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  1. when was your first trip to Ibrox?

    St Johnstone at the end of the season we stopped the great unwashed's 10 in a row
  2. The price of football 2017

    Who said it was going to be easy competing with a team across the city who trouser 25 million every year from the champions league
  3. Derek McInnes

    I'm sure most teams that barcelona play are overly defensive
  4. The future of Hampden

    I can't help feeling the tims are lining up to pull the rug from under it no doubt thinking that their extra 10k seats will see breezeblock boulevard become the de facto national stadium. The truth is never trust a tim when it comes to using their position to advance their favourites position a I remember McNee saying about 20 years ago, when we had the clear successor to Hampden and the chance to coin it in, that Glasgow needed a "neutral acre" but I bet these days he will miraculously see the point in taking it around the country (and to the east end of Glasgow more than most)
  5. Derek McInnes

    Bitter little tosser
  6. Germany v France

    You just know that the Germans and French are only hugging each other in the EU because the alternative is to go to back to punching each other in the face ... football is just war by other means
  7. Republic of Ireland

    Nice that the north only went to on a exceedingly dodgy penalty where as the free staters got a good kicking ... a;ll together now WE ARE RED WE ARE WHITE WE ARE DANISH DYNAMITE
  8. The future of Hampden

    I'm sure liewell will appreciate yet another revenue stream
  9. The future of Hampden

    I've never been in the new stand that most of the money went into what's the view like from there?
  10. The future of Hampden

    He retired to Ireland I believe ... can't say I'm surprised
  11. NI v Switzerland

    And still they needed a dodgy penalty! Still Northern Ireland have nothing to lose going into the second leg and that's often when teams are at their most dangerous
  12. NI v Switzerland

    Were the Swiss not in the top 10 in the world recently?
  13. Derek McInnes

    A huge risk appointing someone with virtually no track record
  14. What the hell is going on?

    I agree, I think one more mistake and we really would be in the doo doo
  15. The only thing I remember about him is reading in an old Playing For Rangers book that they tied his boots together in training to shorten his strides
  16. My old BB captain was a teacher there I remember him saying he taught Ricky Sbragia and I think Alex as well
  17. Yet we're the bigots...

    Another few season tickets to aid the septic bank balance
  18. What about my suggestion that they be made to play the rest of the season with eye patches
  19. It's remarkable that anyone can even play professional football with one eye and these 2 gobby little tims think it's a laughing matter
  20. GVB

    I always think it's a big mistake to confuse the glamour someone had as a player with what they can offer as a manager ... John Greig and SAF for example
  21. The observers view

    I think the champions league funds septic have access to can be seen as quite daunting and as can so often be the case in life when up against it we only made our own situation worse when an attempt at thinking out of the box with caixinha to close the gap ended in disaster
  22. Derek McInnes

    It's roni dialia ffs
  23. Derek McInnes

    He should have won the league in daila's last season (just like we should have won the cup) ... I also have to say he was way too far behind septic last season to ever be a decent shout for the Ibrox job let's just hope we have sufficient funds to bring in someone who's up to it
  24. Steve McClaren

    Sweet Jesus please no!