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  1. There is not a fucking chance we win the league, however at the start of this season my actual view was we needed to be within single figures of them and comfortably second. We need to finish the league strong and achieve that. I hoped for a cup as well but it’s not to be and I certainly didn’t expect the Euro run. There have been disappointments for sure but all in all this season should finish about par. Next season is the one. Nothing but 55 will do. Fuck Europe and fuck the cups. The league is all that matters next season
  2. McCoist gets it tight on here. He could be a bit more biased to the club we know he loves but generally he could say exactly what some wanted to hear and they would still slaughter him. Legend of a player. Shite Manager a rock at our lowest ebb money grabber died in the wool blue nose. In my top 5 of people I would like to have a Pint with. I think we put expectations on people that are unrealistic. McCoist is a legendary footballer for Rangers but ultimately he is just a bloke from Bellshill
  3. Not sure why you have chosen Kent as a comparison to Morelos. Seems a strange crusade to pick. Kent has been probably our best player this season after Morelos. Except Kent, who is the same age as Morelos, has had zero disciplinary problems. Yeah he, like Morelos, got sucked in to Browns wee games but he never got sent off. So immediately the judgement will be kinder. But people aren’t angry at Morelos because of yesterday alone. People are angry at Morelos because he has done it repeatedly all season. Cost us on numerous occasions. Has received unbelievable backing and support and continues to be a fudd and doesn’t learn. The exact incidents of Kent and Morelos may have some comparison in that they both got suckered by brown but in every other way they are completely different
  4. The anger should be directed towards the completely different standard we get refereed to. Morelos deserves the ire of the fans because he has had ample opportunity to learn and hasn’t been able to. He reacted. He got sent off. The game became significantly harder as a result. He got his 4 th red card and is banned for 4 games Kent has no track record, he didn’t get sent off and he almost pulled a result out the bag and was, in Gerrards view, the best player on the pitch. His reaction looks like getting him a 2 game ban Its pretty clear why the reactions are different However in the interests of uniting the fans, unite behind the fact we are the most ill disciplined team in the league according to the stats and there is still pressure being applied that we are treated preferentially.
  5. I just don’t see what he gets a ban for? The wee niggle at Alfie’s ankles? Doing the Broonie in the vicinity of our fans? Hiding the ball from Kent? Hes done nothing really ban-worthy in this recent game. They might pick one of his future indiscretions and make a meal of that but nothing from Sunday will be considered and I happen to agree that it shouldn’t.
  6. A ban for whit? Being classless? Boo hoo. All this is akin to “a big boy done it and ran away” sick o hearing about Scott brown tbh. We need to look at ourselves first and foremost. Morelos is a fudd. We have lost 3 goals to them from our possession. We have made individual mistakes. The defending even after Tav gave the ball away was utter pish. If we sort out our own shortcomings Scott Brown will be an irrelevance. He is and they are shite.
  7. Bakbear


    Not sure I can get on board with this. He is 28. In his prime. He is just off the back of an international break. They had the winter break too. He might have played every game but, just to paraphrase the old magic hat, his loading should have been managed. I can understand that at the end of a single game where he has run himself into the ground he can be open to an error due to fatigue. But the total amount of games shouldn’t be a factor anymore. Perhaps before Christmas wth the Thursday Sunday loading but not now.
  8. Brown has no class. So fuck. We should stop whining like wee lassies and start winning games so his no class can present itself in other ways. Scott Brown fucked with our players heads and got one sent off to affect the outcome of the game, another sent off in the tunnel affecting the selection for the next game and provoked an off the ball incident that will likely be subject to trial by TV and see one of our best players unavailable. We can all squeal all we like about big bad broon but we are letting a bang average thug get right inside our heads instead of just ragdolling him on the pitch and showing him up for what he actually is. Actual embarrasing the way both the players and the fans build this guy up so much. My only regret is that he will be retired by the time we man up enough to dominate a midfield again.
  9. Us in talks with Davis for a permanent deal is the worst news of the whole weekend. He has made zero impact on loan and he is only going to deteriorate. We need forward thinking for next year.
  10. I have every faith in Gerrard. Far far better Rangers teams have gone to parkhead and been beaten off of far far worse scum teams by more than the odd goal. Even with 11 v 11 rightfully no one is happy getting beat off them ever but a 2-1 reversal at their midden, given the overall circumstances shows that we are close under Gerrard. this seasons done, it was after the sheep cup game, which I am still raging about, but I fully believe that next season will be a totally different affair. Gerrard has worked wonders with some of these guys and once he shuffles the pack again and brings in a bit more quality and stronger mentality we will go toe to toe in the league race
  11. Good. Glad he is only here on a loan and look forward to him leaving quietly in the summer
  12. Katic is 22. Older actually than Worrall. Gaffer prefers Worrall. That’s it in a nutshell. I think the majority of fans disagree and the remainder would argue there is little between them. My view is Katic should be playing but I am not he Manager
  13. I used to feel exactly the same and then.... Kent
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