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  1. simplythebest

    Kidding ourselves on

    Pretty gutted about the whole thing
  2. simplythebest

    ***Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Match Thread***

    In for a difficult night no doubt but we simply have to win
  3. simplythebest

    Kidding ourselves on

    Ultimately that's what the disappointment will come down to, there was a chance presented to really push them until the end but now they'll probably end up doing it with ease again
  4. simplythebest

    We better win the cup

    Can't see it
  5. simplythebest

    Options for Away CCCS next year?

    My guess is that nothing will change
  6. simplythebest

    Scottish Cup Draw

  7. simplythebest

    ***Official English Football Thread***

    Chelsea are a shambles
  8. simplythebest

    Others need to step up now without el Buffalo.

    Has to be Defoe
  9. simplythebest

    McGregor banned 2 games

    To be expected, didn't think it was as bad as many are making out but they're clearly out to prove a point after the St Mirren game
  10. simplythebest

    Morelos card appealed.

    Arseholes Need Defoe to really step up now
  11. We'd been singing about going for 55 from the start of his time with us pretty much
  12. simplythebest

    Morelos incident

    I imagine that's what it is anyway, I don't like how easy it is to cry racist these days but happy enough for hypocrisy here to be pointed out
  13. simplythebest

    Morelos incident

    Think it's a response to all the cries of bigotry/racism we've always had to put up with concerning the likes of Lennon more than anything
  14. simplythebest

    Morelos card appealed.

    It should be rescinded, no idea if it will be
  15. simplythebest

    Who was our last 30+ goal season striker?

    Was used as stick to beat him with a lot but I always felt when you're going for a title every game is big enough