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  1. Let’s End The Uncertainty

    We absolutely mugged Hibs last night. Murty knows it, the players know it and everyone in here knows it. I don’t believe it tells us anything about Murty’s managerial candidacy. We were woeful. Especially first half. Sloppy in possession, Lost our shape time after time, our fullbacks were getting roasted, our midfield was completely lacking any composure, first half was awful with several players looking amateur. Alves for the first goal was so slow and ponderous it’s hard to believe. Of course all of that made the win all the more enjoyable. Murty has been given until the end of the year, if the results are good over that extended period then maybe he should get longer. But I really don’t think he is the right guy for the job long term and nothing from last nights game would change my view on that.
  2. Shortest ever player?

    An ex-player and doubtless shorter than he was when he played.
  3. Shortest ever player?

    Willie Henderson was 5ft 4
  4. Shortest ever player?

    Willie Henderson?
  5. Shortest ever player?

    John Spencer was tiny too
  6. Shortest ever player?

    Billy Gilmour?
  7. Derek McInnes

    I hope beyond all hope it’s because we didn’t want his assistant.
  8. Why is this an embarrassment?

    Can’t deny it’s a full on riddy. However if he has chosen to stay at the sheep rather than join us then we have dodged a bullet. Clearly didn’t fancy the challenge and better we know that now and upfront rather than be stuck again 6 months from now Next
  9. The midfield problem.

    Jordan Thompson?... never mind, apparently still on loan at Raith Rovers Kranjcar... no laughing at the back
  10. Honest mistakes or something more sinister?

    Anyone who believes it’s a level playing field at the moment is bonkers. We are definitely getting the shitty end of the stick. But there is nothing to do about it except fucking win. The scum have taken over as the establishment club and the whole of the game is now heavily weighted in their favour
  11. Ryan Jack Red

    Looks like you are in the minority. May is nowhere near the ball so not a 50/50. The studs are above the players ankle because his ankle is on the ground and jack just made a pass that involved his foot to be off the ground. The studs also happen to be pointing at the ground. Look at the line of his eyes throughout the incident. He is 100% focussed on the ball. Absolutely no intent. Absolutely not reckless. Not a lunge. Not off his standing leg. Not uncontrolled. Just a determined focus on making a pass. Has to be rescinded although given this would be the third time I guess the FA might feel they need to back their refs
  12. Ryan Jack Red

    The guy is mental? How many reds had he received before joining Rangers? How many reds has he had that weren’t reds? Yesterdays was not even close to being “mental” it was fucking tame and I fail to see how it can even be a foul. I get it that it look a sore one for May but it was Mays own fault. Accidental collisions happen, it’s a contact sport. It’s inevitable that if two players run towards a ball from different directions occasionally they will bump into each other. It should be appealed and it should be rescinded. Which would be 3 red cards so far for the season that have been rescinded. Has that ever happened in the history of football? Questions have to be asked
  13. Barry Ferguson coming back to Ibrox

    You know I think it’s the Jock Wallace era guys that think all you need is an indomitable winning mindset and you can will a team into being champions. Not only is that not correct, it is also somewhat disrespectful to the abilities of Jock Wallace. Barry Ferguson was a great player, a true winner and is obviously died in the wool bluenose. But he was also a moaning bastard. He berated his team mates instead of encouraging them. He created cliques in the dressing room, he comes from an era of less professionalism, he loves a good leak to the press and he has on occasion let himself and the club down by thinking he is bigger than the badge There is a very fine line to be found between driving players to a better performance and shrinking them into their shells. And frankly in this day and age where most footballers are millennials, that line is far harder to stay on the right side of as millenials are such snowflakes. I have less of an issue with BF than some but I don’t see him as a great addition to the coaching staff. I would much prefer Murty and JJ were developed. Having said all that, I would also prefer BF than Docherty. That would be a fucking travesty.
  14. Murty wishes he'd played for us

    Has done admirably whenever called upon but lacks stature and doesn’t have the gravitas to be full time manager. frankly I think he is just TOO nice
  15. Ryan Jack Red

    I don’t think it’s a red but it’s a tough one for the ref coz he is looking right at the studs on the ankle and it’s looks a bad one however it’s because May is too far away and pulls back. Not a red but not the worst decision we have had this season. Probably not even the worst mistake made against Jack