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  1. match fixing? Anyone?

    As red as the pope's socks
  2. match fixing? Anyone?

    I just read a bit of the match report online
  3. To be fair it's not quite as certain as that no one really knows for sure what the club would be today with MA at the helm
  4. match fixing? Anyone?

    Was wasn't septic was it they were playing in red and black
  5. They must be sniggering down south at a guy who won nothing down there but is winning everything up here because of UEFA's £25 million fat cheques. The problem is his record in the Champions League has been so poor there may be no one in the EPL willing to bite
  6. Wounded animal.

    Years ago that would have been the case but it certainly isn't anymore. We have a real chance of turning timothy over next weekend because they will have one eye on the cup final and avoiding injuries and suspensions but that will mean nothing to this present team
  7. I almost wish Ashley had got control .. I'm not saying I do wish he had but who knows it may just have been the better option at least he wouldn't have came out wit drivel like we should be aiming for third place
  8. 49 years

    He's a spoonburber although he lives through here
  9. 49 years

    I have an acquaintance who works for hmrc and I can hardly look at him now let alone talk to him because they have given the great unwashed such a financial lead over us that it could be years before we get back at them.
  10. Talksport talking about Sundays chaos

    Perhaps some point in the future we will have HMRC on our side because their involvement certainly made liewell's job a whole lot easier
  11. Talksport talking about Sundays chaos

    The sad thing is we gave Caixinha so much of the money to blow ... honestly if you told me that liewell had a stooge on the board who got Pedro the job to put us even further into the mire I would almost believe you because I just can't see any other reason he became the Rangers manager
  12. Talksport talking about Sundays chaos

    It's a fair point always look in the mirror first and ask if I could have done more. ... TBH after the Ibrox game I think the team should have been fairy positive going into Sunday's match because we did lead them twice at the Brox and that's got to be worth something
  13. Give us your fucking money!!

    Good god
  14. Our troubles listed...grim reading

    I wish the last 7 years had been a tv show
  15. Our troubles listed...grim reading

    My old dad died in 2011 which is probably just as well because this would have killed him
  16. Enough is enough

    Can see both sides of this one ... it's a high risk strategy to remove our support because the season ticket income is really all the club has but the board feeling the branch creek beneath them may be the only way
  17. Twenty years since the little General arrived

    We had orange seats for quite a while
  18. Jimmy Nicholl

    Gordon Dalziel was saying that Murty spends most of his time in the dug out talking to Johanssen and virtually igniores JN
  19. Kris Boyd getting ripped into King

    Glad someone has finally came out and said it
  20. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    What about Jimmy Nic stepping in? It's obviously disintegrating for Murty now and I can't help feeling something has to change if we are to get European football next season
  21. The only positive from yesterday

    Right now is there anything else?
  22. The only positive from yesterday

    Nuremberg was shown up for the little bigot he is because to add to our woes he kept dropping into the conversation that we are now £17 million in debt and when DJ pulled him up about it telling him that it's going to be converted to shares the silence from Jo Columba was deafening ... not only a bitter wee tim but a shit journalist in procession of no facts whatsoever
  23. The only positive from yesterday

    I still remember how murray used to let every manky little tim tell lies about us and his time at the club didn't end well ... to make sure these people are always put in their place is just one of the things we have to change