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  1. I know this'll get moved but thought it was worth a laugh before it disappears 😂😂
  2. Can you ensure my name is also in the delivery package, it will go to a general reception (had that from other folk) .. they just put the delivery address and not the recipient
  3. Just ordered a scarf 👍
  4. New home top will have a new home come Monday 👍
  5. Seems to be the old kit will be used for the new season but there might be an away kit launch. There's a huge stock of last season kit available, so might as well sell it first. But Yes, it is confusing
  6. As of 3pm this afternoon, the retail deal changed ... they did confirm it at the Press Conference
  7. Was chatting to Greg about this, only because it's highlighted here.. It might be an idea to contact him via email at and report any issues you're having
  8. Mine is all ticked but thanks for the info
  9. You're a superstar 👍
  10. On paper he's a great signing. Young, Hungry & a proven goalscorer.
  11. I'll be there via CCCS
  12. What I want & what I expect are 2 very different things. I WANT a domestic treble & qualify for Europe beyond Xmas. I EXPECT us to obtain a clear 2nd place & as a consequence close the gap on CFC. Our budget this season demand that we beat everyone around us & by doing so we will close the gap. Cup runs are also essential. Hate to say it but the minimum has to be mirroring Aberdeen this season 2nd place & 2 cup finals.
  13. Will always say we signed the guy but never played to his strengths. He wanted the ball from wide & wanted it early, MW had us playing 30 passes & playing the ball in when the opposition had their defence set. Actually think that he might have flourished under Caxhina style of play
  14. Not my beads & not the point of the thread