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  1. 50k superstar stuff went to his head
  2. Would throw in Patterson in ahead of Flanagan just now
  3. Yep it’s done, know people will get abuse for saying that but these sort of games make all the difference between title winners and losers
  4. St Mirren was a clear warning sign, all fine and well saying we’d take scrappy 1-0 wins for the rest of the season but you won’t get away playing like that every time as today shows
  5. Losing to a team that haven’t won a league game in ages Now how you win a league
  6. Worrying that the same thing might be happening as last year when we went into the break off the back of a win against them
  7. Third game after the break and we haven’t convinced in any of them
  8. Just see out this window and go from there
  9. Amazing turnaround from us apparently trying to punt him in the summer Gerrard clearly saw the potential though
  10. Can see at the end that meant so much to him
  11. We’ve mainly blown pressure situations like this before Long way to go but feels like the team came of age today
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