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  1. Swagger


    That is phenomenal. For a game which is already over before it starts to get figures like that !! You’d struggle to find any other club in the world to get that numbers in the same circumstances
  2. I gave up on Scottish football a long time ago. Detest the SFA, detest the National team and detest the media. I would happily rather see us play in the lowest league in England. You couldn’t make this shit up.
  3. I would imagine the decision has already been made. What punishments will the club receive this time ?
  4. Fuck watching the trannies. Hope they get fucking hammered
  5. It’s a free for all against our players and club. Players attacked on and off the pitch - Hibs fans having a go at our players on the pitch after the cup final - what does Sturgeon do ? Tell us all how fucking happy her fucking hubby is The media stir shite up constantly, the SFA are a shambles and the SNP are turning this country into a hate filled shithole. Said it time and time again I would love to see our club leave this shithole behind and play anywhere else
  6. Top scorer and well done to him. What does he win though ?? The Tartan fucking ball. Cringeworthy
  7. Why the fuck would anyone watch that shite. Shite coverage, beyond shite “pundits” and a hatred of our club. Dont tune in. Easy
  8. There will be no enquiry into this. It’ll slowly just slip away. Horrible for the victims
  9. Sutton “does Morelos lead with his arm “ fuck this shit. The hatred is fucking blatant. Walker on Sky and this clown on BT fuck them
  10. Yep. This reminds us why we were never going to win the league this season. Hard to watch this shite. We are playing a team containing Broadfoot and Burke FFS
  11. Really hope Morelos bags a couple to get his price up. Anyone watching this won’t be wanting to pay decent money for him
  12. Needless tug from Morelos then the usual scowl.
  13. This is showing how much we need real cutting quality. Few changes and we look like we have no ideas again.
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