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  1. Supporter Delusion

    I just want to express my opinions on here as I see them to be honest couldn't care less what they want to see or not
  2. Murty times up mate

    He's lost his chance, might seem harsh but like I said last week there's no room for sentiment in that sort of decision
  3. Supporter Delusion

    The ones after were worse
  4. Supporter Delusion

    Yep, no positive spin to be had at all now not that there really should have been
  5. ***Official Arsene Wenger/Arsenal Thread***

    That penalty they just got was horrific
  6. ****UEFA Champions League Thread 17/18****

    Not really vintage Barca again
  7. We need a manager

    It really shouldn't need to be an either or choice
  8. ****UEFA Champions League Thread 17/18****

    Man U are horrendous to watch
  9. Morelos

    Not sure anyone is claiming he did
  10. Anti Meltdown Thread

    The efforts were pretty pathetic after that point, and after 3-2 I don't think we actually created anything aside from the Morelos sitter we just kept giving the ball away and putting in horrific crosses
  11. Morelos

    He is but no excuse at all not for the second chance anyway, school kids would be finishing that
  12. Anti Meltdown Thread

    Very sorry for your loss mate I've been there with close family and cancer myself in recent times But people care passionately about Rangers and where we are, if we compare everything to life's tragedies there's arguably no point in discussing football at all
  13. Anti Meltdown Thread

    We've had reasonable games against them since being back (albeit still not winning) but today was the opportunity for it to really count for something, circumstances were in our favour and we bottled the opportunity, arguably we did better in the December game because we at least remained organised then The progress talk just doesn't stack up
  14. Anti Meltdown Thread

    I don't see what reaction you were expecting to be honest After some progress it feels like we're right back to square one, unable to beat them even with all the circumstances going for us
  15. Anti Meltdown Thread

    Sickening is letting them beat us under those circumstances
  16. Why no press?

    Several times we could have gone for the jugular today and didn't seem to want to
  17. Anti Meltdown Thread

    He didn't and they did That's ultimately all that matters
  18. Scottish Cup.

    They'll have momentum again going into that game, if we couldn't do it today can't see it happening then
  19. Anti Meltdown Thread

    Nah sorry, there was something wrong with the mentality today it goes beyond this or that player being missing
  20. Anti Meltdown Thread

    The fact they still beat us despite the advantages we had is an argument that we aren't catching up if anything
  21. Anti Meltdown Thread

    Imagine folk being annoyed at letting them beat us at home after leading twice with a man advantage majority of the second half
  22. At the end today

    For a win against a 6 year old club as well