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  1. Thermopylae

    Defoe's Wages

    If he winds us the league worth every penny
  2. Thermopylae

    I Spy Another Excuse

    A paranoid tim surely not
  3. Thermopylae

    Willie Henderson LEGEND

  4. Thermopylae

    Willie Henderson LEGEND

    I'm speechless! What a guy Perhaps it's my imagination but if it was something negative the beeb's headline would have been Rangers player ... can't believe we are still forced to bankroll this shower https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-46836747
  5. Thermopylae

    Winter break yes or no?

    Really looking forward to getting back to it now so that's a yes the problem is we have used up 2 weeks of decent winter weather with no games played and we could live to regret that
  6. Thermopylae

    Andy Murray Retires

    He probably wants to go out on a victory but last nights come back from 2 sets down is probably as close to that as he will get ... perhaps he should just have complete rest for a year and see if that helps although sadly that's probably the last throw of the dice
  7. Thermopylae

    Jakey Tims abusing Alfie at hotel

    The buckie bhoys
  8. A big difference is the age you were and probably the amount of games you went to the first one I was so young it almost seemed like that was just the way it was the second I went to all the games and that was probably worse but I didn't find the last one so bad because I was just glad to still have the club
  9. During septics 9iar it has to be said we did reach 2 European finals ... The 78 - 87 one was quite different because the new firm stopped the soap dodgers lining their pockets and also we modernised Ibrox during that time which added to the prestige of the club even if it wasn't quite happening on the park
  10. Thermopylae

    Andy Murray Retires

    Do you not think his tears tell a different story?
  11. Thermopylae

    Andy Murray Retires

    He's been really unlucky in the last couple of years because Djokovic's loss of form would have brought him more "slams" if only he had ket his fitness. I wonder if he will talk about what happened at school all those years ago when he becomes an ex-tennis player? Perhaps it would help to let it out?
  12. Only the beginning
  13. Our good victory must make us even more hungry that's the way of champions!
  14. Thermopylae

    Alex Rae got the wrong 9

    Memories of the smell of alcohol and urine from my early days at football stay with me
  15. Thermopylae

    Alex Rae got the wrong 9

    Was quite surprised he didn't know that Wilkins and Butched hadn't won the old English league