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  1. Is McQueen not in the photo above - in the middle of the middle row?
  2. Best wishes mate. take care.......
  3. Think I first became aware of 'overlapping fullbacks' in the mid-60s but the midfield was still pretty much long ball, or at least get it straight down the park - none of this retain possession in midfield and recycling from one side to the other.
  4. OK, I can sort of follow the codes and they mostly make sense - but I'm struggling to see what MC stands for.
  5. I remember reading a coaching book from the '50s (decade I was born in) that referred to the 'classic WM' formation. I read this over 50 years ago, so can't recall the exact wording , but it went along the following lines; the W would give you 3 (defenders as in the opening post) then 2 (halfbacks?) the M would give 2 (inside forwards?) then 3 (2 wingers and the centre forward). Happy to add to the general confusion on tactics from 60- 70 years ago.....
  6. Didn't know about the Old Firm record, but I saw enough of Slim Jim in the early sixties to be absolutely convinced he was the best footballer to wear our jersey. He was simply up there at the top of the pile back in the day. Difficult for an old codger to compare the best then with the so-called superstars of today, but I'm convinced he would be up there. It's all about personal opinions of course. And he had that gallous swagger as well, just glorious.,...
  7. Think you're bang on here -certainly hope so. I get the feeling there's a couple of snowflake types in that squad who won't react too well to the new manager.
  8. We've got them twice, plus they have Aberdeen, Hibs & Hearts - squeaky bum time as Sir Alex described it?
  9. Might follow up on that - got a bunch of old albums & singles from the 60s , Cheers
  10. I thought that too when it first came out in 1964, so I bought it then. I've still got the original single - but no record player now! I think I'll download a copy right now...
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