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  1. The appointment of Petrie and Mulraney coming immediately before this little bombshell is too coincidental. Two Rangers hating scumbags in positions of power and then a complete fenian fantasy from 8 years ago is suddenly on the radar. Scottish football the game that hated itself to death.
  2. Thought he was excellent for us and often tipped to be a future captain. He won 5 major trophies in 3 years and then moved on before his knees turned to toffee. I think he would tick most of the boxes. I also was using him as an example, fine if you don't agree with the individual. I was espousing an opinion on the characteristics required of our manager. Particularly I was expressing my bewilderment at my own gut feel that our manager should be British.
  3. He is British. Gets what it means to be a winner at Rangers. Has a passion for it. He is intelligent and is forging a solid career as a youth coach. Which attributes is he missing
  4. I can’t quite put my finger on it but for some bizarre reason I feel we need a British Manager and I feel we need one that understands intrinsically what Rangers is about. Gerrard works because the environment at Liverpool is very similar. Warburton didn’t work because he never “got it”. He could mimic it, he could trot out the words parrot fashion. But he never felt it. Our managerial shopping list should be filtered to British, working class background, steeped in football, with a passion for winning, forged in the culture of moral fortitude and with a level of intelligence and understanding of the modern game. Right now I would have someone like Kevin Thomson being groomed to replace Gerrard if he chooses to leave at the end of his current deal.
  5. Tav needs to stay. I believe he will. Morelos needs to go. I don’t believe he will.
  6. Really hope McCoist gets the gig. He can take a few off our hands.
  7. Place is always brutal after a defeat... I am just surprised that so many are surprised
  8. Well if we bring in better then fine, i just think we need 22 players and flanagan can fill-in at rb, lb and if pushed ch.... Halliday is highly thought of by Gerrard and puts in a shift when called upon. in the first OF game at Ibrox, Halliday was outstanding and his tackles raised the crowd.... Neither should be a starter but I am already concerned that we have signed Hastie and Jones both of whom feel like squad players rather than first team starters, lets not add anymore, lets add starters
  9. Would keep Barisic for one last chance, keep flanagan as a utility defender for coverage, and i would keep Halliday as a squad player. I don't think he has let us down this season......the rest you mention can all go I would add Candeias to that list btw, i think he did well for us in Europe but other than that he doesn't deliver enough
  10. Red Mist? It was absolutely clear all week that Gerrard saw this game as meaningless. We have rested our captain and our best attacking midfielder. We have rested our form centre back and we have fielded fringe players that haven't played in weeks..... I am not saying he didn't want to win, and i am sure he will share his anger but if he had needed to win the team would have been very different
  11. Bakbear


    He has had a nightmare season and he'll be lucky to get another chance to recover after todays efforts. He is in the Croatia squad and i would still give him the first half of next season to see if we can either get something out of him on the field or get a fee for him
  12. It was pish, but it was a meaningless end of season game on a shite plastic pitch with 4 players in that were rusty and other players already checked out on holiday with their more illustrious team mates. Cant get too upset about it
  13. While we do have a problem with depth, the problem is accentuated by making this many changes and brining in rusty players
  14. Only saw it once but thought the square was on but aye. He is only interested in himself and his personal scoring record.
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