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  1. If you read the blog, he's been thinking about this for awhile now. It could easily be that his blog grew into something more than just a simple hobby, taking him away from family & work commitments, the former coming first above everything,
  2. there have been a bunch of tims who have actually bought a top to damage it & say it came like that, there are also a few who seem to have sourced fake tops, again showing damage or iffy printing. As always, take what you see on Social Media with a massive pinch of salt
  3. Top has arrived & its nice. I ordered XL as thats what I usually wear (fat bastard loyal). Its a good fit for length & at the shoulders but a tad snug around the belly but not ridiculously so that I wouldn't wear it.
  4. We've controlled the game in 1st gear in a strange atmosphere and it feels if we step up the pace we'll get more. At 0-1 there's always that chance for an Aberdeen set piece, so we do need to get a 2nd. An obvious tweak from coaches to get Morelos dropping deeper, pulling McKenna all over the place.
  5. Think the Sky set up is working quite well so far, its more a natural discussion than a Q&A feeling. Also, Ally on co comms is great.
  6. Ace

    Tomket Tires

    Not really got an issue with this, if it buys an extra player, neither should you. I would add that I think that's the limit of shirt sponsors, however I think there can be one more on the shorts.
  7. Had a visit to Wigan forum & they rated him as a defender, he tightened theur defence up when he came in & his only issue is his passing can be a little erratic. Also, if Dougie thinks he is a good player, thats a strong recommendation as he's seen him in training & playing ..
  8. didnt have a problem, link worked perfectly well & the RTV stream was excellent. I would say though that the commentary of Tom Miller & Jimmy Nic felt as if I'd taken vallium, it was awful.
  9. This was the bottom of English championship with 6 games to go. None of the 5 teams you see got relegated
  10. Its exclusive to the club, i would guess they don't want it out there to prevebt the risk fake goods.
  11. For everyone, if you want to hear about racism, from an RFC supporter who is also a POC, go listen to H&H daily update ... its free to air because a message like this is important. This is why its important our players & the club itself take a stance (or knee). https://www.patreon.com/posts/39516798?s=09
  12. He was an idiot for doing it, gave the ref a decision to make. Ref was an idiot for sending him off in a friendly, just go RFC bench & tell them to substitute him, normal practice. Hes banned for next friendly game, if French FA report him to SFA, then they make decision to extend his ban .. my question is would that not extend to rest of friendlies .. ie Motherwell & Coventry?
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