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  1. orangecountry

    They really are obsessed

    The Wellington hardly has any sway one way or another. Most paisley pubs are st mirren pubs and mixed
  2. orangecountry

    Who will win the world cup ?

    What does it do to the soil like?
  3. orangecountry

    Pre season matches

    If the team shoot their load in the first 30 seconds of the game this forum will want Pedro back before the end of July
  4. orangecountry

    Who will win the world cup ?

  5. orangecountry

    Rangers Disharmony Bollox

    There definitely should be a comma before please. Geeze a job with you at the sun, eh?
  6. orangecountry

    Rangers Disharmony Bollox

    Those is correct. I assume you meant to write "try to use inverted commas in future, please?" Comma before the word 'please' and as the world 'please' is at the end of the sentence rather than the end you're making it a question rather then a polite order. Could be wrong. I don't have a degree.
  7. orangecountry

    Rangers Disharmony Bollox

    Do you not mean those?
  8. orangecountry

    Welcome to Rangers Jon Flanagan

    I'll bear that in mind come renewal ?
  9. orangecountry

    Welcome to Rangers Jon Flanagan

    iPhone mate. Double tapped space bar. Puts a fullstop. Went back and deleted it. Thanks
  10. orangecountry

    Welcome to Rangers Jon Flanagan

    Pretty sure that Isn't in the movie mate. Stick to the script eh.