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  1. Ace

    Share Issue. Significant result for us

    Their 20p shares are worth whatever someone on the pvt market will pay for them. It's the people who hold the shares that have been disallowed from using them, the shares change hands into open & honest individuals, they become usable shares with voting rights etc.
  2. Just win ... don't care about the rest
  3. Ace

    Hummel on the Trail of our Founders.

    Think I've washed my top once, wear it over a t-shirt then get hone, fold it & put it away again, not risking that iron on label coming away. Although I did read that players hate the sticker badge because it rubs when they run, although I might be making that up 🤷‍♂️
  4. Ace

    Carlos Peña

    Interesting that they used "terminated" and not "ended by mutual consent". I wonder if we have we found a way of not having to pay up his contract ?
  5. Ace

    Hummel on the Trail of our Founders.

    Thanks for the reply, Hummel are really good at trying to tap into a clubs heritage when designing a top. Next season's strip(s) will be interesting
  6. Ace

    The Family Stand logo

    When the family stand is overclad, like the Sandy Jardine, I expect the livery will change in keeping with what a in place elsewhere
  7. Ace

    Hummel on the Trail of our Founders.

    That's wonderful, can I ask what the story behind this was? Was it at their instigation or via the club? Also, I know previously you've had the team around on the tour, has the current management & coaches done it or expressed an interest ?
  8. Ace

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    Dallas is a terrible referee, he's given horrendous decisions against numerous teams this season, us included. I would rather he didn't officiate any of our games as you're never sure the standard he's going to reach. However, if he's going to fuck up, 4 pens to us is a glorious way to do it, especially after the reaction from the unwashed which is delightful.
  9. Ace

    Fire causing Delays

    I got here at around 1pm expecting it to be busy but it was fairly quiet. I do think it'll get worse as the day goes on
  10. Not sure why there's an issue with this. Next time you're in your seat at Ibrox, have a look around & count how many folk there are who are of different ethnicity than you. I couldn't care what creed, colour or race you are but I'm also not in a position where sitting in a stand and no one looks like me is a thing. RFC making us more open to a wider community makes solid business sense as it gets more people to become fans, more merchandise sales, a wider group for ST sales & an obvious PR boost (perception is often reality)
  11. Ace

    Alfredo as a number 10

    Need to remember Morelos was an attacking midfielder who's been turned into a Centre Forward. However, he's a vital part of our forward like & what we would lose would massively outweigh what we might gain.
  12. Ace

    Daniel Candeias Appreciation Thread

    Candeias was outstanding today, absolutely my MOTM.
  13. Ace

    Ryan Hardie New Deal

    He's long been regarded by many at youth level as an incredibly instinctive & natural finisher but he's not a Morelos type player at all. Hardie will run the channels & go in behind brilliantly but he won't be the best at holding the ball up. Different player meaning different style of play.
  14. Ace

    Problems accessing RM desktop

    Got that msg on my phone. Can't remember the last time I access the site via desktop browser
  15. Ace

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    I saw your first post 😂