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  1. It's disappointing, but an improvement

    Sad to say but the only real difference between the last 2 old firm games is that timmy has a big European game coming up this time . I just think we have to be realistic here is there an improvement? I would have to say very little
  2. McCrorie

    A diamond in the rough
  3. After today will the board speak.

    To be fair they did back him pretty well in the transfer market although if you start by bringing in the wrong manager that may not be such a good thing
  4. Bunch of shitebags

    I guess that's the problem if you have the wrong manager he will bring in the wrong players. Fraser Wishart was saying today that our turnover last year was a quarter of theirs and if that's the case then we have to look for a manger who can put together a good hard working team full of supporters who want to beat them as much as we do ... I would love to see silky football but while they have all the money I just can't see us beating them that way
  5. Bunch of shitebags

    I'm almost whispering this but they haven't spend much of the last 2 years champions league money (yet?) ... also I'm not convinced by all this commitment shown by the Pedro on the touch line because I think that's what you do to play to the gallery when you know you're struggling on the pitch
  6. Bunch of shitebags

    I can only hope because it was a lot of our players first old firm game they will be better next time round
  7. Bunch of shitebags

    If there is one good thing to come out of today it's that
  8. Pedro: Time to go?

    I doubt we will get any closer to septic with him as a manager so hopefully a better manager can get more out of his players than he is
  9. Bunch of shitebags

    Not enough Rangers men at the club from top to bottom ... I logged onto the web site half an hour ago and was met with this picture showing one Bear and 2 tims and I have to say there is no way that was posted by one of us
  10. The feart for Saturday...

    Fortune always favours the brave!
  11. Have you often wondered where they would have been?

    The tims could never repay HMRC what they owe them
  12. Have you often wondered where they would have been?

    Apartheid even in death ... such lovely people
  13. So good to beat these bastards

    The team have to want it as much as we do ... no matter what septic say they will have one eye on the CL and won't want to risk injuries in a full on blood and thunder old firm game
  14. How can you live in Glasgow and not care about football?

    There isn't a footballing city like Glasgow we even have Rangers and septic schools
  15. We Can Beat Anyone At Ibrox

    The players have to believe this ... also timothy will have one eye on the champions league
  16. Our Declan

    Still not too keen on the name ... can we call him DL
  17. Mcann bashing mhanks

    For every O'halloran hopefully there is at least one Neil McCann
  18. Why are our youth teams filled with tarriers?

    You know what they say don't bite the hand that feeds you
  19. Why are our youth teams filled with tarriers?

    I was a full back but ended up playing rugby because I think it suited me better
  20. Why are our youth teams filled with tarriers?

    We just don't seem proud anymore although that is endemic in society these days because we increasingly seem to value everything that isn't ours. So far as the tim players go stein did used to say he would always take the prod first because it would stop us getting him although after the complete shambles of o'halloran you really do begin to wonder if some of them are worth the effort
  21. Tynecastle's new stand😂

    I really was expecting something better
  22. I find it very hard to believe that the man who brought the hoilyrood parliament into being wanted British unity ... although to be fair politicians can very easily keep 2 diametrically opposing views in their minds at the same time like the ones at holyrood who want sectarian education but not sectarian football
  23. Rangers Lp's

    Got one with DJ and John MacDonald
  24. Mccoist on BT

    I cringe at the thought of the time we wasted on him
  25. The taig game.

    They a better than us right now so we need to bridge that gap with commitment and will to win