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  1. Ace


    Which still doesnt make it true 🤷‍♂️
  2. Ace


    I only read as far as your first sentence then I stopped as its completely wrong & ignored my quoted comment. The email came from RFC, it didn't come from Molton Brown so the club aren't selling mailing lists, which I'm pretty sure would break GDPR rules.
  3. Ace


    The email came from RFC not Molton Brown & the original issue with the link was also at RFC side. However, you are correct that the link is freely available to all but is directly linked to RFC #MyGers scheme, so the more folk buy it the better it looks for RFC im guessing as the commercial deal is working.
  4. Ace


    So when we lose to teams like Hibs again because we couldn't buy the players we need dye to lack of finances .. do you blame the board or yourself?
  5. Ace


    Well, as a ST holder I got £10 off, so £40, now with the league called i would get a £25 voucher which means it's £15. This £15 gets me a club scarf, which even from the lookie lookies outside the stadium is £10, so it now seems a bit if a bargain & as the cash is going straight to the club and not the stall holders, some of whom are tarriers, seems an even better deal. Being a member gets me priority access to the new strip, whenever it comes out. Discounts off various other commercial offerings too. All that cash going to the club. Lastly, it's a choice, like everything you spend your money on, you either .. 1. Want to buy & can afford it so do 2. Want to buy, can't afford it so don't 3. Don't want to buy so ignore it completely Opt1 - why complain? Opt2 - do you complain about the price if a ferrari or a multi-million house .. so why this. Opt3 - see opt 1
  6. Ace


    I don't get the hate at all. For years we've moaned that outside of buying a ST there's no real way to fund the club, however when ever there's a new way to get cash into the ckub it gets rained on .. every single time! Merchandise - its too cheap, its too expensive, its a shit design etc, it wasnt my idea Shares - im not paying into Club1872 because its not RangersFirst, they're all blazer chasers, it wasnt my idea Membership scheme - who fkin designed it, its a ripoff, it should this way it wasnt my idea ST sales - can't beleive they've frozen them, they should've dropped/raised the price, it wasnt my idea However we must .. Improve the squad (needs cash) Improve the Stadium (needs cash) Make up you're mind & remember the latter requires all of the former
  7. Depends where they are in the plans. If we are still to start Stage 1 design then yeah, not a chance but if we are well into Stage 1 or close to 2 then its still doable, depending on complexity & budget.
  8. I'm guessing the correction they wrote today will have to republished again but in the correct format
  9. Said it in the new strip deal thread, iwould like to go back to our original crest ..
  10. No they shouldnt. The tac we have taken has always been pushed as "Governance" and thats how it should remain. However we can support others who would happily challenge closingbthe league & relegating or not offering playoffs.
  11. I'll bow down to your better knowledge & admit I'm a fud 😂😂 Still want it on out top though
  12. This was our crest in1872, it should be our crest in 2022
  13. Nothing mentioned so far. Still think it should be called The Pioneers Training Ground
  14. Someone made a very good point. The idea of allowing MyGers members have exclusive access limits the logjam that would happen if everyone had a free for all. Staggering access ie MyGers > ST Holders > General sale would prevent a mad rush
  15. Highlights from the YouTube interview of Castore & Bisgrove .. Multi-Year Agreement £250k redevelopment of megastore More lifestyle/limited edition products Bespoke design across all RFC teams International supply chain for overseas fan Worldwide digital marketing plan New Retail Website being developed Infrastructure for meeting supply has been ongoing for 12 months & well before RFC deal RFC very satisfied regards Castore meeting demand RFC are now the centre of the Castore universe Initial kit launch exclusive to #MyGers members Kit prices in-line with other euro kits
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