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  1. bouncy

    Just think...

    batter them 4-0 at ibrox lol
  2. wait for it, Ryan Jack in FTP shocker due or Jordan Jones Da was in the UDA
  3. I want old allocation back would settle for a compromise RSC's should get more for those that do travel
  4. Still on route home lol
  5. Flute band on at half time and after game
  6. Threat of world war 3 and am coming over to keep the peace
  7. so anyone from RM going? obviously apart from you'r truly ....me 😜
  8. 4 men , no names 4 possible let off's behind closed doors
  9. sadly we can see this game unfolding already god we really need all 3 points thurs and sunday
  10. bump......................... good number already booked
  11. bus will leave lisbon day of game and return after pm me if you need seats
  12. right a will message you on here then lol hoping to meet folk at Hearts game at ibrox
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