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  1. Official confirmation that Rangers have been granted UEFA Licence.
  2. Already renewed
  3. Because I just saw the link today
  4. I was very proud to take part in a Charity event to raise funds for a cause very close to Robert's heart. Here is his tale & worthy of your attention.
  5. They reckon the court case might last as long as 3 months
  6. Some will go, some will stay ... Some will regret either of those decisions. It's a short career & this is a way to secure their future. Good luck to the lad .. we move on.
  7. In his 3 yrs at Clyde he did very little with them to improve them. His standing as an RFC captain is great but that can't be the attribute that gets him the job & the fact that he belittled the manager straight after receiving the call to confirm his wasn't getting the position clearly shows he wasn't ready for it, with him in position the daily inner workings of RFC would be exposed to all via his contacts. I agree, a bullet dodged !
  8. All about opinions bud ... I think Jack could do a great job for us, certainly add some strength to our midfield that's been sorely lacking
  9. With the right coaching, has the ability to improve himself & our midfield. I point you all to Armstrong at CFC, when signed from Dundee Utd I thought he was the poorer of the two but Rodgers has turned him into a key player at the club. Just because he doesn't have an "inio" at the end of his name doesn't mean we shouldn't look at the best Scotland has to offer & a the captain of Aberdeen, a team who are nine points clear of us should certainly be regarded in that manner
  10. It is both but when it was created & built it was primarily for 1st training.
  11. Auchenhowie was ALWAYS a training centre for the 1st team, just so happened the youth academy is also housed there
  12. But you don't give up on it either just for short term gain.
  13. So we just bin the entire youth system because it might not work (!!)
  14. By the tone of your topic title I guess you aren't happy that we have a chance to actually produce our own talent then or is it just another chance to have a go at DK?
  15. I meant with the fact that he's now an RFC employee, it will prohibit if not just halt his appearance on sites such as ours (unless he has a new pseudonym)