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  1. I can understand the frustration but I think it's unfair to judge a group of coaches on players they haven't moulded. Constantly hearing people talk about "patience" is incredibly frustrating but I think it's fair.
  2. I think they essentially gutted the youth players & are hoping that the crop of u17s etc is where the next players will come from. Those they have had a chance to work with from a younger age & instill a different ethos into them.
  3. Mulholland turned down Southampton to stay at RFC, I would suggest if one of the best academy setups is trying to get him, then he has something about him. Steven Wright has been involved is youth coaching for past 10yrs, being an Academy Director at Fife Elite Coaching. Lovenkrands has done his Uefa A licence and is only in part time, working under guys like Mulholland & Nutty can only improve him & our youngest players, he can also pass his knowledge of what it means playing for RFC. I think Little is just starting his badges but he's only at RFC part time, Again working with 8-10yr olds.
  4. How long has CFC had their standing area because that's the pilot program & until that's finished with reports from all stakeholders (police, SFA etc.) no other club is getting thier own
  5. Absolutely they should be able too. Folk are happy to spend 90minutes shouting abuse, both personal & professional to players & managers alike but as soon as they return it, folk run to social media or, even worse, local plod complaining about being all shocked & offended. If a players shouts back at you, wipe the tears from your vagina & move On.
  6. His incompetence was lost in the statement & all the focus was on Lennon.
  7. On this occasion I disagreed with the c1872 statement, what it caused was for all the focus of the game to fall on Lennon & no one is talking about the incompetence of Beaton. For me, that was exactly Lennons plan, takes the heat away from his players by going for the reaction he got. Also, if you're a big enough person to shout & throw abuse at the guy then be a fucking grown up when he does it back. C1872 needs to pick & choose it's battles, getting butthurt over a GIRUY gesture is not one of them.
  8. I noticed there was a lot of input into your ordering style 😁. Also, you were in deep conversation & it's rude to interrupt.
  9. @D'Artagnan I was behind you in the queue in the beer garden & I watched Robert come out with a megaphone asking folk not to sing songs like "a flute for 50p" due to the lyrics & I'm fairly certain the risks to his licence, especially with plod all around. There were signs all over the place, again asking folk not to sing certain songs. The wait was horrendous in the beer garden but I was placated by a FREE roll handed out (note free .. Not exactly ripping folk off as they don't need to do that)
  10. Not very original, I'm sure a man (boy) with your natural ability to be a complete wank can do better than that
  11. I'm taking a 2-0 today & Dorrans to open the scoring.
  12. Oh well .. bye then
  13. Yes I do & yes I will, just like you have you're opinion I have mine ... if you don't like it, there is a block button (on here & twitter)