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  1. Feels like last season with the pressure of being top not being handled Very disappointing
  2. Next big test now mate is to see how they play under the pressure of being ahead we struggled with that last season
  3. simplythebest


    Love the guy, hope he can play on a good while yet
  4. Pumping Hamilton and going top would make for a glorious Sunday
  5. Wasn't thrilled with us signing him but he was excellent today
  6. After last season he's a known quantity to us
  7. Brilliant, honestly didn't think it was possible if not another loan deal
  8. simplythebest


    Talented but people have overhyped him
  9. We blew a big opportunity to put a marker down today, nothing is decided in September but it's a valid opinion that we still aren't good enough to win the league
  10. Need to win that first game to have much of a chance of going through you'd think
  11. Just picturing the Sandbank being all politically correct
  12. UB as a group must be as good as finished at Ibrox now?
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