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  1. There is no winning mentality. This is why Sunday is so important - we need the players to get that winning experience.
  2. Was all the players in the video the ones that weren’t involved from the start on Wed ? Looks like the rest were kept out of that session
  3. They will have a lot of movement around the box, if we get a toe in Davis has that calm ability of taking the ball and actually finding a player rather than just punting it. If him and Barasic are out it puts the game firmly in Celtics favour
  4. Davis doubtful too ?? He is absolutely crucial. If he’s out it’s disastrous
  5. Can’t see them not scoring so we have to take every chance we get
  6. We have to win this. They have won everything and have that winning mentality. Our players need to experience success - lose this and it’ll have a huge knock on for the rest of the season
  7. Swagger


    Goldson was pish as was most of them after Aberdeen scored but would you bring on Ojo in that situation ? Fuck all stupid about the post. If it’s contractual then we are stuck with a donkey. If Gerrard genuinely thinks Ojo has enough about him to come on and turn a game like that then he’s making a huge mistake.
  8. Swagger


    Their movement will be too much for our defence - we’ll be all over the place
  9. Swagger


    Not singling him out. Would you turn to Ojo in that situation ? A player who offers absolutely nothing. No doubt he’ll get game time on Sun too
  10. Swagger


    That’s what I’m getting at. Ojo should be nowhere near this squad but why the fuck does Gerrard even consider him.
  11. Swagger


    Absolutely. But why persist with Ojo. He offers fuck all. Shambles of a performance after they scored but why the fuck look at the bench and think Ojo is the man to turn things round. Completely baffling
  12. Swagger


    Why ? Just seriously fucking why ?
  13. Goldson and Helander on Sun ? Ojo at some point - more of the fucking same - shite
  14. Goldson fucking awful but why the fuck bring on Ojo. A player that offers fucking nothing.
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