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  1. Mark Allen

    Some of the comments on this thread are aids & not the good kind of aids. As for "we should appoint a manager first" ... I'm not sure you understand what a DoF does.
  2. Kenny

    Never want to see an RFC player injured & it absolutely weakens the squad & lessens the tools that Murty has to use. While I feel Miller doesn't deserve to be a starter, he has the ability to be an impact sub when the opposition tires.
  3. Pena

    I think he'll play but only if we use same formation as against the sheep, he was effective there.
  4. Youth training facilities (RFFF)

    You are absolutely wrong on that & it' not just the stand that' getting built, it's the facilities within the stand that are vital.
  5. Ibrox Maintenance

    I would've preferably plugged the other guys but it's locked down & can't be embedded.
  6. H&H Podcast On McInnes

    Student leftie & being a grown up leftie are very different things.
  7. Derek McInnes

    Surely this thread should be closed. He's a cunt, we made a cunt of it ... move on !
  8. Ed House/Marshall/The Louden

    Could you imagine the reaction if the club tried to invest cash outside the ground, thete would be uproar & many would complain that it should be spent on the team . Damned if you do ... etc.
  9. The Founders Trail For Christmas.

    Bought my son (& conicedently .. myself) 2 tickets for end of Jan, looking forward to it
  10. Michel Preud'homme

    Judging a guys capability based purely on his looks .. that's sexist you know 😂
  11. 1. Windass 2. McCrorie 3. Morelos
  12. ***Suggestion Thread***

    Was looking around the web (oooeerrr!!) and noticed that Thomas Tuchel, ex of Dortmund is not working at the moment.
  13. Season ticket renewal.

    100% I will renew. Support the club, not necessarily the board
  14. Club Statement

    An embarrassent of a statement but so typical of Traynors style ... aggessive, argumentative & petty. Not RFC level at all.