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  1. Be dying on a plane back from Mallorca when the opening game is on
  2. McGregor is clearly our best goalkeeper but his attitude has become more and more concerning
  3. Probably missed it but have we got the home and away order for the first round?
  4. The players have to be the right ones for us, money isn't really there for what many would probably define as 'marquee'
  5. Seemed to really suit Walter's loan striker role in particular Fitness and age prevented him making a longer contribution
  6. I'd go and see if I could actually make it into the stadium this time
  7. Noticed that myself mate, was having a look since Rangers never sent a me a confirmation out
  8. Haven't watched any of the international games that have been on last couple of weeks and I generally watch any football that's on throughout the year International football becomes less and less interesting
  9. Doubt I'll go to any of these especially when we'll have an early return to Ibrox with the European games anyway
  10. Last season will have raised expectations for us getting to the groups again but it's still a tall order over the four rounds going to need some relative luck with the draws again
  11. Liverpool were the most likely winners but no way that was a penalty
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