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  1. Delighted and pleasantly surprised by the signings we have made already. I was certain that players would have to leave before additions would be made. Now that we have signed two big money strikers I think the biggest focus has to be reducing numbers. I don’t disagree that another box to box midfielder would be ideal but we need to get rid of an awful lot of deadwood now.
  2. Whole team is playing shite. Different thing. no urgency. No passion. Playing like a training game. We have 10 to stop. This is not acceptable as a performance
  3. Christ. I thought I had missed the football. This is woeful.
  4. Hagi must have had too many photo shoots or something ,he has looked a mile off The pace today.
  5. Training game. no urgency. no passion. Football without fans is shite
  6. What I have confirmed through this process is the following; - lockdowns are a bad time to frequent forums - football should be played on a pitch - corruption is pervasive and justice is rarely done
  7. Fuck all else to do but wait and see but I know your post history and I am intrigued that you think this will land in anything other than that lot being awarded the title.
  8. What have I missed? is Doncaster no longer in Pete’s pocket? McLennan? MacKenzie? It’s all stitched up. Who is bringing it down and just btw what is Robertson actually saying AT these board meetings ? Because he is being presented by McLennan as being a bit of a shitebag.
  9. I’m sorry but having spent a fair amount of time in lockdown reading up on everything that has transpired I can’t see how this ends well for us. highlighting corruption only matters when the corrupt are in the minority. surely to fuck we learned back in 2012 that the whole fucking system is rigged. In the intervening 8 years do you honestly think that all that corruption has weakened? No. It’s strengthened. I will be utterly astonished if this ends any other way than the Taigs as champions. I think the compromise will be no promotions or relegations. But the prize money handed out on current standings and the record books capturing the final standings. Taigs in CL next season everything else swept under the carpet. it could well be that Doncaster falls on his sword and another puppet is dragged from somewhere to take his place while Doncaster goes on to serve on a Non exec board somewhere anyone expecting any other outcome is, I fear, naive.
  10. This is a wonderful moment of clarity.
  11. Bakbear


    There was a guy tampering with his fucking car. You can be as mentally strong as you want but that’s going to mess with your head
  12. You are very welcome. I thought it was helpful in order for your “a reporter IS a journalist” to be clarified into “a reporter is a specific role in journalism” Kind of like the guy who cleans the toilet is a specific role in Facilities Management.
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