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  1. That's Glasgow football it's always been about feast or famine
  2. Perhaps all the praise has gone to their heads? We have still won nothing!
  3. Wouldn't be surprised if we do win both the old firm game but even if we did we would still manage to lose the league unless something changes in the players heads
  4. The devil as always in the detail look back and it's clear every time we have the chance to be a front runner we blow it ... somehow managing to lose the cup final was the last straw for me no more excuses after that and this fiasco at Tynecastle is unforgivable
  5. Perhaps if you don't have a lot of money winners are what you can't afford to buy? Ok we have bought talented players in nthe hope that we can make them into winners but perhaps that's easier said that done?
  6. Losing just isn't an option for a team of winners and I'm just not sure we have that
  7. We have to stay top of the league for long enough to watch the soap dodgers begin to disintegrate but for whatever reason it never happens
  8. Yesterday was the last straw for me it's just happened too often ... although I would love to be proved wrong!
  9. See if we could have won well at Tynecastle the panic would just have started to spread like wildfire right through their miserable little club but instead we just give the points to a team who can't buy a result
  10. Scary how similar it is to last years winter break with the OF victory and then a complete loss of form
  11. The OF win wasn't quite meaningless because not only did we get 3 points that week but ra shellic lost 3 but yesterday certainly takes a lot of the shine off it. The problem is we are just giving them all the confidence they need to get over the line I was listening to the clyde open line after their win against Ross County on Saturday and I've never heard such a negative bunch of tim callers after a 3-0 victory so they were obviously still in pieces after our win over there but then we go and lose to the bottom of the league team and let them off the hook AGAIN!
  12. To be completely honest you really do get the impression that the soap dodgers will get as many chances as they need to win the league because that's quite a few times now that we've put ourselves in a strong position only to lose the next game. Perhaps Gerrard is just one of those managers who's teams will always play good football but never actually win anything? I also think we have to look at what we're doing in the winter break because that's 2 years now that we've came back flat.
  13. Tims always grab anything that isn't nailed down and claim it as their own ... I've lost count of the amount who appear to think Paul McCactney is an RC because he mentions his late mother "Mary" in let it be. Liverpool always reminds me how hard football is to predict because I wonder what odds you would got back in 1990 on them not winning the league for the next 30 years!
  14. We failed to put pressure on the soap dodgers last year I hope we won't make that mistake again
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