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  1. Bakbear


    Compare and contrast with David Edgar. He is producing absolute tonnes of quality content and asking for a couple of quid a month. With something like 5000 subscribers he is coining it in but in return for a shit load of hard work. He’s still no getting my pound 50 though.
  2. Bakbear


    I can rarely bring myself to be critical of people who try such a ludicrous money making venture. If some daft cunts are willing to send him money for photos of newspapers then more power to his elbow. Fools and money are soon parted. He seems to have cottoned on to this. It’s not even like he is trying to hoodwink anyone he is brazenly asking for donations to take photos of his papers. If folk choose to do so then he is a genius
  3. Bakbear

    Gascoigne Bites Back

    Honestly I am just embarrassed by how backward our country is. Between the fanzone thing. This Gazza fiasco and that recent debacle on prominent chairmen calling for no help to Rangers. The whole fucking game is shamed. for the life of me I can’t understand how they continue to get away with it. Abject apathy I guess
  4. Bakbear


    There is an awful lot that comes down to luck and timing in football and I think Docherty has had bad luck in that he was shipped out on loan at a time when others have stayed and made an impression. Example. If he had stayed and Halliday had gone out on loan would Docherty be getting the recognition Halliday now is? As someone said earlier, if Halliday can be turned into the player he is at the moment then I am sure Docherty could have improved too but it probably won’t work out now and I think he will be away at the end of his loan. He is just not going to come back in and dislodge our current midfield options.
  5. Bakbear

    Oviemuno Dominic Ejaria

    Aye. The three mentioned are quality. I just wish they were ours.
  6. Bakbear

    Oviemuno Dominic Ejaria

    This irks me. I just can’t get comfortable with this loan system. Call me old fashioned but I prefer owning our players. That’s the three you mention and Worrall that are looking like mainstays of Gerrard’s team. Leaves us pretty exposed when season ends and they go back to their parent clubs. I get that we benefit this season but I would rather Katic, Jack, Grezda, and Middleton were mainstays come season end, established for the forthcoming 6 in a row.
  7. Bakbear

    Steven Naismith

    Didn’t want McGregor back, didn’t want Lafferty back ..... still don’t want Naismith back. Or Steven Davis as he is another one that always blips up The first two are back and McGregor in particular is redeeming himself with his infield contribution and then some. Lafferty, let’s see, but he is definitely doing his best to make amends. Ultimately if the decision is made to bring any of them back and they then do the business on the park, then there is fuck all else to do but support the team I will never forgive any of them for the way they left but at the same time all that matters now is winning 55 and if they contribute to that then we will all be celebrating. That being said, I think we can do better than Naismith even ignoring his behaviour
  8. Bakbear

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Fucking really hope he doesn’t leave. If he does I think they will bring in Popcorn teeth. And that would be bad. I dislike that fucker enough where he is, and he would likely get more out of them. Rodgers is a busted flush and I hope he stays while we get 55 in the bag
  9. Bakbear

    Stevie G " Every player is for sale"

    Precisely why this is a non-story. He basically is saying all players have a price but we are no longer the bargain basement.
  10. Bakbear

    Joe Worrall.

    It’s not even in the top ten of nonsensical stuff he has said
  11. Bakbear


    He looked like he was running in treacle a couple of times last night. I feel much more confident in Katic.
  12. Bakbear

    Stevie G " Every player is for sale"

    I actually prefers the comments on Livingston is not forgotten. That’s exactly how I feel and I am glad the gaffer is still stinging from that result. Hope it drives us on for a strong run of consistency
  13. Bakbear

    6 wins out of 6 required during October

    I wouldn’t even really know who I would want to pick up points out of the other lot. I guess Hearts and Sheep mostly. I don’t think the sheep are up to much this time round
  14. Bakbear

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

    This is going to be a very tight race for the title. Hibs and Hearts are no mugs. The gap at the top between the Old firm and the rest is about as close as it’s ever likely to get
  15. Bakbear

    Morelos Goal

    Great build up play too Edit; I was thinking of the Arfield goal