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  1. The away performances have to improve dramatically if we have any chance. Same stuffy one paced football with very little idea or creativity. The team are getting bullied at every away ground and the likes of Ojo and Aribo just aren’t up for the scrap.
  2. It’s a big game therefore Hearts start +1 when Tavernier makes his mistake
  3. Fair chance Ojo will play. Fuck knows how
  4. Doesn’t have the talent either. Fucking waster
  5. One of the most ineffective players to ever wear the jersey and we’ve had some shite over the years. Cringe when I see his name on the team sheet. Fucking hopeless
  6. We could quite easily drop points in all of those games
  7. 100 %. Money is obviously a bonus in Europe but we need silverware this season. We’ve blown it already anyway after crumbling against Young Boys.
  8. Nobody should have been getting carried away going top. The way this team get bullied away from home will see us dropping points over the next few weeks
  9. Really good point regarding Tavernier going forward. He’s so bad defensively that you tend to overlook how pish he’s become going forward. His delivery and final ball are rotten.
  10. Can’t wait to see the back of him. Totally uninterested and offers nothing. Name seems to be one of the first on the team sheet though. Fuck knows what Gerrard is thinking playing him. Get him punted first opportunity
  11. Tavernier wearing that armband is criminal. Costly mistakes far too often and crumbles in the so called bigger games. Needs replaced badly
  12. Sutton saying Rangers been outplayed ?? Fucking arsehole
  13. Ojo looks like he can’t control a football. Constantly looks like he’s going to overrun it
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