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  1. Hello nice to meet you it is my pleasure to communicate with you if you will have interest in me for relationship i will be glad try to write through email.

  2. Bakoni

    ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    As an occasional viewer these days, I have a question for those more knowledgeable. How much money do wrestlers make? Any information on salaries for different levels of wrestlers? Do they get any percentage from merchandise? Just curious.
  3. Bakoni

    ***The Official Rangers v Motherwell Thread***

    Yeees. Fucking loving it!
  4. Bakoni

    ***The Official Tennis Thread***

    Fantastic match. Just finish it off now, Andy.
  5. Bakoni

    ***The Official Tennis Thread***

    Come on Andy, finish it off.
  6. Thanks for sharing your information, Dunny.
  7. Oh yeah, and get it right fucking up ye!
  8. Poor game from both sides. Was always going to be a right game, just done enough.
  9. At least we are attacking again
  10. Please, 2nd goal so I can relax a little.