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  1. Can you not get Rangers Live over the internet down there?
  2. Just as I had given up on him, it sounds like he finally raised his game a notch or three.... It took me a long time to finally give up on him and I will now take a bit of convincing that this is not just another false dawn.... I really really hope he kicks on from here and becomes a legend for us, but I will bide my time before I start to believe it again.... Any links to his goal today?
  3. just in,,, how did smith play and where is dailly playing? BBC says smith had a creditable performance?
  4. You know, reading your post, it reminds me of exactly the arguement I was making on this forum a year ago and still clung onto as recently as December... unfortunately the evidence is no longer there for this to be even remotely true.... Lafferty has scored as prolificly as Boyd has in a center forward role, the team scored 5 against Hamilton without Boyd, invariably the number of goals the team scores with Boyd in the side is not wildly different from the number we score without him... (would love someone to run the stats on this) His attitude is stinking and the highlighted bit is, for me, becoming entirely moot. His overall game DOES need improving and he seemingly has no interest or ability to improve it.... Boyd has spunked his career away, he could have been the new Ally McCoist if he had learned the way Ally learned... he has not and in my opinon he will not improve. It saddens me that this guy with an unrivalled ability to score goals, did not knuckle down and improve the other basics of the game and become a legend for club and country.
  5. Papaguy...... I have defended Boyd to the hilt in the past and a few months ago we discussed this and I once again defended him because I believed him to be the best goalscorer we have had since Negri... Well, I will have my serving of humble pie now.... Boyds attitude is stinking.... for a brief period after the Burley fiasco, I thought he had finally woken up to himself... it seems that was a false dawn. Since the transfer window closed he has looked worse than I ever thought he could. His attitude is unacceptable and I am finally firmly in the Boyd must be dropped camp. It hurts me to say I was wrong about him because I really wanted him to prove his detractors wrong, unfortunately it seems he did not want it as badly as me. He now epitomises everything that is wrong with our club and both he and Ferguson should leave at the end of this season PG, you were right, I was wrong...
  6. I am pretty impressed the way our coaching team have worked with Pedro mendes to turn him from a mercurial passer of the ball with neat close control and sublime vision into a hump it up the park specialist.... Not blaming Barry Ferguson but we have been nowhere near the side we were when he was out injured and Thomson was playing DM. I hate that scumbag Hartley but he is playing the game the way Barry should be, right in front of the central defenders pulling the strings... Ferguson should camp himself there and pick out the passes, let Mendes, Fleck and Davies make the runs and the movement
  7. Steven Whittaker. Boyd was the hero? No chance, if it wasnt for his incompetence in the first half we wouldnt have had to grind the game out. Incompetence????? You mean when Combe pulled off a world class save??? Unbelievable Or when Simon Ford and Frazer Wright continually beat him in the air or when he failed to hold the ball up etc, etc. Aye fair do's... Boyd is incompetent because he gets beaten in the air by two center halves that have kept a clean sheet for 4 games.... lets pack him off to cardiff city because he is not the best in the air.... all he does is score goals eh... and anyway the second one was a deflection Ludicrous...
  8. Steven Whittaker. Boyd was the hero? No chance, if it wasnt for his incompetence in the first half we wouldnt have had to grind the game out. Incompetence????? You mean when Combe pulled off a world class save??? Unbelievable
  9. What can we expect with 6 center halfs and 4 midfielders Broadfoot, Dailly, Weir, Cueller, Papac, are all center halfs and Hemdani can play there too McCulloch, Fergie, Davis, Burke all midfielders with only 2 of them being attacking in any way
  10. Ah something positive... come on guys, a wee reality check here, we are playing Barcelona at the Camp Nou... its not Falkirk at brockville.. we went behind to a handball and then a well worked goal, over the two legs we have been completely outclassed, we have not however been even a little bit embarrassed, I think hutton has has another good night and generally we have punched above our weight... keep working hard and we could nick one... mind you while typing this Barca are turning the screw
  11. the Naismith saga is a feckin joke. We are an absolute disgrace..... we should offer the money we think the kid is worth, if Killi play hard ball then we either make a final offer or we walk away... all this pish about 4 renewed bids and staged payments. If we think he is worth 1.5 million just pay the damn money already why wait for 9 months and 40 games??? I hope it is now done because I am no that bothered about getting him and frankly am sick of rangers being made to look like a circus
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