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  1. Yup, first Rangers captain I watched and he oozed class both on and off the pitch. That team was something special, as you say, possibly the greatest Rangers team ever. RIP captain.
  2. Off topic - wtf is Ibrox Tube Station? Have they renamed Copland Road Subway Station ? sorry mate, couldn't resist.
  3. Think you're bang on here -certainly hope so. I get the feeling there's a couple of snowflake types in that squad who won't react too well to the new manager.
  4. Wonder how his bunions will hold up...
  5. I agree with the OP's comments in general, but I've also seen (Daily Mai?) comment that it was a must win game for Rodgers, possibly after their less than stellar transfer window. I can see that might be the case. Maybe, there's less between us and them than some folks are suggesting? Doubt they will improve from Sunday, but we will.
  6. First game was 14 February 1962 v Standard Liege (European Cup quarter final). I'll admit I had to Google the exact date - it was a wee while ago.
  7. We've got them twice, plus they have Aberdeen, Hibs & Hearts - squeaky bum time as Sir Alex described it?
  8. Might follow up on that - got a bunch of old albums & singles from the 60s , Cheers
  9. I thought that too when it first came out in 1964, so I bought it then. I've still got the original single - but no record player now! I think I'll download a copy right now...
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