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  1. Get thr train from Motherwell into Glasgow & then tube to Ibrox... no worrying about your car or going to get it the following day, likely while still drunk & over the limit
  2. I'm in BR3 and my ticket including scum games is about £380 (IIRC)
  3. Well, I've bought every home game this season including cup games so here's hoping
  4. Thanks for that @Sweetheart 👍
  5. Tried to do it via my phone, not a great idea 😂
  6. I truly ducked trying to copy this article via my phone, so just follow the link below . . DAVE KING has given a frank and fascinating interview on his two years as Rangers chairman. King, 61, travelled to Glasgow from his home in South Africa for his first face-to-face meeting with new Ibrox manager Pedro Caixinha.
  7. Folk are using this to have a go at c1872 which is unfair. The c1872 principle is just & right, unfortunately, one particular board member is using thier position to advance thier own agenda. The 3 directors, including an ex RST board member who's own reputation was much maligned on here have now resigned in protest at the actions of another board member. If you want to have a go at anyone, have a go at the person responsible for disrupting the entire group .. not the group itself.
  8. This is my absolute hope
  9. It should be noted from what I've read that D'Art, Laura & Joanne have resigned due to the actions of 1 fellow director and not due to the actual organisation or aims itself. Many here know I am a fervent advocate of c1872 & it's goals but last night's peturbing news has given me cause for concern it the effectiveness of a group that stood on transparency & cannot itself be transparent on this issue. I attended the hustings during the board election, I listened to all who stood, I listened to CH who actually agreed with many the Blair shouldn't be on the board because of a COI, I find it incredible that he now thinks the current situation, created entirely by himself, is not cause for him to remove himself from the board, even temporarily until the SLO position has been finalised. I never voted for CH, I never fully trusted his motivations but put aside my feelings and gave all those elected my full backing, now I have already stated on other social media, if CH doesn't come forward & remove himself from the board of c1872 within the next 7days, I will, with much regret, cancel my direct debit to c1872 & withdraw from the group. The loss of D'Art, Laura & Joanne lessens c1872, I know that both Laura & Joanne are the ones who carried out most of the day to day duties & will be sorely missed by the group and the bigger question now becomes who will step into the breech.
  10. Got the same email .. I though I had changed to my new bank account info, need to fix it.
  11. It ended badly but MW and his team brought a sense of hope & a joy back to watching RFC after watching McCoist & then McDowell's teams previously. They set the club on a far more professional path & helped to shape the youth set up which was in disarray previously. Yes, his intransigence of errors tactics & formations was his ultimate downfall but, like any relationship, there are always good points that should be remembered.
  12. Only issue I have with a new man brining in his own coaching staff is that when the manager eventually goes so does the entire coaching staff. No continuity there, it's where a DoF would help to steer it.
  13. You can ... but they put barriers up & stop you accessing Broomloan/Helen st until they've emptied from their seats (about 45 fkin' minutes in the pissing wet rain !!)
  15. Which he converted to a loan against the club, do the club owe him £135m (ish) or anyone that want to buy Newcastle will have to cough that up first, before actually buying the club