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  1. karmas coming back for you anzie, although can't see the scum taking his season ticket off him. i'm sure i'm still waiting for an announcement about the banning of the groin brigade .
  2. i'm still owed an RM mug and mouse mat from a competition of yore , i would be willing to forget
  3. cani see us scoring 3 in the 2nd half without them scoring again
  4. god bless the papac
  5. tbf it was a cracking strike and some goal, just a shame it was from that t arrier bastard
  6. the veetle links are always pretty good worth d/l
  7. Just read this in the mail, apperntly derek is dropping him for his comments , personaly i'd like to see him play and get fuckin banjoed
  8. loyalist ayrshire behind enemy lines in killie
  9. any good links, mine are shite, missed most of it so far
  10. Due for release on 06/05/2010
  11. http://www.amazon.co...66498976&sr=1-1 :uk::uk: this will go down a storm at torbett towers gawn yer sel wee man love him even more now :21::21: Due for release on 06/05/2010
  12. hmmmmm change is normally good , but not sure of this !!!
  13. think it's a guy from FF, hats off to him quality again GIRFUY timmy
  14. went to the thornton suite for my 30th had a great time , well looked after but it's pricey. day flew past, but loved it.