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  1. Knock that cunt out Boydy, tramp giving it ok to be nasty, fuckin scum tramp Walker , other way around..... yeah we know
  2. Appear to again have lost the ability to take a shot from outside the box
  3. Needed that, fuck knows what Hagi doing, totally ineffective
  4. frightening they still try to deny, the evidence has and always been known and undeniable, they will get tore apart in any independent/impartial court of law
  5. Just going into video conference call now, I'm sure my internet provider will fail me around 3.59...haha
  6. memories, brutal regards phone box once that smell is in your nostrils, its no leaving
  7. would be looking for the 3rd Mrs blueballss i feel
  8. through the middle/late 80s, raving, partying, many naughty engagements with other firms, we were life didn't revolve around phones or a laptop im currently using, it was real, fuck its a shame we get auld #stillfeellikeimtwenty
  9. should have just let it drip down her leg
  10. auld bstard........ 1 year older than me
  11. im as old as the woman i feel, she is 9 years younger than me.......... and to all you perverts, no pics
  12. For me, in my younger days, Bobby Russell and Ally Dawson gave it all, Ian Redford would pop up with many a goal, apart from a penalty miss!! when able to display my own prowess on the pitch, i got to understand the psychology behind Gregor Stevens tenure with us Always appreciated Davie Robertson's contributions, always felt wasn't truly appreciated
  13. Cunt being a cunt, on payroll of an organisation too despicable to mention, suited!
  14. speaking to mates who follow them, they are dreading today, watching through fingers etc. I feel they will play out their skins, nice pitch, amazing stadium, the performance they put in on that clusterfuck of a pitch at Killie and on ours, will be like night and day. They have a couple of cunts who love to leave their studs in, it will be interesting how well protected we are with the referee in place Any victory will do, but a hammering will be sweeter
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