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  1. Gerrard is not coming here to play with the sort of budget Pedro had. No chance he is putting his reputation at stake with the odds stacked so firmly against him, he knows there is a huge gap between ourselves and celtic to bridge and he knows no matter his reputation there will be limited time before patience wears thin. It might not be revealed until closer to his start date being 1st June, but I'm convinced there is going to be substantial investment come in from an outside source. Who, what, when, why.....I have no idea. But I do not believe Gerrard takes the Rangers job without serious financial backing.
  2. __________________Fod Tav________Bates______Alves_______Halliday ___Docherty___McCrorie___Dorrans ________________Windass__________Murphy ________________Morelos Harsh dropping Candeias, but I would narrow the midfield as we used to under Smith with Davis right-centre and Hutton offering width down the right. I think Tav is capable of doing that with Docherty playing on the right of a 3 man midfield.
  3. I thought his involvement in build up play was horrendous first half, bit better second. He needs to stop going down so easy looking for fouls and getting frustrated, seems to lose his focus. Wasn’t at it today but he’s still our top striker until Cummings proves otherwise.
  4. I don’t see many managers making a sub after 15. I think today we are sorely missing the physicality of McCrorie and Jack, and composure of Dorrans. If better players are available we play better and suddenly Murty doesn’t appear so tactically ‘inept’.
  5. This team beat Aberdeen and County. I don’t think a ‘seasoned’ manager would have changed a winning team for today’s game. Hibs played well that half, we didn’t. Has happened to the best Rangers teams/managers. Let’s see how we react second half.
  6. Let’s not panic yet. I don’t think many of us expected an easy game today and Hibs have played well first half. Second half I fully expect our level to rise and theirs to fall, regardless of any half time/early subs. This starting 11 comfortably beat Aberdeen recently, they can beat Hibs in this second 45.
  7. Same team as Aberdeen and Ross County. Got to be and will be.
  8. That error message from Sky was the most exciting thing to happen all evening.
  9. Tough game against Hibs at the weekend, quite right we take the chance to rest a good few of the first choice. Hopefully we put them away early and can rest the likes of Candeias and Windass too. I think Kranjcar has been brutal this season, new level of diabolical against celtic.....but could see him being effective tonight. Should get a chance to play a high line, squeeze the play and get bodies and options around him to pick out high up the park. I think Cummings might actually enjoy playing with him in a game like this. Back to the bench for Nico, at best, for Hibs though.
  10. I’d put that in the ‘not head and shoulders above category’. Wallace was getting pelters before injury.....I’d say most fans would be indifferent or even prefer John to Wallace. Wilson....self inflicted. And again, my point was a lack of final third option off bench....you’d hope for three good options and we only have Cummings. Hopefully we get another winger and attacking mid in January or summer.
  11. Which 5 ? Dorrans and McCrorie I would view as big misses but i don’t think the others are head and shoulders above the others in the squad. I don’t think we are suffering a severe injury situation. And regardless, my focus on squad depth was final third players.....attacking mids, wingers, strikers. That’s not the area we are suffering injury problems. Everyone fit.....we still lack depth and quality in that area.
  12. We have a fair number of injuries just now but no more than most clubs would expect to suffer at some point in a season. I think we still need more depth and quality, not just guys back off the treatment table. Also, the guys you list are defenders or centre mids.......not the final third players I think we are particularly lacking when I look at that bench (I mentioned a winger and attacking mid)
  13. Subs for tonight - 4Cardoso 15Herrera 16Halliday 17Hodson 19Kranjcar 25Alnwick 26Cummings Although we've done some good work in the window, I think the bench is a clear sign there is still a lot of work to be done. Great having Cummings as an option to turn the game if needed but besides that there isn't much inspiration amongst that bunch. Another winger and an attacking midfielder ( to replace Pena) would suddenly make that bench look ready to make an impact if required.
  14. I think this will be interesting, in terms of they system used when Cummings starts. He's not a lazy player, but I don't think he's got the same level of work ethic as Candeias and Murphy, and certainly not the same level of experience when it comes to an appreciation of defensive positioning/responsibilities. So in bigger games.....like tonight or against celtic.....I can see Murty going with a similar side to this evening with a choice of Morelos or Cummings up top. But perhaps against less opposition he might select Cummings over Candeias with less emphasis on defensive responsibility. I don't think we can read too much into the fact Cummings is on the bench tonight as it's early days, however, it will be interesting to see the selection choices of Murty longer term. If Cummings is playing well and scoring goals will he start the 'big' games......or is he going to find himself on the bench for team mates who will be more disciplined off the ball ?
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