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  1. This is really getting to nuremberger he was saying at the weekend that the shares directors got in return for SGs spending money are worthless ... stir stir
  2. Is his wife up here? I also think he's had a big rivalry with Lampard all of his professional life so Frank having a big job down south may have turned his head a little ... but I still think if Liverpool is his goal he can learn all he's got the learn right here and fortunately he doesn't need the money. Other positives are us making a mark in Europe and dare I say it also decent opposition in the soap dodgers ... there's no doubt if we were running over the top of everyone he would be more likely to leave
  3. If your name is declan gallacher you should glue it on to avoid misunderstandings
  4. Perhaps brenda if he can keep Leicester up there?
  5. Suppose Mac is a better pro and perhaps when it's as close as this that makes the difference ... I wonder if Andy still comes along on match days to see that his "son" didn't turn out too bad
  6. Still sick that no one picked McLeod up still 4-4 was a hell of a game
  7. We really have to learn from the points spilled at tynecastle ... this game is as important as Thursday night and we expect the same 100%
  8. It's one of the best things in football to sign a player no one has heard of and watch him grow before your eyes
  9. Hope we really hit the ground running a good start is so important in these big games
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