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  1. Strong rumour is he is going to Dundee
  2. he didnt make it to his 10th season with us? only been here since 2011/12 season
  3. Derek is top class, we had him at a function a few times. story's he tells are great
  4. Lilly of Scotland LLoL 16 Anniversary dance tonight 730pm Britannia hall Greenock Loyalist singer , £5 entry If anyone near is interested 👍🇬🇧 Posting on behalf of a friend
  5. sadly think the same here but lets see
  6. more than welcome to join up bud ,
  7. bouncy

    Pre Season

    training camp again
  8. thats the only plus point bud
  9. nope....our members ( who travel and are the best attenders if we do not get enough )
  10. still believe tickets should go to the RSC's who have sadly been swept to the side here in favour off the ccs
  11. Hearing them Tims get battered made our result even better
  12. Was not the bouncer FFS I Was taken cash on door inside (at the table ) The bouncers controlled the main doors However the Tim's came at end of night ,some of us went home as the night was drawing to a close So still trying to establish what happened but jaw dropped when I heard the bouncers closed them . The boy is ok as far as I know now but can't say anymore , Tim's tried to spoil what was a really good night . It won't put us off though .
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