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  1. Ace

    Ibrox Maintenance

    THE rebuilding work on the park is what matters most for Rangers. The refurbishments off it are further signs of progress, proof that the club is being taken care of once again. The money from Dave King and his board has funded the overhaul that has been undertaken by Steven Gerrard. Away from the boardroom, Colin Stewart plays his own part. At Ibrox, a new hybrid pitch has been laid, while the dugouts and the track have been replaced. So, too, have the plastic panels around the stadium, while work continues to update and upgrade the players’ area as the wood glistens with fresh varnish. In isolation, each job may not seem like a big deal. They mean much to Stewart after seeing Ibrox lose some of its lustre while previous regimes walked the corridors. “I am almost 20 years at the club and I have never seen as much work getting done at the same time as this summer,” Stewart, the Director of Operations for the RYDC, said. “You can hardly get moving for people with hard hats and that is fantastic to see. “It is actually quite heart-warming to see because we had four years of neglect, and you can’t do that. “Having the manager on board, having come from what he has come from, has made a difference. “It is fantastic. It is comforting for someone who is a Rangers fan that works there and sees it every day. “I am delighted the board have seen fit to undertake the work. Money has to be spent on the first team, that is what we are all here for. “But the board recognise that running parallel with that the fabric of the building had to be brought back up to Rangers levels. The board have backed the manager both on the pitch and off the pitch.” The work at Ibrox is what supporters will see and cherish the most, but plenty is being done behind the scenes as well, including a major overhaul of the Hummel Training Centre. That is where most of the funds, which total more than £8million now, that Stewart raises are invested. It has taken time, but Rangers are finally being restored to the levels which supporters recognise. “When I joined, Dick Advocaat was the manager and we have had some great years since with some great players,” Stewart said. “We won Trebles, we had Helicopter Sunday. “I saw the Treble teams of the 70s. As a Rangers fan I expected to win and it is a shame that there are a generation of young fans now that have never seen us win. I am just used to it and having those four, five, six years of nothing and seeing people take not give from the club, watching the place crumble from the inside, it was tough, really tough.” It is four-and-a-half years now since King, Paul Murray and John Gilligan won control at Ibrox. Time, and money, hasn’t yet healed all the wounds, though. Legacy issues continue to be dealt with on a regular basis as steps forward are taken. “I only met Craig Whyte twice,” Stewart said. “I remember sitting for the first time with Craig and I thought to myself ‘I have never sat with a billionaire before’. Before the second meeting, I realised I still hadn’t. “I refused to meet Charles Green, I refused to meet (Derek) Llambias and (Barry) Leach. I met (Brian) Stockbridge and (Imran) Ahmad but I didn’t meet the Easdales (Sandy and James). There were very few of that group that I actually met. “It is terrible to say, we basically locked our door and got on with our work. Sometimes I would take my laptop and work from home for a week because I knew they were looking for me and I would come back to all these missed calls. “I refused to give them money. When the good guys arrived, I handed over money to Paul Murray.” There are few staff at Ibrox with more stories to tell than Stewart. He lives the dream working for his club, but went through the nightmare before coming out the other side. His commitment is admirable, his efforts crucial to Rangers. “The board just now are great and I am around the place on a matchday and the guys thank me for what I am doing, which is really nice,” he said. “They are Rangers fans at heart and they just want the best for the club. “For four years, I wouldn’t go near the Blue Room but now I am able to go back, there is laughter again and it is like the gloom has been lifted. “The good guys are back and it is a changed place. The board are looking after Rangers on the pitch, but off the pitch is just as important. https://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/sport/17705331.amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  2. Balls, this should be in the pre-season thread
  3. STEVEN GERRARD could take his Rangersside to Plymouth this summer after new Home Park boss Ryan Lowe approached his friend over a pre-season fixture. Lowe was in charge of Bury last term as Gerrard made his Ibrox debut as a boss and saw the Light Blues clinch a 6-0 victory. Now he hopes to line-up another test against the Gers following his move to Argyle earlier this month as he replaced Derek Adams in the dugout. Rangers already have games with Oxford United, Marseille and Blackburn Rovers in the diary and will play their first competitive clash of the new term on Thursday, July 11 in the Europa League qualifiers. https://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/sport/17704072.amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  4. The challenge of Rovers is they will be pushing for promotion this season as they just missed out to Charlton. That brings a differebt kind if pressure, the pressure to win every week because it's expected (sound familiar) but in a league that's also "robust" and will teach him the tricks of his trade that he's still to learn through playing every week. He's too good to be playing reserve football & he won't get the challenge required at St Johnstone or the like where they're happy to tread water.
  5. Ace

    Ibrox Maintenance

    The biggest question must be .... are they keeping the portable tv in the changing room?
  6. Ace

    Ibrox Maintenance

    That wood panelling is indicative of the history & tradition that permeates the entire club. It echoes back to previous glories, as well as tragedies. It and the other features of our stadium are what makes RFC & it's stadium iconic in world football. To lose our history is to lose Rangers.
  7. Ace

    ST renewal

    Got this from TO yesterday . There isnt enough space to move 4 of us together, currently 3 in BR and in Govan
  8. Best solution for me is .. we extend Tav contract by one season so he's on the contract length, let him have one last tilt at 55 and trying for either (both) cups. At the end if this season, he'll be 28 which will still see us get full value in a transfer & him to get to a club at a reasonable level & very likely better pay.
  9. Holy fuck, I'd love to watch you come up with a business idea that runs at cost & makes no money #Twat
  10. We apparently signed the contracts "subject to stakeholder approval". It seems the stakeholders didn't approve & we are happy to pay genuine costs incurred but the company want much more. We can only be one of a few clubs who's fans jump on the club rather than the those bringing action against us, how about listening to both sides, not just the side you read in the paper that's written for clickbait.
  11. We need to employ a "No win, no fee" legal team .. cheaper option these days 😂
  12. The interesting part is our wage to turnover % sitting at 70odd% which is not great, of course based on turnover in our last accounts & not our improved T/O this year. However, conversely there is also this report ..
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