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  1. I have got a life, how I don’t post much!... now I remember why I don’t bother.
  2. I’ve just turned 40, I think I have lost 10 years somewhere.
  3. Cheers... 22 years of hard earned money spent! Think I’ll just go back to being an observer checking the latest news. Any comments that don’t tow the line you get abuse. Canny be arsed with it!!
  4. Charming...Could say the same about all of us... but gotta do something to pass the time at work!
  5. Fucked it.... that’s what I should have said!! Here’s me thinking Hibs’ed it was taking the piss out of Hibs while acknowledging our poor performance!
  6. Think we’re all a bit pissed off tonight.... I’m maybe a bit more blase about results now, I’ve seen all the highs and the lows and nothing surprises me anymore... One step forward, two back at times! I’m forever the pessimist. Sorry, I maybe should have picked words better seeing as result still raw for folk.
  7. Aye whatever...my understanding of Hibs’ed it , was that meant a spectacular failure with only ourselves to blame.... id say that pretty much sums us up tonight! I can afford my own WiFi thanks, just like I’ve afforded the last 22 years of season tickets I’ve bought, cheers.
  8. McGregor Tav. Goldson. Katic. Halliday Coulibaly Candeias. Arfield Ejaria Kent Morelos
  9. Everyone’s wanting something different, the team needs to be different, then when someone suggest something different they’re on drugs!!!???
  10. I thought Jack played LB with Aberdeen at some point!? Ive got him there so he can drop back or help out in the middle. I’d expect Grezda and Kent to rotate down the left to provide the attacking threat. End of the day these are all just suggestions and a bit of fun but in reality none of them will get adopted by Gerrard.
  11. McGregor Goldson Worrall Katic Tav Arfield Jack Candeias Grezda Kent Morelos
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