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  1. That's football swings and roundabouts all the best to him
  2. A bit too soon perhaps but I think we may just have a gem
  3. Take the point but does that not just show how dire it was before? I just think it's easier to hold onto good personnel if the other clubs also have qulity
  4. Hey man I was looking for the cludgie and just wandered in
  5. The point is when he came here he knew he had to beat someone who in the past had one of the big jobs in English football and that's no longer the case
  6. I just think it would be a much bigger feather in his cap winning a league that contained one of their ex-managers rather than one where the only other big club is managed by a guy they've hardly heard of
  7. Do you not think Man U making a complete hash of it by appointing people with big reputations since Ferguson left would make them think twice about doing the same thing?
  8. I am inclined to agree although it's what is inside his mind that matters and most people in English football even in good times tend to look down on Scottish football ... and these aren't good times for our game
  9. Think the dam is just about to break ... big time!
  10. That is true but it's what they think of his progress inside Anfield that may worry him
  11. Problem is with Killie back in the pack we are going to be a 2 team league again ... also most of the teams being out of Europe by the end of August doesn't help
  12. I'm sure Stevie G is enjoying his time at Ibrox but I don't think it would be too controversial a thing to say that he will see his final destination as back at Anfield and for that has to happen he has to cut his teeth at a big club winning big games. Sad to say but Killie crashing out of Europe to a team called Nomads and our only real opposition replacing brendan rogers with a dumpling like lennon will do nothing to make Stevie G think his medium term future is here. I hope I'm wrong perhaps a really good run in Europe will make a big difference but sad to say no one down south will take any domestic success seriously now that brenda has disappeared
  13. I have to say all very encouraging ... it's been quite a while since I've looked forward to a season as much as I'm looking forward to this one
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