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  1. The stick he's getting for this is brilliant
  2. King's obviously a bit of a wind up merchant, doesn't matter to me as long as things progress on the park
  3. Indeed. I actually think their squad quality wise should be comfortable mid table but they can't seem to shake off the relegation battles
  4. Was it not said that Pedro sees something in Dodoo? The rest are ones we already knew he wanted rid of
  5. Appointed Shows the level of money that's available in the PL again even with relegation battling clubs
  6. Really never expected a sell out with the timing Supporters never stop doing the club proud
  7. If we spend 4 million on a player the tarriers will be on the phone to HMRC every day going on about the return of EBTs
  8. That's quite enough filthy chat from you
  9. Most of the sheep would probably prefer that
  10. Doesn't really matter in this day and age to be honest, you need to go for the best players that are available and affordable wherever they're from. As we saw with Warburton even the English market can't really be relied on
  11. Southampton have appointed Mauricio Pellegrino as their new manager.
  12. Yep, sounds like Linfield and the PSNI were happy for them to take tickets
  13. Ronjers
  14. Few weeks before but generally seems to be done on a monthly basis
  15. Svensson had been in the Sweden World Cup squad that summer as well fuck knows how
  16. Perhaps not, can depend on the way European fixtures work out
  17. Opposite from last year so only fair, still wasn't necessarily expecting it though
  18. Good lad
  19. Don't know if the pies are any better this season yet
  20. No being able to guarantee their safety etc...
  21. Got an email confirming the CCCS stuff including away games
  22. Good news, nice work
  23. Some of them on about how Linfield should be disqualified
  24. Listed on my online order history anyway
  25. Looking forward to going back