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  1. My point exactly they can't only use it when it suits them
  2. Jambo texted clyde saying if the tims can win it after 30 games then they want the 1986 title
  3. If the virus does continue until the summer I can't see how they can play for a year non-stop going straight from this season into next in August
  4. Lennon is like a spoiled child who's just have his favourite toy taken off him and told to wash up for dinner
  5. Vesuvius on London road right now https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51858736
  6. A lot of the big teams in the latin countries especially get piddling little crowds for the games the supporters don't fancy
  7. Nice picture of the million red Welsh bricks
  8. I think we are a very good investment ... the loyalty of the fans (or the customers if you prefer) was shown by the way Ibrox stayed full during the years in the lower leagues ... I really don't think many other big clubs could have managed that
  9. Even the Chinese have struggled with this one and they have the advantages of an authoritarian society
  10. Makes pretty grim reading I have to say
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