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  1. Think it's fairly evident, both pieces carried a different byline. Folk reading stuff into it where none exists.
  2. 2 people with a different opinion !! ... Well, fuck me sideways
  3. Enjoy folks, it' a fantastic day out & makes you feel ever so humble.
  4. Barry Ferguson - Brenda got lucky.

    I will always criticise Barry as being a rent-a-gub but I do agree with some (not all) of the points raised. I do think the red card changed the game as if it stayed 11v11 we would've won.
  5. Patience needed

    I think the reaction to Sunday's poor result is intrinsically linked to our level of expectation, a level that was, ironically, provided by Murty and how he now has the team playing. As the saying goes "it's the hope that kills you" & it really has, our expectations were flying to high prior to Sunday & the manner of the defeat & the massive crash to earth that it's resulted in is why I think the reaction has been so strong & virulent.
  6. Jason Cummings

    Morelos will start, God he missed tonnes today but his workrate was exceptional, the space he makes for others is what makes him so effective beyond his goal scoring (or lack thereof) Murphy will come back to RW in the normal 3 behind ElBuffalo
  7. Say what you want about him now but

    One of the best midfielders RFC has ever produced. Unfortunately now, hes a paid for rent-a-gub who'll give an opinion on anything as long the fee is paid.
  8. There are 2 choices .. Do you go for a big brand, such as Adidas, where you will be a small fish in a big pond, where you have the full extent of thier marketing & brand division but how much will they dedicate to a small fish. Or .. Do you go for a smaller brand but then become a major player in that house, someone who will dedicate much of thier advertising budget to you because you are the big fish
  9. Tarrier game off

    If we win our next 2 league games we go level with CFC on points before they play their next game !!
  10. Us v Them Tickets

    I'min GW/GW1 looks like
  11. In place of whom, Docherty or Goss (or McCrorie) I do think that when Goss goes back, Dorrans is his natural replacement
  12. A defender scoring

  13. I don't think it's ridiculous, reason I put a question mark. However, I think that his contribution to the team & how his game has also improved others outweighs what Morelos (and by God, he's good too) does.
  14. It' certainly helps improve Decs defending to know that someone will drop in behind when he goes forward.
  15. He was my MOTM today by a country mile. His work rate in both attack AND defence is outstandingly good. The amount of chances he's created, including the ones that haven' been converted are best in the league. Also, never mind his personal contribution, let's not forget what he's done for Tavernier. Without a doubt, Tav wouldn't be the player he currently is without Candeias input & all around work. For me, the best buy the club has made this season & my choice for POTY.