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  1. Is VAR not meant to be keeping an eye on keepers at penalties next season?
  2. Wolves handled that well but Sevilla clearly deserved the win
  3. National inquiry announced by now if this was Rangers
  4. I’m a bitter bastard when it comes to this but want them all fucked out ASAP despite the coefficient
  5. Know you probably need to sober up but it’s very clear what I meant, its far too early in the season
  6. Winning 6 points out of 6 is very welcome but it means nothing right now, what matters is if they win us trophies. There's plenty to be positive about but you're being a bit over sensitive at people pointing out where we're still lacking
  7. Great to have them slip up first this time, although it's all about us keeping winning
  8. Gerrard proven 100% right in playing him when a few would have seen him left out so far this season Should remain available for selection as always until we get an offer we’re willing to accept
  9. Was frustrating at times but 4 goals no goals conceded 6 points can’t really complain with the start
  10. That’s why it was right to play him while he’s still our player
  11. Certainly can’t blame the crowd for struggling to break teams down like some do every season
  12. Controlling it but this is this sort of game we need to ideally get a good few goals for confidence and goal difference
  13. 2002? Aye there was quite bit a bit of outcry there
  14. There's absolutely no need for the season to end early again, even with second outbreak potential football is prepared unlike before But if it suits celtic then it could well be
  15. All of those clubs have struggled (relatively speaking of course) in the CL in more recent years though. It’s certainly wide open anyway
  16. He won practically everything there is to win in the game at club and international level, don't think that can go down as pure luck
  17. Can see why but seems to be an increasing trend in European leagues where winning the domestic title just isn't enough. Similar happened with Barca and Valverde.
  18. Is it likely to be ok on a smart tv web browser for games like tomorrow?
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