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  1. Rancid BBC

    So even if you have a set in the house capable of receiving live TV pictures you don't need a licence?
  2. Best window since Walter returned?

    Very encouraging I have to say
  3. Rangers related picture thread

    Well Dundass, Tilburn and Briggs are now passed so who else would they ask
  4. Do you not think leagues need history to give the prize that little extra credibility? When we win the Scottish league it's not just the teams we beat this season it's the fact we are joining the great teams of the past
  5. Rancid BBC

    I'm not sure that's true it's a receivers licence ... if you didn't want to pay you would just have to say I never watch it
  6. I wonder what the big leagues think of a country of only 5 million people having 2 teams in the top 20? It does to show how Scottish football could be made to work if UEFA didn't keep throwing piles of money at septic
  7. Rangers related picture thread

    Hoping the old girl gets a mention in the new Churchill film
  8. Rancid BBC

    I have a house full of televisions I don't see why I should have to take them all to the tip if I don't want to watch them any more
  9. Rancid BBC

    Still hard to believe that we are forced to bankroll this shower
  10. Winter Break Yes or No?

    Saturday was a fine day for a game of football so I would have to vote against it ... truth is our climate is just too unpredictable
  11. Rangers related picture thread

    What a great thread I could click like on every post
  12. Rangers related picture thread

    I remember reading an article by Greigy in a really old playing for Rangers book and he said one of the ways we beat Bayern in 72 was by pressurising Beckenbaur into making mistakes but he said you could never do that with Bobby Moore because he was completely flawless
  13. Rangers related picture thread

    New worlds to conquer
  14. Rangers related picture thread

    Pretty dapper eh
  15. Ibrox Memorial Garden

    Wish I could find that quote from dempsy that it will cost far more to maintain than it ever did to build because the cheapest of everything was used
  16. Kris Boyd's new charity

    If he wasn't a tim he would probably be fine
  17. Winter Break Yes or No?

    Another fine day for a game of football ... nice to see the start of the blizzards are forecast for the team touching down at Glasgow Airport
  18. Winter Break Yes or No?

    Years ago that would have been paranoia but not any more
  19. Kris Boyd's new charity

    It's always good that people in the public eye associate themselves with mental health because it really is a huge taboo in our society
  20. Ibrox Memorial Garden

    It's important only the best of stuff goes into it because our climate is such that a few years down the line cheaper things can begin to look their age
  21. Ibrox Memorial Garden

    Bet the cooncil have a problem with it
  22. Ibrox Memorial Garden

    I think it will need better gates to keep timothy out he's probably already buying the spray paint
  23. MoJo, Electric Chair & The Sash

    So often the way with mixed marriages unfortunately
  24. MoJo, Electric Chair & The Sash

    I'm sure his dad used to sing it to him as he was spooning down his rusks