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  1. He was excellent in first half, fell away in 2nd but then so did much of the team.
  2. ONCE again the spotlight will fall on Rangers and our supporters as Steven Gerrard’s players attempt to secure a place in the knock-out stages of the Europa League. We require only a draw tonight against Young Boys but the team is determined to go for a win and will need all Rangers fans in the stadium to play their parts to the full. https://Rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/everyone-anyone-5/ From further down the article ..
  3. Loanbank quad, just round the corner
  4. Always think it's a balanced overview, critical of the things that need critiqued & complimentary where deserved. It's a fans PoV and very much the things we all say in the pub post match.
  5. Ace


    So you're choosing to not believe a direct confirmation from SG then?
  6. Ace


    Read the OP and a few posts further down, I'm presuming that somewhere in here those who had a go at Tav over the penalty today have already admitted their mistake .. right(??) You only appreciate what you have when it's gone, when Tav leaves, and he will, and takes his assists with him we'll be wondering what's went wrong.
  7. Ace


    Most pointless period ever
  8. It'll be a fine only, still ... as it was UB display, will they chip in?
  9. I believe our defence is running on 18 clean sheets this season & our goal difference in 1 less than the tims .. yet plenty folk seem to think thst they have a much better defence than us
  10. Manager wouldn't say, said it was a pvt issue.
  11. Ace

    Song Choice?

    Only thing Ive seen is something that was on Dutch TV but that was away from the stadium, still stupid though.
  12. Ace

    2nd CL Place

    It appears that Scotland (well, us & CFC) have secured 15th ranking spot for UEFA, meaning many things for 2021/2022 but primary amongst it, for us, is a 2nd CL spot
  13. Ace

    Song Choice?

    I hope it's not true, I really do as I'm looking forward to Ibrox being packed & bouncing in 2 weeks .. & me being amongst it
  14. Ace

    Song Choice?

    He's not a "so called" RFC fan, he is one who has written nothing but positive stories about us but critical where's he's needed to be.
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