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  1. Beggars Allocation Cut

    My mate is trying to find out too for his boy. We were looking for a move to get an OF ticket for the boy, will stay where we are if we can get one
  2. Season ticket move

    I've put in for 4 moves from Broomloan rear (3) and from govan front (1) to either govan rear or main stand rear. Hope for even 2 & 2 seats but doubt we'll get any
  3. Parking around Ibrox next season

    Ive emailed & got my pre-prepared automated response. If you don't complain now then you can't' complain if it happens.
  4. Parking around Ibrox next season

    Yeah, SLO put out various tweets about it but I do think the club should be highlighting this as an issue more than they have. Next season will be a nightmare for parking, they'e even stopping you park on Helen street at the industrial parks while this is about residential issues.
  5. Club statement on Sfa nonsense.

    As soon as RFC prove "we were in dispute with HMRC" the case collapses. UEFA have already walked away from this, it' to satisfy those who have the ear of the SFA (not us obviously). While I wouldn't be up for withdrawing from cup competitions as that's cutting our nose off I would absolutely support a "work to rule" stand where we do the bare minimum for them, including helping to advertise any schemes or competition etc.
  6. An article by Dougie Wright on behalf of the new ModernFitba website Who’d have guessed it? Another turbulent year at Ibrox. Three managers, a Europa League exit at the hands of Luxembourg’s (fourth) finest, seven home defeats, fifty league goals conceded and an aggregate scoreline of 14-2 against celtic. This season, Rangers were a bit like a man trying to escape a straitjacket. As much as they thrashed around, changing managers, players and board members, they ended up more or a less where they left off. What’s the root of this inertia? Is it as bad as it seems? And how can they get better? https://www.modernfitba.com/blogs/2018/5/13/Rangers-fc-reviewing-1718-and-preparing-for-1819
  7. All leading to the stat ... kind of does you know
  8. Only 3 points better off than last year

    £10m spent, 3 different managers, 7 different captains ... all for an extra 3 points *angry emoji*
  9. Gerrard & Youth

    Probably the biggest gamble this board has made in its tenure.
  10. Gerrard & Youth

    18 months as youth coach at Liverpool ... I didn't say they were GREAT credentials (!!)
  11. Gerrard & Youth

    Tbf .. I didn' suggest thst we would bring in 5 or so youth players, just posed the question if any might be brought through, considering Gerrard's youth coach credentials & also the boards commitment to the dept. I agree that bringing through 1 or 2 every season is regarded as a success.
  12. Gerrard & Youth

    Concise & with equivocation, well done
  13. Gerrard & Youth

    With Gerrard spending his recent time as a youth coach & also the club previously making it known that youth is a vital part of the club moving forward, do you think that we will promote some of our current crop of u20s into 1st team squad?
  14. Oli McBurnie (Swansea)

    It was about McGregor.