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  1. Maroon ribbons on the cup https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4tmRLfuVVM
  2. There are times when living close to hampden isn't so good the first thing I saw when I opened my curtains this morning was a car load of tims drivig past ... reminds me of the old joke what's the difference between a celtic supporters bus and a hedgehog and the answer is with the hedgehog the pricks are on the outside
  3. I would hope the management are looking at it
  4. The fact that they have been stockpiling money makes you see the way their diseased little minds have been working but really what is a fitting punishment for brining paedophilia into football!
  5. It does show how close we came to winning the league and also something we have to address for next season
  6. Surely if celtic are not punished for their part in this it just encourages other organisations to cover up child abuse ... so the question why is this character so defensive on celtic's behalf?
  7. Would be a great picture to use for it
  8. It really pays to have a decent defence late in games and we have just never quite managed to close out close games this season
  9. I'm not sure if it's true but apparently we would have won the league if the games only lasted 80 minutes. I'm just wonder why that would be the case I don't think it's a lack of fitness in fact Rapid complemented us on that so what could it be? I wonder if it's a lack of mental toughness? The one thing about teams who are used to winning is they always believe right until the end and that can often make the difference in a close game
  10. Was thinking last night if there's one good thing to come from the last few years it's that we do seem to be more in touch with our history now than we were before the long road back. And why not even hollywood would struggle to come up with something better than 3 young rowers leaving the water to start playing the new game of football at Fleshers Haugh ... and the institution that what they began that day would become
  11. Not to mention came very close to winning at breezeblock boulevard for the first time in quite a while
  12. The EBTs weren't illegal hence the reason why nobody is at her majesties pleasure for using them
  13. So if the compliance officer doesn't take action against someone who has as good as admitted cheating then what's the point of having one?
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