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  1. Because you might invite him onto your celtic Rangers podcast ..... James
  2. bouncy


    am all for it....timing however is terrible
  3. We dont sing that song sadly.....
  4. I know bud hope it's a good one Noey is the band for the night
  5. Bump Get a decent number at it hopefully And get in the mood for the following day
  6. will give it a swerve to be honest talking to tims aint my thing
  7. you discussing that with your tim pals on your podcast?
  8. Trust me we would if we could
  9. Glaswegian loyal will be holding a function in the bridgeton no surrender band hall. Orr Street Bridgeton on March the 14th. 7pm start flute band and Dj
  10. buses going from dusseldorf pm me if interested
  11. Makes our win more unbelievable
  12. Tempo was increased and Bears did well
  13. like it or not, it will fall on him
  14. look how far we have come patter is a valid point but not one that gets us over the finish line!!
  15. only thing decent about ibrox is UB section
  16. i laughed, thanks lol
  17. batter them 4-0 at ibrox lol
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