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  1. Not sure how this thread got past page 1. The answer is Flanagan and Polster. That should have been the end of it
  2. Morelos is born to play lone striker. If we were to play two up top I don’t think they would be the best partnership. They will both shoot 9 times out of 10 And only pass to each other if they absolutely have to
  3. Wes has been a top pro for us. Easy for him to Chuck his toys out the pram and down tools but he hasn’t complained and any time he has been called upon he has given his all. Looks a much better keeper than he did under Warburton.
  4. Bakbear

    Joe Aribo

    Buff, Katic and Aribo. That’s 60 million in transfer fees by 2021. 😏
  5. Doubt it. Two players, one position. I am happy with one replacing the other. Whichever way they start it must be a depressing sight for a defender to see one go off and the other choking to get on.
  6. I suspected he would reference the pitch and he wind. Think the first half we really struggled with both. That said still several very bad performances.
  7. Bakbear

    Joe Aribo

    Ooft. Shite. Aye maybe Arfield instead of Jones
  8. Bakbear

    Joe Aribo

    Was shitin it that he was going to get injured. My front 6 would be Davis Jack and Aribo midfield with Jones Morelos and Ojo up front. Defoe on at 65 minutes.
  9. Bakbear

    Joe Aribo

    Worth a bump I reckon
  10. Ally McCoist makes me think twice about drinking. Fucking state of him
  11. Thought Helander and Edmundson were good. Jones did ok as well.
  12. Reckon he might put more focus on the conditions and the pitch.
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