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    Yeah site seems to be down
  2. They've ignored it up until now so don't expect much to change
  3. Going to try this today how easy is it sorting renewal online? Always just handed in the postal copy before tbh
  4. I can't say I'm optimistic at all. The current circumstances and the SPFL's corruption have obviously distracted but thinking back to it the free fall we went into second half of the season really was a disgrace
  5. Be delighted if this is true
  6. Only scum like them would celebrate this
  7. Forgot how good that was
  8. Can’t see them offering further than that simply too much money to be lost from it
  9. UEFA and Fifa are hardly saints but the corruption in Scotland makes them look honourable and trustworthy
  10. The instalment plans are usually done through third party finance aren’t they?
  11. Yes mate, Scottish football is yet again unavoidably tainted
  12. I’d say Mendes, he brought a touch of class to the midfield that was really missing Bougherra and Miller aren’t far behind though
  13. Life is never without risk is it? That’s not to diminish the seriousness and I don’t doubt what’s happening now is necessary to make such a new situation manageable. But we surely can’t just continue to indefinitely live in fear with aversion to any sort of risk at all. If anything that will have serious affects on other physical health, mental health and the economy
  14. Would that not basically mean pubs, nightclubs, concert venues etc being shut until there’s a vaccine as well? Much as it might make sense I think governments will end up needing to consider the social and economic impacts of that
  15. Is that based on government guidance or the football authorities themselves deciding it? Still find it hard to imagine the social distancing measures going on that long
  16. Even with the CL we pretty much blew it losing to Sturm Graz didn’t we?
  17. She's ultimately powerless whatever delusions she might have. This is all about catering to one rotten reprehensible club.
  18. It was round about when I was first getting into football and Rangers and remember we released a video of this game. Daft on reflection when we got horsed in the league and everything else like you said mate
  19. It's been in the news for the past few days to be fair...
  20. O'Neill's first season with them wasn't it?
  21. Lock down really is getting to the op
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