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  1. I have been massively critical of the mentality of this group of players. No more. They have done it. The psychological barrier has been torn down. Let’s fucking go.
  2. Bakbear


    He shouldn’t be. But let’s see. Katic is far superior to Helander
  3. Bring on 55. The mental block has been breached.
  4. Morelos getting sent off for that is wrong and Gerrard is being harsh with his comments about it. The Gaffer bringing Helander into a Katic goal is so fucking wrong and him saying that Barisic shouldn’t have been having a dig with that free kick is utterly bollocks. all round poor match reaction from the gaffer, maybe needing his hole. but fuck it we won 2-0 away from home to a team in form so we need to find something to moan about don’t we.
  5. Best centre half as it stands and with the most growth potential. he should be first choice.
  6. Totally underwhelmed by his signing but surely to fuck he was a better option than Ojo and Barker these last few games. Against Aberdeen for sure he should have been on. Something to prove and better than Ojo
  7. What a turnaround for him. Brilliant His face was tripping him at the end and he disappeared straight up the tunnel.
  8. I always believe the manner in which things are done is a more important predictor of future success as the result on the night. beyond delighted that we have qualified from this group but we have been very bipolar again. We can be a fucking joy to watch and then suddenly from nowhere we shoot ourselves in the foot. Even on a night that is definitely for celebrating it worries me to fuck
  9. Fuck Aberdeen. And Hibs. They are an irrelevance that are pining for our hatred. i long for the day when the taigs revert to being the irrelevance chasing our hatred
  10. Said it before and I will say it again Winners are more important than leaders and leaders are more important than Captains. Tav played well on Sunday, by all accounts.(I only saw 40 minutes of the game). Him being Captain hasn’t cost us the final. Him being a perennial loser with deep mental scars from years of playing second fiddle to that lot, however was likely a factor. We have too many players that have yet to discover the winning mentality. I believe some will find it and others will just never get it. I don’t think Tav will ever get it and that’s why I don’t believe he should be Captain. Not because of any one performance but because he lacks the winning mentality. On the pitch on Sunday we just couldn’t find a way to win and that’s what winners do. It’s an intangible mindset and I do believe we are getting closer. If Morelos was on form we would be celebrating that final mental hurdle. Instead we have to go again. Morelos is someone that I believe will develop the winning mentality once he gets past the mental block. His inner drive has allowed him to sort his discipline and start becoming a top player and with that fire in him it’s inevitable he will develop into a winner. But he is not there yet and others such as Goldson, Tav, Kamara, Aribo and Kent still have to prove that they have what it takes to deliver when it matters for this club. Plus Helanders pace still gives me the fear but that’s a whole other subject.
  11. I am concerned that it’s not just our team that are accepting second best but many of our fans too. We totally dominated that game but it counts for fuck all. Winners find a way. Losers miss penalties and whine about the ref.
  12. Bakbear


    Reality is the decision of who was taking that Pen was made weeks ago after Tav missed his last one. its sickening that the next one came up in the biggest game for years but the decision was made and stuck to
  13. This was evident for a long time and manifest again against Aberdeen just during the week. I had to stop engaging with some folk who just kept going on about how many captains were on the pitch.
  14. It is understandable but surely not in the biggest match of the last 8 years ?
  15. Mind the days when Burns was taig manager and we would soak up all the pressure then hit them on the break 😬
  16. Sickens me to say it but there are Shades of “Goram broke my heart”
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