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  1. Fuck watching that pish. Who we got ?
  2. I’m seeing we gave this guy a fucking 3 year deal. He’s fucking awful
  3. There’s no point in either of them. Barker is worse than Ojo and that’s saying something
  4. Absolutely. There is no way Barker and Ojo should be before Murphy
  5. I’d take Ojo over Barker from what I’ve seen. Both pish but Barker is beyond hopeless
  6. Absolutely- we’ve hardly seen Jones. We’ve seen more than enough of Barker to know he’s utter pish
  7. Right so you want to write Jones off ? Jones was utter pish tonight. There’s a very good chance though that he’ll end up a more effective player than Barker and Ojo. The fact that Gerrard sees anything in Ojo and Barker is baffling
  8. Fuck all to do with Jones being a Rangers man. You can’t write him off yet although he was pish tonight. Ojo and Barker are among some of the worst players I’ve seen at this club. Stewart was injured as far as I know
  9. Good luck to him but he’s brutal- hope he gets a move to a half decent side and gets himself back in the stands
  10. Jones needs the benefit of the doubt. Ojo and Barker are neck and neck to find the worst player of the season. Barker probably edging it at the moment
  11. No knee jerk. Jones maybe needs time although I’m not convinced but Ojo and Barker are fucking atrocious. Barker could be up there with some of our worst ever signings
  12. Beaton is fucking shocking. The standard of refereeing in this country is horrendous.
  13. Between the SNP and the SFA we live in one shithole of a country
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