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  1. Passing is a lot better. Crisp and tidy Candeias can get subbed at anytime though. The fact he runs about a lot hides the fact he’s pish
  2. Our club is rolling over and taking it from every angle. Said it so many times - I’d play in the lowest fucking league in England to get out of this shithole of a country.
  3. Funnily I thought the same. Wouldn’t be one bit surprised if we won every game. Lot depends on how many players we lose to the compliance officer and BBC panel though.
  4. How long did Grezda get ? Show any promise ?
  5. Who gives a fuck. Our media is getting carried away with this shite. Nasty songs ? Nasty chants ? There are bigger issues in society that don’t get half the coverage shit like this gets.
  6. We make them look good. We stand off and allow them to zip it about at pace while we are lucky if we can string 3 decent passes together- you are just waiting for the next fuck up
  7. Absolutely spot on. We have too many players who seem to crumble when they come up against them. Yes second half was better but we always look edgy against them. Too many mistakes and too many loose passes. Totally scunnered today
  8. Fuck me just saw the goal again. Fucking abysmal
  9. Totally agree. Only problem being we need him scoring to somehow keep his price up
  10. There’s a good player in there for somebody but it’s never going to work for a player of his temperament with us. He’s given our lovely media weeks of ammo again. Stewart, Sutton and co will be over the fucking moon again.
  11. It’s a red, he’s an idiot and we need to somehow screw as much money as possible from any team that’s willing to take a chance on him. He needs to leave for his own sake.
  12. Their players are physically miles above our lot of shitebags. We are literally bouncing off them
  13. Fucking arsehole Morelos. Never want to see the idiot in a Rangers strip again. Battered all over the pitch, never in the game and now 10 men. Just the perfect day for the celtic loving media.
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