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  1. Far too many celtic minded pundits on this forum
  2. La Liga or bundesliga for me.
  3. Had I been giving an opinion on the subject I’d agree. It would help to know what I was talking about in order to give a valid response. However I wasn’t giving my opinion I was asking for more information on the subject... in order to form an opinion. Thanks though you’ve been very helpful edit: and by asking the question I did I’m trying to figure out how it is corrupt? Because it seems like we can lodge a notice of complaint, does this mean we have lodged it and they’ve ignored it?
  4. How is a notice of complaint submitted and who submits it?
  5. Are people honestly suggesting we run crying to the CO so players like lustig who’s utter dog shite get a yellow card?
  6. Some goal scoring record considering though
  7. Is mentioning The chimp paradox racist purely because Morelos is black? If so can you explain to me how it is racist?
  8. He’ll get next season to win either the league, league cup or Scottish cup IF he fails to pick up one of them he’ll be gone when that is concluded. To get rid of him before is just madness. I was against him signing in the first place but he got us into Europe, there’s 8 games left in the league and it’s not lost yet. Why would you actually consider sacking a man who can still win the league?
  9. Won a point yesterday. Again doing everything himself.
  10. If the refereeing was stricter teams would actually be forced to sign players based on their ability with the ball rather than ability to put in a hard tackle. It’s The only way for the game to improve in Scotland. As a country we are shite in Europe because you just don’t get away with acting like an animal in Europe.
  11. What a goal. Worth every penny of the 20m
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