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  1. Jamie Murphy

    Never tracked back to help his full back......first half he was largely restricted because of that very reason and he made for me the best defensive piece of play with an excellent tracking run and interception in his own box. I think what Murphy always offers is balance and team responsibility, and what he started to show today was his attacking threat.
  2. Josh Windass

    He’s one of the very few players we have that can create something out of nothing. And those players tend to be frustrating, inconsistent, temperamental. Those that aren’t tend to be sold for tens of millions. It was the same with Barry McKay. For me you need a couple of players like that in your squad to give you options and a different way of unpicking the lock in tight games. I’m not saying I think Windass is good enough to be first choice long term, but i do think he’s worthy of a place in a 25 Man first team squad.
  3. Anything less than the Scottish cup

    The Scottish Cup would be lovely but for me it won’t be the measure going into the summer as to whether or not Murty should stay on. For me that’s consistency in the league, setting a pace of points over a long period that would be deemed title challenging if achieved over a full season and winning at least one of the remaining Old Firm games. If we finish 3rd, fail to beat celtic and win the Scottish Cup, for me he’s gone. And going by other threads I’ve got more patience for Murty at this time than most. Crap teams can still win cups. Good teams prove it consistently in a league format.
  4. 17 points dropped since Pedro left.

    I think the 6 game period is a good point. There have been signs of progress. I’m not saying Murty is the right man but we need to let this play out over a longer period to properly judge him. If he wins his next 4 league games (we have 4 more SPL games in February) that recent record extends to 8-1-1 and suddenly looks very good.
  5. I thought his involvement in build up play was horrendous first half, bit better second. He needs to stop going down so easy looking for fouls and getting frustrated, seems to lose his focus. Wasn’t at it today but he’s still our top striker until Cummings proves otherwise.
  6. Collum

    Don’t think the ref disallowed the goal but his assistant ? Hard for a ref to go against that if the assistant is adamant he’s seen something. F@ck knows what he saw though.
  7. Tav

    Agreed. It was soft but it was a pen. I like Tav but he was an idiot and it’s cost us today At 1-1 the momentum was with us, I’m confident the way the game was going at that stage we would have won. Today was always likely to be tough and it’s small margins in games like this.
  8. Collum

    I think it was a pen. Soft, but a pen. I don’t think today was about the ref.
  9. ** Rangers V Hibs Official Thread **

    I don’t see many managers making a sub after 15. I think today we are sorely missing the physicality of McCrorie and Jack, and composure of Dorrans. If better players are available we play better and suddenly Murty doesn’t appear so tactically ‘inept’.
  10. ** Rangers V Hibs Official Thread **

    This team beat Aberdeen and County. I don’t think a ‘seasoned’ manager would have changed a winning team for today’s game. Hibs played well that half, we didn’t. Has happened to the best Rangers teams/managers. Let’s see how we react second half.
  11. ** Rangers V Hibs Official Thread **

    Let’s not panic yet. I don’t think many of us expected an easy game today and Hibs have played well first half. Second half I fully expect our level to rise and theirs to fall, regardless of any half time/early subs. This starting 11 comfortably beat Aberdeen recently, they can beat Hibs in this second 45.
  12. ** Rangers V Hibs Official Thread **

    Same team as Aberdeen and Ross County. Got to be and will be.
  13. **Official Rangers v Fraserburgh Match Thread**

    That error message from Sky was the most exciting thing to happen all evening.
  14. **Official Rangers v Fraserburgh Match Thread**

    Tough game against Hibs at the weekend, quite right we take the chance to rest a good few of the first choice. Hopefully we put them away early and can rest the likes of Candeias and Windass too. I think Kranjcar has been brutal this season, new level of diabolical against celtic.....but could see him being effective tonight. Should get a chance to play a high line, squeeze the play and get bodies and options around him to pick out high up the park. I think Cummings might actually enjoy playing with him in a game like this. Back to the bench for Nico, at best, for Hibs though.