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  1. Bakbear

    Satisfying and Fulfilling Expectations

    I tried convincing myself to stay away from the forum until I grew ma baws back but here I am anyway. I agree, I don’t think he conceded the title at all. I think he was trying to get the message across to the players that they have to focus on the basics before thinking about winning trophies. His message is consistent, we need to win the battles first, we need to show the hunger, the pressing football we are capable of and we need to show it in every game not just the big ones. I don’t think he is surprised by the low standard he is dealing with, on the contrary I think like so many other managers before him, he has underestimated Scottish football. Like so many others, he thought if he brought in EPL experience like Davis then Defoe then we would open up the Scottish defences. Scottish football is not just a lower standard of game. Scottish football is a different game. Scottish football is a war first and a sport second. We need more warriors on the pitch than footballers. Our players all need to have the mindset of Ross McCrorie. Not the skills of him but the mentality. He never shirks a challenge, never gives an inch. His skills still need developing but nothing wrong with his mentality. From that team at the weekend The likes of Worrall, Davis, Barisic, Tav are too weak hearted. Davis I was really shocked by. We need to win the battle in the heart of the park. Only when we do that will we be able to play football. Gerrard has to know this and he has to find the right players to do that for him or he will start to lose the fans.
  2. Bakbear

    Fair tackle.

    Again I agree. However don’t overlook Hibs Aberdeen and the rest. They are not far behind. It’s not solely celtic fans who have claimed the Scottish national team for themselves. Actually it seems to be more the jacobites. I have said often it really started with John Reid. But make no mistake the propaganda has worked on the rest too.
  3. Bakbear

    Fair tackle.

    I agree with this. But I honestly don’t know of any other countries where the hatred is so manifest. We are talking about a country that loaded it’s European representatives with games which prevented it from achieving an amazing UEFA cup win. Other countries bend over backwards to assist. We are talking about a country that chucked one team out of the league and tried ever so hard to deny them access to any of the league structure whereas in other places (Marseille in France, Juventus and Fiorentina in Italy etc) the FAs try to help their clubs the media in most countries take pride in their teams representing them on a European stage. Not so this cesspit. Most national fans put aside club allegiances when the national team plays. Not so Scotland. The only team I have ever seen that boos their own players because they play for a club they hate. The only nation where the supporters of biggest club in the land mostly don’t attend games because of the hate I could go on and on. We all know it. I get every country has rival clubs who hate each other. I posit that no country is as hate filled as Scotland.
  4. Bakbear

    Fair tackle.

    It’s the hatred. I agree it’s in every walk of life but it manifests starkly in the football They believe, or at least do their best to pretend they believe, that the game is rigged in our favour. Outside of us two. The rest of Scotland say the game is rigged in the old firms favour but mostly big bad Rangers. Sporting rivalry is one thing and indeed is an attraction, what would be the point of sport without rivalry after all. But there has to be mutual respect. There is not only a complete lack of respect in our game but it’s actually out and out hatred. We hate celtic Aberdeen Hibs and Dundee united. They all hate us even more. We dislike most teams. They all hate Rangers. Rangers, through years of careful and sustained propaganda, has become a by-word for bigotry and sectarianism. If you are a Rangers fan you are, in every other football fans eyes, a knuckle dragging, bigoted troglodyte stuck in a different century. That’s the narrative. That’s the propaganda and it has seeped into cultural consciousness. We try to build bridges... we get taking for a ride. We try to fight our corner ....we get ostracised further and accused of elitism. Rangers bad no matter what we do. Maybe I see a different perspective from afar and it’s not as bad as it seems but it looks awful from here.
  5. Bakbear

    Fair tackle.

    Fortunately being an expat he doesn’t need to be exposed to it yet. He doesn’t go to school with supporters of other Scottish teams. Most of the kids at his school support English clubs, or Spanish. Or even PSG or Bayern munich. Don’t think there is a single Scottish kid in his year But the idea that he wouldn’t be exposed to it because he doesn’t read newspapers is a bit outdated. It’s all over social media which is where everyone gets their awareness these days, not reading newspapers. I don’t even mean that at 6 he shouldn’t be exposed to it. I am thinking when he is 11/12/13. Anyway this was intended as a commentary on the state of our game and the hatred that continues to consume it, shouldn’t have brought my kid into it. My bad.
  6. Bakbear

    Fair tackle.

    I guess my point is their shouldn’t be the phrase “politics of football” it should just be a sport. I get that there is some added cultural attachment in Scotland. But it’s gone way way too far now. Our game is far more about propaganda, politics and whatabouterry than it is about the joy of kicking a ball about. I don’t plan on sitting My kid down and saying “well it all began when a catholic priest set up an exclusive catholic club....” or start talking about the famine or SNP. Kids learn from seeing.
  7. Bakbear

    Fair tackle.

    Mate. It’s fuckin soul destroying. Football was never about this. It’s not meant to be about endurance and suffering. And I don’t mean supporting Rangers, I mean Scottish football. My club will always be my club but the whole game is fucked. The lower leagues were better than this pish. It’s not about the so called “banter years” between 2012 and today it’s about the hatred in the game I am in Oman, my boy has a Rangers top and knows his favourite players (Tav, Halliday and Morelos) he sees me watching every game, although he only watches the early kick offs himself. He only knows the football But the hatred in the game is all pervasive. He asks why our players are getting sent off. He asks why do I think celtic are the bad guys. He asks about referees and commentators and supporters songs. Our game is toxic and no amount of “no surrender” is going to change that. Unless there is a gutting of the footballing authorities and a massive resetting of how it’s run, for the benefit of all clubs then I don’t see how any father is going to keep their kids interested. The media is so anti-Rangers, that I know folk that mock Rangers even though they don’t know anything about Scottish football. At the end of the day its supposed to be a sport. A game. Fun. Enjoyment. It’s not supposed to be a battle. A propaganda war. I shouldn’t need to have “spirit” to follow my club. I shouldn’t need to take political positions because politicians are victimising my club. Members of parliament shouldn’t be acting in favour of their teams. National broadcasters shouldn’t be demonising our players and our fans. I will always love Rangers. Doesn’t mean I can’t despise Scottish football and frankly why would I want that for my son
  8. Bakbear

    Fair tackle.

    Mind when we talked about sublime passes, mazy runs and great goals? Now it’s all “they get more decisions than us, they have more supporters in positions of power than us, it’s all a conspiracy” shite about peados and taxes and Pacific Shelf and Sevco. Games fucked. All the enjoyment sucked out of it. My 6 year old lad is getting into football in a big way. I don’t know how I explain the Scottish game to him. It’s fucking tempting to let him be a Chelsea supporter or Man City or whatever, anything’s better than trying to explain the cesspit of Scottish football scottish football the game that hated itself to death
  9. Bakbear

    Fair tackle.

    It’s the badge on the front that matters, not the name on the back.
  10. Where does he say he is unlikely to stay? He says he is Liverpool’s player. Which he is.
  11. Bakbear

    Fair tackle.

    You know we can be as facetious and flippant as we like about this but I’ll admit to getting scunnered with it all. At 42 years of age and living overseas I am just about ready to chuck it. The games fucked. It’s actually embarrassing. What must Gerrard be thinking about this tinpot backwater pish. A Compliance Officer with certain allegiances that takes her directions from watching the BBC coverage. Shock jock pricks like Sutton and Stewart who just spout controversial pish to get a reaction. No responsibility for the hatred and anger that they stir up. The list is endless of the lack of parity and one sided treatment The treatment Alfredo is getting is fucking brutal and while we can argue it’s because of his race or nationality, it’s simply because he is a Rangers player, if he was wearing the hoops it would be a completely different narrative. He’d be a 30 million pound player by now, I dare someone to tell me that’s not true? It’s been going on for over a decade now and it’s not even subtle. The SFA and SPFL need fucking gutted and the whole lot thrown out and start again with complete transparency on the independence of the games administrators. The BBC Pacific quay needs carpeted and neutrality restored. Ditch the click bait era controversy and bring back fair factual reporting The whole country has been completely fucking poisoned by fenian wankers and their agenda. I recall when Rangers fans demanded that “we deserve better” from our board, well now it’s we deserve better from the authorities.
  12. Aye yer heart sank because yer heart is the size of a pea. Like yer nads. A loser who recruited losers and instilled a loser mentality throughout the club that is only just being exorcised
  13. Bakbear

    Morelos incident

    Check my earlier posts. This is what I though too but seeing the way his left leg is dragged up into the air and then as it falls back down McKenna thrusts up into his face forcing him to turn away i stand by the opinion that Morelos is innocent in this. It’s a tangle of legs ending in a thrust up by the Aberdeen player
  14. Bakbear

    Morelos incident

    Oh and just looking more at that Willie Vass photo. You do recognise that McKenna is pushing himself up in the picture right? Like he is actually fully extended up and thrust toward Alfie’s face so actually he is pushing up on to Morelos foot
  15. Bakbear

    Morelos incident

    And whit? What goes up must come down. His leg has been forced up by the fall and it has to come back down. It doesn’t come down with any force and he doesn’t make any forced motion at all. It’s gravity. What else can he do its tangled legs that’s it