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  1. At the recent meeting with Club1872 members & Stuart Robertson, Ibrox & the surrounding area was discussed and he commented that they are in discussion with GCC rgeards the regeneration of the area & how we can tie into the plans ensuring any future Ibrox re-development fits in with the wider plans, making it easier for planning approval etc. We here is the GCC plans for the regeneration of Govan & what we can tie into.
  2. Ticket office queue now

    My son just did that .. so they should
  3. Defending corners.

    For me, initially we were conceding corners as our FB's were actually stopping the crosses coming in, then when the run of corners started they kept coming as we were defending them well & clearing headers for more corners. As a unit, we should be clearing them for throw-ins or up the park but I don't think we ever looked like giving a goal from any corner that came in ... & that is absolute progress compared to last season where from 17 corners we would've conceded double figures.
  4. Pena

    So ... you're saying he is a Mexican Kris Boyd?
  5. Rangers Development Squad v Liverpool

    Damn, I'm away that weekend or is be there, enjoyed the last game & crowd was sizeable (for youth game ) Great night & well worth the visit.
  6. Ticket office queue now

    There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad choices of attire
  7. Ticket office queue now

    Fuck that shit, id rather pay the £7 to have mine delivered and sitting on my shelf 😀😀
  8. When the January window opens...

    We have young McCrorie who hasn't looked out of place when making an appearance. Thre first choice when looking for a player ALWAYS be "do we have a youth player capable of filling the position?" before we go to the transfer market.
  9. When the January window opens...

    I think you have to be wary of upsetting the balance of a team, especially mid-season. We radically (it was required) changed our team over the summer and it's taken us this long to settle into any kind of rhythm, bringing in a raft of new players could upset that rhythm or dynamic. However, there are key areas where, IMO, we need strengthening. For me Windass is too inconsistent and we need a new LW, folk keep saying Nemane deserves a chance but I don't think we've seen anything to suggest he deserves anything, I would absolutely target Walker for Jan as he is a proven wide player, especially for SPL action. At LB we should try to sign Declan John and thst provides 2 solid players there. With KM not deserving of a starting slot, based purely on form, I would target Moult, a player who we know can score in SPL but also someone who can similarly run the channels in the way Miller used too. I think we should also dip into our youth team to supplement any other positions as their progression is also vital to progression. Lastly, we cannot forget about Mark Allan & what he brings, the scouting system is being sorted, I understand that scouts have been/are about to be appointed for target locations which will provide new sources for future players.
  10. Pena

    Have said before Pena has loads to offer the team. His goals will be vital (he currently has more goals than 'deadly Griffiths but with less game time), he seems to time his runs very well to find thst yard of space. However, he still has more to do with his general play, there are times it looks like he's only recently been introduced to the concept of football. I think that he's taking a lot longer than others to settle, the language, the culture even the football is very different & with time I think he will become an important player for us. If he was the finished article we couldn't have bought him for £2.5m and he would be playing in Spain or similar.
  11. 150th Anniversary Celebrations

    The club do have "Project 2022" which they acknowledge covers .. 150th Anniversary of club being founded 50th Anniversary of out 1972 European success 25th Anniversary of our 9inarow. Unfortunately, they were fairly circumspect in what that involves.
  12. There is absolutely 2 sides to this .. There was plenty of talk from us regards signing the lad, plenty for the lad to think a sufficient bid was coming so he became intransigent when dealing with his club. However, the lad only has one year left on his deal & we should not be paying anywhere near £1m for a guy who isn't even an international, the time of RFC being held to ransom because we are RFC has to come to an end. Also, for those saying "he's not good enough" I would say it's about increments. Our target right now is winning Prem & he is certainly good enough to help us with that, he is a better player, IMO, that Windass so will therefore improve our squad. Like a few other Prem targets I.e. Moult they will improve on players in our squad .
  13. Club 1872 Quarterly Update

    As @eskbankloyal says, I think c1872 can deal with minor issues via the SLO, not everything can be taken back to the Chief Exec & neither it should. Regards having a member on the board, I raised this at an earlier meeting but I'll be damned if I can remember what they reply was. there is a video in the members area .. you can go find the response there.
  14. January window pre contracts

    Moult & Walker are a must as a better option than Miller & Windass respectively. McLean would be good but not sure who he would displace. John certainly seems a good LB but need to see more before that's actually confirm. Nemane, no idea .. haven't seen anything to suggest he's better than what we have. Outwith the above, I would prefer to supplement from our youth squad which has quite a few prospects that could do a job.
  15. New Strip old strip back

    Get SD to fuck so we can buy our tops again & get our money back into the club !! >>>> Fast forward >>>> FFS .. have you seen the price of that top, I'm not paying that, club is ripping us off *moan, gumble*