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  1. Pedros Presser

    Wasn’t that last season? Last season he was putting out a bunch of kids and experimenting with the team. One of the reasons I dislike Pedro is that last season he didn’t give a fuck about results. Felt like he was sending a message to MWs players that they were finished at the expense of our results. Setting them up to fail
  2. This thread saddens me. I don’t give much of a fuck about the Scotland National team. But I want to. I don’t give a fuck because our footballing country has been temporarily taken from us. But I would like it back. I support Scottish rugby. I support any Scot in sport other than football. But football has been hijacked and we have let it happen with the “fuck Scotland national team” stuff its “proper nose off to spite face” stuff and like so many things, we let it happen because we are too divided as a support imagine if the Rangers support united and said nah fuck this, Scotland is ours. Started arranging Rangers supporting Scotland clubs. Sat together, travelled together, made banners together, sang decent songs together. Scotland used to be ours we relinquished it. Same goes for the FA, the politics, the jobs of influence.. Apathy and division led to more apathy and now we have a whole fan base who are majority unsupportive of our nation. We have no players getting picked. We have no allies in positions of power. our apathy and their obsession got us here
  3. Cardoso is costing us too many goals

    He is Karl Svensson. It’s a time warp. PLG is back in the dugout, Kenny Miller is confused thinking he is Barry Ferguson, Candieas is Sionko, Jack is Clemente and Dalcio is N’Diaye. Fuck knows who Pena is. The Buffalo is what PLG wished Sebo was

    Who is the oldest living former Rangers player?
  5. Damning Statistic

    Needs to be more aggression. Kevin Thomson's recent interview where he said that Walter told him to go out and get booked in the first five minutes comes to mind. If our current crop of players can't go out and lay in a hard challenge without it being a red card then they are not very bright. Reality is there were few opportunities for our players to go in firm and hard and all of them were passed up.
  6. How long do we wait

    I would be genuinely delighted if he was sacked. Whenever really. But the reality is he won’t be. I am resigned to that, once the club backed him with the funds in the summer we were committed to giving him time. I said previously that he would get until Christmas, I now believe nothing will be done until end of the season. If we are in second by some miracle then he will get the next season too.
  7. Are celtic really that good?

    Steady now. I am as big a fan of the knee jerk reaction as the next man but they didn’t beat our second string defence 5-1 with their best team. So this statement seems a tad sensationalist
  8. Are celtic really that good?

    By what measure? they are fucking miles better than us and any other team in Scotland right now. I think it is hard to evaluate where they would be in historical terms because I don’t think any point In history has Scottish football been so bad. I am not interested in the debate but the better question is whether they are as far ahead of us now as we were ahead of them during the 9 in a row years. I would like to think not but it must be close
  9. Them celebrating

    See when we are back being the top dog in this shithole backwater league. Then and only then will their be parity. We have to earn the respect again
  10. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Dorrans has been probably the biggest disappointment of the signings. I didn’t know Pena but Dorrans I thought would add more than he has shown so far
  11. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Pedro is not the man to get us the quick success we need. But we are all in with him now. I don’t see any other way than to keep improving window after window. As long as there is improvement. If there is no improvement then we are going to need a fucking miracle to stop 10 in a row.
  12. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    And that’s the point. We are probably 20 million off them. Pick any number you like but 8 million isn’t it
  13. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Or maybe we have and our raised game is just not good enough.
  14. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Every team in Scotland raises their game for us. That includes the scum.
  15. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    I disagree. We can be as staunch as we like but they are fucking streets ahead. We howl at the moon whenever folk say it and even call our ex players seek outs for saying. The harsh reality is it’s the truth.