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  1. While our team is full of shitebag losers then you’re 100% correct.
  2. This whole episode just sums up the fucking shambles that is Scottish Football. Thing is though how many of our current squad are home fucking livid and can’t wait to get tore into these bastards next season ? Not many I reckon
  3. 🇬🇧Fuck yer Scottish football and fuck yer Scottish Nationalists 🇬🇧
  4. Just a gentle reminder. Fuck the SNP and Fuck the SFA 🇬🇧
  5. Roles reversed then there is no way I’d have wanted this title. The world has gone tits up and Scottish football has embarrassed itself again over the handling of this. Between our horrible nationalist government and our fuckwit of a football authority our country is truly fucked. It’s a fucking cesspit
  6. Just get us out of this shithole pronto. Scotland and Scottish football can get fucked
  7. Scotland’s political and sporting landscapes are fucking disgusting Scotland you’ve become a shithole
  8. When was the last time one of the players put in a really hard challenge on anybody. We are pushovers
  9. Weak uninterested pish from players going through the motions. No doubt Leverkusen are a good side but they have strolled through that game without a single proper challenge from any of our players all night
  10. Swagger


    Never worth it and we’ll get nothing like it. He’ll go for well less than 10 million - we’ll be lucky to get 5
  11. Nothing else left to play for so these wasters need to give it everything thing they’ve got. Huge task but another round financially would be handy
  12. Looks like they could drop a few levels and still beat us.
  13. Swagger


    And that’s against the shite in this league.
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