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  1. hey linz hope alls good

  2. wish you all the best for 2010 xx

  3. thanx linz have a drink on me :D hope santas good to yu

  4. have a gd christmas x

  5. She was being nosy.

  6. Aye a spoke to dad earlier. You 2 not speak to each other?lol

  7. hey

    hows your cold?


  8. you love it!!

    i came ot leave ya a comment then decided to leave it on facebook instead :) xxx

  9. Doubt it yourself?

    weathers crap x

  10. alot of people seem to be getting it,had a sore throat a few weeks ago..not much, wb x

  11. been gd,up too much? haha yep!

    always seem to do it but this is the last one (:

  12. Hey :]

    Hows You?


  13. I get to a fair few games, a season.

    Travelling's a biatch though lol


  14. I'm good thanks. :-)

    So, you go to many games? x