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  1. i remember the story lol nutjob
  2. where you stay mate, we have spare seats on the glaswegian bus
  3. Cant say I heard them say that but its all one too me am happy with current capacity and if it can be upgraded then all good.
  4. Well if the majority of fans want to increase the capacity Rangers have already said it's not possible ....but no one has mentioned about relocating which I believe it's the only way to increase the capacity. Just my opinion
  5. If ibrox is to increase then we need to relocate........
  6. need to have a gander myself
  7. Got a crate of harp coming over ... Good shout. But nah a needed to pass up , got child duties Saturday as game is Friday .
  8. Protestant leanings****but I prefer identity rather than leanings
  9. Well I do love cheap beer lol
  10. As per the club don't know or care about supporter's feelings on this matter . Bow down to the enemy's
  11. My post count rose on the one thread alone Some right bumpers on there
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