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  1. Thermopylae

    No Surrender Liam Neeson

    My old dad's family were from Ballymena
  2. Thermopylae

    James Bond Son of William

    Can just see him sashing up in the aston martin
  3. Thermopylae

    Gerrard: I’ve got two teams in my heart now

    If nothing else this will really annoy timothy which of course is no bad thing
  4. Thermopylae

    Hairs up on the back of your neck

    Honestly better than sex
  5. Thermopylae


    A peach of a signing
  6. Thermopylae

    celtic PFC: China Syndrome

    It's always softly softly with septic regardless of their crime
  7. Thermopylae


    It's getting to the stage now that the excuses have to stop and I'm sure Gerrard realises this
  8. Thermopylae

    Lack of winners?

    I get the impression they don't actually believe that and as long as that's the case it certainly isn't going to happen
  9. Thermopylae

    Lack of winners?

    To be fair septic had a loss of form but that now looks to be over ... perhaps it came at least in part from rogers problems upstairs?
  10. Have to say no where better to be on the hundredth anniversary of the end of the great war surrounded by good people
  11. Thermopylae

    Gerrard post Spartak reaction

    What is concerning is after an initial bounce which can perhaps be put down to the players being thrilled to share the dressing room with a legend the team now seems to be on the slide so it's probably stating the obvious that he has to learn quickly and cut out the glaring errors
  12. Thermopylae

    Lack of winners?

    Really surprised that Liverpool have given one of their favourite sons Flanagan
  13. Thermopylae

    Lack of winners?

    Although a good coach will improve players you do ultimately get what you pay for ... perhaps this is no more true than with mentality?
  14. Thermopylae

    Gerrard post Spartak reaction

    Very hunched as well obviously a weight on his shoulders now Strange game really we went into it thin on the ground up front and yet ended up with 3 goals. I'm beginning to wish we didn't have 2 midfield players in Gerrard and McAllister in the dug out perhaps a former defender would have a better chance of sorting them out at the back because that really is where our problems lie
  15. I suppose given the way our teams tend to bomb in Europe it's hard to sell the product to a broadcaster ... also 2 games home and away going up to 4 or 5 with cups probably doesn't help when it comes to playing attractive football