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  1. This is just so much pish that I think I became significantly less intelligent just by reading it. I think I am over the internet now.
  2. Takes a big man to drop his captain. The wee general did it but not many others have. Gerrard needs to consider what kind of manager he wants to be. These are the kind of decisions that will make or break his managerial career. Tav simply has to be running out of chances.
  3. Hmm... there are definitely good corners and bad corners... he had some awful corners today.... but he hasn't got a corner assist this season has he? His assists in the last few weeks have been excellent. Still poor though... but lets not overcook it needlessly because it detracts from the point that he is weak minded and weak defensively and when off form like he is now he is not worth his jersey
  4. Arent assist creative by definition ?
  5. While i have firmly come round to your way of thinking on Tav and his loser mentality... I don't agree that he offers fuck all going forward.... right now he is bang out of form but he has it in hs locker to be very good going forward. He has still contributed some world class crosses this season despite being way off the boil
  6. Call it blind faith but I think Aribo can do a job linking middle to front, just don't expect him to battle.... Kamara and Ojo are too powder puff
  7. While i generally agree, Arfield is the link between middle and front and i think he has been off the whole season... we need someone else to fill that role and Stewart had a good couple of games... however whether its Stewart Arfield or Aribo that are acting as that link, if we don't win the battle first then its for nothing.... Jack helps us win that battle and we need someone with more of an engine than Davis ... Docherty has the engine, but lacks ability, who else do we have if Jack is out injured?
  8. collectively we are close.... we have certain individuals that i struggle to see them getting it.... Tav is one and happens to be our captain.... still seems to have the Warburton school of thinking that football is about luck.... great Rangers teams made their own luck
  9. his crossing is on a different level compared to Tav...
  10. I don't think too many people questioned the line up at the start of the match.... we have 3 players that are not cutting it this season, Tav, Arfield and Kamara..... I would add Goldson as well but he was okay today... Davis i see as a deep lying playmaker more than a Defensive Midfielder. I don't expect him to be throwing himself into tackles at his age, thats why he needs Ryan Jack in there beside him. I don't know enough about Andy King but if we weren't going to play him why did we sign him, for sure Docherty is not the player we would like but surely when there are players off form then the manager has to give others the chance Arfield was on the back of a big international week and he has been poor this season. Play Stewart who was fresh. Kamara was man of the match for Finland but he has been poor for us, give Docherty or King a chance, Tav has been dugshite all season, give Polster a chance I don't think its our system, i thin its our players and their undroppability
  11. Manager talks about certain players suiting certain games..... not quite sure which games Aribo suits but its certainly not the wars we are going to have with the leagues hammer throwers such as Livingston, Hearts and Motherwell.... he shouldn't start these games.....
  12. I think we have Barisic up the left side who has found some form... now is the ideal time to bench Tav. Let Flanagan sit on the right and Barisic go on the left..... Tav relies too heavily on workhorses balling him out, Candeias last season and Jack this....
  13. Said this in the match thread... he was fucking tragic today... every cross was piss poor... every corner, every free kick.... in a sea of bad performances i would venture that today was his worst.... Young Boys included
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