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  1. simplythebest

    Semi final allocation

    The only way to actually enforce this was to give them batches of tickets to sell block by block Them acting like this is pathetic but not surprising in any way
  2. simplythebest

    Lafferty pulls out of NI squad

    International football is rancid aside from the summer tournaments
  3. simplythebest

    Edmiston Drive

    Love it
  4. simplythebest

    Fuck the sfa

    Pricks and always will be pricks
  5. simplythebest

    Edmiston Drive

    He'd love watching us get pished in his memory
  6. simplythebest

    Edmiston Drive

    Just had a drink to him with @The Godfather there
  7. simplythebest

    Semi final allocation

    It's two games, I don't think it's fair for anyone to be at a disadvantage with it tbh
  8. simplythebest

    Semi final allocation

    Why should it be that way?
  9. simplythebest

    David Bates

    I'd have kept him but he wasn't that good that I'm going to be pining after him
  10. simplythebest

    Edmiston Drive

    Rest well Tam Was a pleasure and a great laugh the times I was in his company
  11. simplythebest

    Semi final allocation

    Cannae be dealing with the tension every year with this lol
  12. simplythebest

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

    Bit of a cliche but it really is mate
  13. simplythebest

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

    Hamilton is massive now, need to break this away game issue
  14. simplythebest

    Gerrard & Candeias Post Match Reaction - Hearts

    Candeias is brilliant
  15. simplythebest

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

    We were excellent first half mate and playing a team that have had the momentum Hearts have had I really don't see how anyone can be disappointed overall Although I did think some complacency seemed to kick in when they went down to 10 and it was quite frustrating, if they'd got back to 3-2 then you never know what may happen. So it's worth Stevie having a word about In saying that the main emotion should clearly be positivity after this week