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  1. Solid, needs to stay in the team for sure
  2. Not what we were hoping for but could have been worse as well and we need to win at home, no ifs or buts
  3. Aye think we're all agreed this will never happen
  4. True but we can see from the tarriers how much harder it's getting to be there in the current system And after we went for a period being nowhere near european football the Europa League is a big deal for us
  5. Barisic has been a let down everyone knows that but still wouldn't like to see him replaced for the sake of it, has to be a genuine upgrade and I don't know that we'll get that in the time left tbh
  6. If we're chasing a goal and needing to throw everything forward probably apart from that no, as much of a dilemma as there is we can't play around with a system that works for us
  7. Maybe to be expected after so many changes at once but wasn't the easiest watch ever
  8. Was a cunt of a place to go to last year but if we've really improved like it appears we have then we shouldn't be worrying about winning a cup tie like that
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