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  1. So MA is a gambling man. If he sends a few million quids worth up the road, and they don't sort our training. They'll be worth hee haw in a few months
  2. We ave come through many tough times, and will continue to come through them. No surrender
  3. Do we think this is a Fucking friendly or something.. Fuck me, I've seen kids with more passion and hunger
  4. Big jock knew And if that annoys you, did he fuck you too?
  5. Probably talking complete Taig here. But wasn't it Butcher that said the fatal words about us in 2012? And if it was, how the feck can he be bookies favourites ffs...
  6. Just sitting hoping naeshame gets his....
  7. Most.... I take that back. You're a total cunt
  8. Way to suck the joy out a thread. GG Considering some of the players signed the last few seasons, and what can all but be counted on from this one. Was it really necessary to go there? I'm happy to see some bears excited and happier about the coming season mate. Short term contract on wages within the structure. I can live with this and be happier that those in the stands will get better payback
  9. Stop that right now. The forum will only accept churlish, off the cuff global statements to be twisted from bears about recent history. I'm just waiting for all these business gurus to step up with the millions they made from their business empires to show us how it's done from what was a pretty bad place to start from.. Oh wait, they won't. Will they? Or are they all too busy posting the same childish Shite they have been posting for the last 2 years...
  10. Lmao. Point well made. I'm not even gonna check, my phone autofucks me regularly...
  11. I hear you on the first bit, but I can't agree. Hindsight makes many things clear, but at the time it seemed justified. At the time it seemed wrong to go.The second part I don't doubt for a second and is the definition of a supporter. Which is probably the only thing we'll ever agree on.
  12. Check back sunshine. That's the only double post I've ever done, certainly in a long long time. So, it coulda been deliberate... Wonder why.
  13. He said. So he just gave them the ticket money.......... for nothing... I'd say that seems worse.
  14. I don't recall any sticky in the BD specifically saying stop abusing the ally haters.. there is one saying stop abusing the manager... But you think it's both sides...And Gogzy is right. So saying the truth is over the mark now?Surely sarcasm...
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