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  1. Bakbear

    SG straight up the tunnel?

  2. Bakbear


    I guess I didn’t put that in the same bracket as I considered him a “try before you buy” at the time. It probably wasn’t in hindsight but didn’t know that then
  3. Bakbear

    *****Official Rangers v Hamilton Thread*****

    McGregor Tav Goldson Katic Barisic Jack Rossiter Arfield Candeias Lafferty Grezda
  4. Bakbear


    This all day long. This approach of loaning youths from England to develop them for others benefit is both fucking embarrassing and pointless. Been saying this since Warburton started this pish. Kent is doing okay but I would still rather develop our own. If a player comes on loan on a “try before you buy” type arrangement then fine, but not with a view to develop them for their parent clubs. We are fucking Rangers not some feeder academy
  5. Bakbear

    Deliver the League Title

    Another thought I had this morning is that Gerrard has been talking recently about he now knows who he can rely on. He said let night that with a full strength squad we might have won I think we will start to see a more settled 11 now. Hopefully a back four of Tav, Goldson, Katic and Barisic candeias right, Kent left with Morelos up top and the other 3 positions up for grabs between Grezda, Jack, Arfield, Rossiter, Middleton and McCrorie Ejaria, Worral, and Coulibaly can fuck off any time they like
  6. Bakbear

    As a support (re: middleton)

    Football fans have always reflected the wider societal problems. Today’s society is all about instant gratification. No patience at all. Like Simon Sinek says, people want to be at the top of the mountain but don’t want to do the climbing. Middleton is a decent prospect who is working his arse off to improve. His attitude is spot on and the ability and experience will come. He wasn’t our worst player tonight. The only players that should get pellets from our support are the ones who hide or don’t try. We have had plenty over the years. The ones that work their arse off and commit to the team should be actual supported u til such times the manager decides if they have the ability. If any player is working hard and trying his best it’s not his fault if he isn’t good enough and the manager picks him middleton however is not in that category
  7. Bakbear

    Deliver the League Title

    You keep doing you. Time will tell who is right
  8. Bakbear

    Deliver the League Title

    Middleton is 18 ffs. Grezda is coming in to a game. Coulibaly is utter dross right enough.
  9. Bakbear

    Deliver the League Title

    Naw. Winners win titles. Footballing men win football matches. Leaders win titles Steven Gerrard is a straight talking, no nonsense winner who live and breathes football. He is not here for the money he is here for the fight. He has taken us from a European laughing stock to a couple of unlucky breaks from qualification out of the group stages of the UEFA cup having played teams with 10 times our budget. Some inconsistency aside he has us back at the sharp end of the league table and has corrected our home form as well as taken us 11 games unbeaten in Europe. All in one transfer window. Imagine what he will do with 3 or 4 windows. I repeat talk of sacking him is madness
  10. Bakbear

    Deliver the League Title

    Ally got loads of time. And if you can’t see the difference between Gerrard and the other two imposters then I don’t know what to tell you. I hear cricket is a popular sport?
  11. Bakbear

    Deliver the League Title

    There is no way we are winning this season and there is no way we should sack Gerrard. I have seen enough to know he is going to be a top manager and he needs time to build a winning mentality. He is making mistakes but is learning from some. I wish to fuck he would learn from the chopping and changing of the center halves though. Needs to settle on Goldson Katic partnership and needs to be a lot more bold with the tactics. Too cautious. Talk of sacking him if he doesn’t win the league is madness.
  12. McCrorie made some great covering tackles tonight. Dug McAuley our a couple of times. He does the job of protecting the center half’s very well. Allowed Jack to be more forward thinking and Jack had a decent game. Arfield should have been central. I think McCrorie between two banks of 4 and Arfield and jack central with Grezda and Middletonon the wings would have been a great set up with hindsight
  13. Bakbear


    He’s the right back with the highest number of assists on our team. Did I read right that he has highest assists in the league? Cannae cross but.
  14. Bakbear


    Tav was very good defensively tonight just didn’t create as much as usual. You obviously got the wrong memo. Coulibaly is yer man tonight
  15. Baws. Coulibaly was a fucking man down