Bakbear

    SPFL needs the blue pound

    Is that really that important though? Take Barcelona and Real out of the Spanish league and what is left? Those big two are generating enough interest in La Liga to sustain the whole country's football infrastructure making Spanish football the most successful in Europe. Just because we are a two horse race doesn't mean that our nation shouldn't be doing a fuck lot better than we are