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  1. Much been said about season ticket holders and the games on RangersTV yet and whether anything extra will need to be paid?
  2. Zoom drinks with Alfredo on the Saturday night
  3. We need at least a couple of signings to have any chance and that's signings that will clearly improve the first eleven not the back up players we've added so far
  4. Could do with investing in a new defender or two to along with their improvements in attack
  5. Could be another false dawn but Man Utd really look like they’re making progress for the first time in a long time
  6. Just trying to get yourself more MyGers points I bet
  7. It’s a decent cup run for an average mid table side but can’t see them winning it with better opposition coming
  8. We obviously need to complete the fixture but the Leverkusen game just feels like it’ll be a distraction in the current circumstances as we have zero chance of winning it
  9. He did well in that 6 month spell don’t think he should have been kept on another year though Messed up badly in Kaunas as well
  10. No idea, just observing how deflated he seemed after that game and the way he was talking but I’ve got no inside knowledge either way
  11. Well deserved for Liverpool although the amount of terrible points dropped by Man City throughout the season was a surprise
  12. He might have stayed regardless but lockdown and the spfl corruption definitely took a lot of scrutiny away from Gerrard and his future No doubt he’ll be here for next season now but success is a must without any kind of excuses acceptable anymore
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