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  1. We excel where as others just make do with lots of little posts
  2. No health and safety in these days ... great pictures everyone
  3. Hopefully the prosecution will be as inept as the ones were who allowed whyte to walk away a free man
  4. Good players always make the opposition look poor
  5. Still got a little bit of the old accent
  6. We had 4 Ferguson's didn't we (Eric, Derek, Ian and Iain) although not quite all at the same time
  7. I think we do need some home based players it's really just a question of are they good enough?
  8. Perhaps at least to some extent this is a mixed blessing because increasingly people will only be exposed to opinions they agree with. Ok back in the days of fleet street that still happened because most folk will always gravitate towards opinion they feel comfortable with but there was probably still more chance of folk moving outside of their little bubble and realising that there are other opinions out there even if they don't ultimately agree with them.
  9. The great tide of change is incredible if you were around fleet street in its hay day you would have thought it would have gone on forever but the future doesn't owe anybody a living it never has and it never will
  10. In life no matter how bad things get they always eventually turn and then the success is all the sweeter
  11. Newspapers are becoming an irrelevance anyway ... in previous elections their opposition to corbyn would have buried him but not this time
  12. And here's me wondering if the improved merchandise deal and the increased spending on the team meant that ashley had been welcomed into the fold
  13. We've yet to see brendan "didn't win a trophy before he came to Scotland" rogers under pressure and hopefully this season that will change and he will bottle it the same way he did at Anfield
  14. The tims bitter and twisted ways destroy their own argument how could they hate a newco as much as they hate us
  15. The first season especially ... you could see the fear in opposition eyes that we had such a great player in our ranks
  16. I used to go to the away games in the football special train back in the late 80s (even then it was an ancient piece of rolling stock they kept for Saturdays lol) and one of the guys used to have a massive box filled with about 400 rolls and gammon he used to sell at the games. I never actually bought one but I expect they were a bit rancid
  17. Very true ... my dad's family were Antrim farmers and even though I'm the first generation who haven't been back (yet) there's always a nice familiarity that comes from hearing an accent from across the water at the Brox. Fans who have to journey far to do what we locals take for granted are very much the life blood of our great club
  18. Excellent find ... little did they know what one of their line would leave to the world
  19. Just Laudrup but not by much. What's incredible is that we didn't do better in Europe at that time despite having 2 sublime talents at the club
  20. Waste of space ... we would have won 10 in a row if he could have been bothered
  21. We are the Rangers we have to win
  22. Did we not get a fee for him?
  23. Well earned
  24. Perhaps the new manager will bring out the best in him a new broom can often do that
  25. I bet you some tim would build that just so he could wreck it ... not that they are obsessed or anything