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  1. Laudo

    Dorin Goian Signs

    SSN now, Gers agree fee with palermo
  2. Laudo

    Roland Juhasz

  3. Likely lineup imo: :mcgregor: :whittaker: :weir: :papac: :edu: :davis::ness::wylde: :lafferty: :jelavic:
  4. Dont play Cuellar whatever we do!! Rafa is filling Liverpool full of spanish players, and I dont want Cuellar to be one of them. No doubt Cuellar would play a blinder and stand out like a sore thumb!!! Is the friendly part of a deal? Is Cuellar really injured or not playing so not to be ineligable for europe for Liverpool? Sad that i'm even thinking that.....I dont trust the Rangers board and management anymore.They would sell their soul if they could!!!
  5. Laudo

    Kenny Miller Total Discussion Thread

    EXACTLY... NO ONE MAN IS BIGGER THAN THE CLUB.......(including the management!!!) Charlie Adam,Kirk Broadfoot,Lee McCulloch,Whittaker playing midfield,4-5-1,defensive tactics and now Kenny Miller........when will the madness stop????
  6. Laudo

    Kenny Miller Total Discussion Thread

    Doesnt look like a split to me seeing all posts......the MAJORITY wont support this turncoat!!
  7. Laudo

    Kenny Miller Total Discussion Thread

    Fuck Miller....he had the chance to come back before,and he chose Celtic over us?? Looks like he likes to make headlines.....all for the wrong reasons!!!! NO ONE MAN IS BIGGER THAN THE CLUB........(Including the manager!!)
  8. Laudo

    Kenny Miller Total Discussion Thread

    if its not already renewed then why not as the deadline has passed I have until the 11th of June to decide Lets face it, most of us have got our season ticket confirmation by now!! They wait till we pay our money then bring in this shite. TOTAL disrespect from the club and management towards the majority of fans who dont want this dud back IMO. The respect ive had for Walter is gradually erroding with his negative tactics and shit squad selections and signings. They have got us by the balls,lets face it no true supporter is going to give up our season tickets over this! We need to have public show of disapproval. Keep singing the songs/boo Miller every time he gets the ball or even if everyone walked out the stadium when he comes on or starts.Bit drastic but would prove the point fast!! NO MAN IS BIGGER THAN THE CLUB..........(That includes management!!!!)
  9. I agree,Whittakers a right back....but with all the injuries to midfield and suspensions, Who else is there to play there? IMO Dailly has the graft , but i dont think he has the skill to play in mid, where as Whittaker can play a wee bit better wae the ball !!! Dailly IMO is prone to divin into tackles and givin away foul's, I don't fancy him givin one away at the edge of the box against this mob.The tallies like a dive!!!
  10. Who? Aye i know....i edited it, but some folk are just too quick for me!!!! must be all that talk about possible transfers stuck in my head, Simon Davies I think??!!
  11. ------------------------Alexander------------------------- Dailly--------Cuellar----------Weir----------------Papac --------Whittaker--------------------Hemdani------------ -------------------------Davis----------------------------- ----Novo------------------------------------Cousin--------- -----------------------Darcheville--------------------------- This would be my team, but its far to attack minded for Walter!!!.......Attack at home,never....!!!!!
  12. Walter pulled out a few surprises in the past against Celtic (re-signing Hately). I can see Buffel or Burke getting a recall for this one.Hence playing Newcastle last week to get them fitter. They both did well against Aberdeen reserves the last time I saw them! We have a few fast guys available(JCD/Novo/Naismith/Beasley/Buffel/Burke) so we should use it and turn the slow Celtic defence inside out. Gers win 2-1