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  1. Ally: I Didn't Have Any Good Players

    100% correct
  2. Football fanzines

    Anyone remember 'Foul' from the early 70s? They focussed on hard/dirty players as I recall plus they a couple of regular funny articles - eg Foul of the week, stuff like that. I remember they had a Cloggers X1 from the 1974 World Cup Finals (West Germany), and I think 3 or 4 of the Scotland team, made it into the X1 ( Jim Holton, Billy Bremner, Davie Hay and possibly Joe Jordan. Don't think the magazine lasted too long, but was a real laugh at the time. Probably seem crap today, but they were simpler times....
  3. Murty/Hill press conference

    Don't know why, but I feel I have to respond to this post.......
  4. Roger Hynd

    I'm sure I read somewhere back in the day that the big man took up the trombone to build up his lungs. He was built like the proverbial brick shit house, as I recall. RIP.
  5. Glad all over (Joey Garner)

    Might follow up on that - got a bunch of old albums & singles from the 60s , Cheers
  6. Glad all over (Joey Garner)

    I thought that too when it first came out in 1964, so I bought it then. I've still got the original single - but no record player now! I think I'll download a copy right now...
  7. Old Photo

    Or maybe Ian MacMillan (sort of same hairstyle)?
  8. Fucking stand up tall, shoulders back, chests out ............ that will sort them out (older bear here!)
  9. Max Murray

    I vaguely recall that he was related to Scot Symon - possibly a nephew of the manager?
  10. Football hate crimes

  11. QOTS goes ahead Sat 26th March

    Tickets now available for online purchase on the Club website - so the game must be on.