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  1. Looks like it was designed by a committee
  2. They should blame the man from Jaffa
  3. She obviously knows how to get brownie points at the bbc
  4. Memories of the Battle of Britain game when Leeds got the first goal this Leeds fan a few rows in front of me in the Govan leapt to his feet and took a couple of punches ...could he have been sitting on the grudge for all these years?. Hope Garry's ok it takes a real piece of filth to attack someone in the game when they are out with their family
  5. Think he was always more of a Laudrup fan than a Rangers fan ... if you get my drift
  6. Kazakhstan showing the Yuri Gagarin spirit
  7. Can you imagine the column inches ... what we should do is exactly the same thing down to the smallest detail including number of dummies etc and let the mhedia try to make something of it after completely ignoring it first time around
  8. Well if this is oakaydoaky then presumably we can do a similar thing next time timothy is at the Brox?
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