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  1. Morelos is a brilliant player that hasn't changed in the last few weeks, but he does seem to struggle to recover when his confidence is down so there's still a bit of mental work to be done there.
  2. No doubt he's done good things especially relative to the state we'd been in ownership/boardroom wise for years. Ultimately it hasn't got us back to where we need to be yet which is a massive disappointment
  3. If things were off for that long I don't even see how football as we know it would survive.
  4. Coming weeks will see if actions back up the words
  5. I said the league was over weeks ago so it’s not as if I thought we had any chance of winning it but purely on principle I want us to fight this against those pricks
  6. Euros will need to be postponed if they still plan to finish off these competitions
  7. We didn’t play too badly considering the opposition, tonight was not our biggest concern the main issue is what happens domestically and that’s gone horribly wrong
  8. Yep No chance i’m skipping the game when i’m not even ill and will see what happens next week
  9. Even the coronavirus is offended by the songs
  10. Turgid, win is a win but gives us no reason to feel better at the moment
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